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  • Substance Abuse In Hugh Georgia Essay

    Addiction Treatment Centers in Savannah, Georgia Choosing to enter into one of the outstanding addiction treatment centers in Savannah, Georgia, and the surrounding area, is a decision that you won’t regret. The charm of Savannah is topped only by the inclusive and welcoming nature of its residents. The caring professionals staffing the addiction treatment centers in Savannah, Georgia help to define the unique programs available to anyone wanting to make a change in their life. The term “substance abuse” has been used for some time to explain the initial phase of a growing tolerance, or dependence on an addictive substance; drugs and alcohol. More recently, experts in the field of medicine have come to designate a diagnosis of a “substance…

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  • Savannah Hart Speech

    As I watched Savannah Hart accept the annual New York City perseverance award with a standing ovation from the audience on TV, I lost it. That moment was the last straw. Savannah Hart is loved by the entire world. Little kids all across the nation look up to her. She singlehandedly discovered the cure for cancer while devoting her life to helping the school districts of New York City and the education system in Africa. Nevertheless, she does all this while coping with a serious heart…

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  • Savannah Memorial Museum Controversy

    Creating a memorial can be complicated. When choosing a way to symbolize an important part of history, there are multiple factors that play an important role. A group or agency should consider the cost and properly symbolizing the event or person within the creation of the monument. The cost of a dedication is a necessary aspect. Jason Kosareff published a piece, ‘‘Cemetery Faces an Uncertain Future’’ in the Whittier Daily News. Kosareff presents, ‘‘If a cemetery was solid for development… the…

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  • SBT Savannah Cats Research Paper

    What is A Savannah Cat? A Savannah cat is a cross between an African Serval and a domesticated house cat. Savannahs are noted for their tall and slender bodies and their big ears. It is one of the newest breeds in the world and there are just a few breeders worldwide that have achieved their goal of successfully mating a Serval to a domesticated cat. All Foundation Savannahs have an F and a number associated with it to indicate how many generations it is from its Serval ancestor. F1 (~53%…

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  • Real Estate By Savannah Brown Summary

    Home is where the heart is. While many people take the saying loosely, stitching it on copious throw pillows, poet Savannah Brown takes it literally. Every body part has a room to correlate to. Throughout Savannah Brown’s “real estate,” the speaker continuously describes herself by comparing herself to a home. The speaker begins the poem describing the type of home she is. She says, “i am my own / i have built myself a one bedroom / single bed home in my bones” (1-3). Clearly, a one bedroom,…

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  • Brief Summary Of The Story 'Illinois' By Savannah Carpenter

    Is the place you call home actually your ‘home’? In the story “Illinois” the author, Savannah Carpenter uses imagery, personification and point of view to develop and express the idea that at times, places, where you feel most accepted and belonged, may not be the place you call home. Carpenter sets the story in Illinois with the main character working as a bricklayer named Ken. Ken has been in the town his whole life and is accepted and loved by the town, even so, he always thought of the…

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  • Sexual Abuse Case Study: Holly Hunt And Savannah Wilson

    sexual abused in her home. The student confided the information to a friend. The friend told the teacher about the abuse and the teacher informed the school counselor. After a verbal counseling session and play therapy, the student showed signs of sexual abuse. The State of Maryland requires an official report of sexual abuse to be reported in forty-eight hours to Child Protective Services, the school principal made an official report of the abuse to CPS. Keywords: sexual abuse, CPS,…

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  • Reflection Of Working In The Savannah Chatham County School System

    I currently work with Savannah Chatham County School System as a Paraprofessional. I have been with the organization for about a year. Savannah Chatham County School System is one of the largest employers in Savannah, Georgia and is the 10th largest school district in Georgia. It employs over seven thousand employees this includes teachers, paraprofessionals, custodians, administrative assistants, etc. Within the school systems there are twenty-six (26) elementary schools, nine (9) K-8 schools,…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Transfer From Bible Baptist To Savannah Christian

    My personal narrative essay is about my transfer from Bible Baptist to Savannah Christian and my feelings towards the process of transferring and the first day at Savannah Christian. Overall the transfer was better than I presumed it would be because I sustained a better education than I did at Bible Baptist. The transfer taught me that sometimes change is for the greater good. If I had the ability to go back in time and tell my future self-something about this situation it would be not to be…

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  • Dicky Vs Walt Whitney

    costs to grow. But the state of Georgia offers tax incentives for the film industry. And Savannah offers other tax incentives that often attract production companie. Those tax incentives, along with lower costs of living and doing business may begin to cause a shift in the film industry. While Dickey sees the potential for growth in Savannah’s film industry, he also knows “LA is still going to be Hollywood.” He sees the potential to grow Savannah’s film industry and to stabilize the market.…

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