Saudi Arabia

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  • Saudi Arabia

    The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is a force to be reckoned with. With its fighting force comparable to the best and largest, it grows and advances simultaneously with the manpower. Resemblances between the United States and Saudi Arabia have helped reshape its mission of war and peace, monarchial government, and a more energy efficient environment. Saudi Arabia’s military fighting force is quite similar to the United States of America. Since the 1950s “The United States has explicitly vowed to help defend the kingdom against external threats,” even after September 11, 2001, and Operation Iraqi Freedom (Bronson, 3). As time passed, Soviet forces that assisted Egypt in piercing Saudi Arabian borders which American forces immediately backed Saudi Arabia…

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  • Saudi Arabia Stability

    Saudi Arabia, the Key to Middle East Stability The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s role as the key to Middle East stability is becoming more important in the current world climate, more specifically the United States Central Command Area of Operations. General regional instability of the Middle East, religious conflicts, and Iranian hegemonic intentions add to obstacles for Saudi Arabia to overcome. These issues also undermine United States’ interests to bring peace to the region. Saudi…

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  • The Role Of Education In Saudi Arabia

    I am living in a critical time in Saudi Arabia, a time that going through many changes in the Saudi society and culture. When I was growing up, it was not acceptable to doubt or question authority figures. People used to take whatever the government is saying as the only truth there is. I believe that it was a result of the education system in Saudi Arabia. The education system did not encourage the students to critically think and discuss simple matter as poetry, let alone current events that…

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  • The Importance Of A Bank In Saudi Arabia

    1.0 Introduction The following report is written to introduce, inform and advise ‘finance for you’ as to whether a bank should or should not be opened in Saudi Arabia. I have investigated and reported upon the following points; General Considerations: religion, language, dress etiquette and customs. Travel Issues including access and importance of visa and country security. 2.0 General Considerations 2.1 Language & Religion Arabic is the official language of Saudi Arabia, though travellers…

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  • Islamic Law In Saudi Arabia

    The government of Saudi Arabia is a monarchial system and its legal system is based on Islamic law. Islam does not recognize a distinction between a legal system and other controls on a person’s behavior. Followers of Islamic law believe Islam provides all the answers to questions about appropriate behavior in any sphere of life (Reichel, 2008, p. 123). Before Muhammad, Arabic tribes operated under customary law. After Muhammad was called to be a prophet by the angel Gabriel, Muhammad…

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  • Saudi Arabia Research Papers

    Border Saudi Arabia is located in southwestern Asia, and is its linking point between Asia and the Africa. The majority of Saudi Arabia is the desert region 's environment and It has a diversity of terrain and climate. Saudi Arabia is a major axis in the national, regional and global decision-making. Saudi Arabia is characterized by large area compared to countries in the region, it also has a very long border with many countries. Each border of Saudi Arabia represents a challenge and Security…

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  • Case Study Of Saudi Arabia

    Background: Saudi Arabia plays a significant role as one of the biggest oil exporter. The country is located in the Middle East. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the biggest and most populated nation on the Arabian Peninsula with a population of over 29.1 million people, is where two of the holy Muslim cities: Mecca and Medina, are located where Islam emerged. Those two cities attract more than 5 million visitors every year. According to Saudi Arabia set for growth in 'cinema at home ', (2011, Apr…

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  • Saudi Arabia Operational Environment

    Saudi Arabia: Contemporary Operational Environment Looking at Saudi Arabia, we must first analyze what makes a massive, barren landscape hospitable to more than 31 million Saudis. 129,000 miles of border and 158 miles of coastline including the only country with both the Red Sea and Persian Gulf access makes Saudi Arabia a very viable trade route. What exports does this country produce to sustain itself and its military? How does Religion play into its politics? Where does the loyalty of its…

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  • Saudi Arabia Vs America

    Saudi Arabia and the United States of America are in the top 3 of most spent on militaries in the world, although the United States of America is number 1 by far, it shows how these 2 powers view the importance of their military by expenditure. Although spending money on your military does not mean that they will have the same amount of preparedness as one who spends much less. American and Saudi Arabia vary in their preparedness which goes into military weapons and equipment, this also involves…

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  • Saudi Arabia Research Paper

    Saudi Arabia: A Petroleum Super Power and Strategically Placed Ally The gulf state of Saudi Arabia has built a booming petroleum-based economy with a strategic location of high importance to the United States and her interest. Saudi Arabia has the strongest economy on the Arabian Peninsula. Its investments in the PATRIOT missile system have catapulted them to the top slot of valuable allies that the United States has in the region. The strong cultural history of Saudi Arabia has helped…

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