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  • Grendel's Short Story: The Haunted House

    "Boss... We got a problem. You need to come to the basement," a harsh voice came through the phone that I was holding next to my ear. "I'm coming," I replied to my second in command. I didn't like his tone. It told me something was really bad. His nervousness made me nervous. Viktor was a tough son of a bitch and if something got him this riled up then it was something big. Something that I really wouldn't like. I got up from my chair, and walked out of the room. I saw a few of my men in the hallway and the bowed their head in respect as I walked by. Even though they were my men, I commanded respect from all of them. As I walked into the dark hallway that led to the basement, I felt my body tensed up. The air around me was rigid and my…

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  • My Experience In A Nursing Home

    The drab, depressing ambiance of the nursing home led me to believe that the home was for people with lower or limited income. If the nursing home was making money, it was not being spent to make the building look inviting or comfortable for visitors or residents. The look of unhappiness from the people living there could be the lack of attention from the caretakers as well as the lack of visitors. I recalled the man in the lunchroom asking for water and being ignored. I also thought of Emma…

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  • Reflective Essay: How Charlie Gordon Changed My Life

    did consider that intercepting with God 's plan is unnatural. By changing a persons intelligence and personality in such a drastic way is just not right. But I am a teacher after all helping people be the best as they can be has always been a big mission of mine. I just couldn 't help seeing poor Charlie, a man who truly tried so hard to be "smart" that I could see it break him. If you saw him from afar you would have assumed that he was utterly normal and functional, if anything he was rather…

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  • Narrative Essay On Life Or Death

    There were strange looking men by the shore. There were boats in the water. I was very confused as to what was happening and who was here. Heketi was still sleeping. I was hiding behind a tree observing what was happening. I saw my fellow natives being enslaved and tied up. What was happening I thought? All these strange new men, wearing silk clothing, coughing and vomiting all over the shore. I saw strange looking animals that looked like our cows; some natives were riding on them. These…

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  • Personal Narrative: The Nightmare That Never Ended

    He saw me and defensively declared “He wouldn’t rinse his mouth.” I thought “okay so what’s the big deal?” but opted for a shrug. Moving along I maneuvered between my husband and the bed attempting to make my way over to my hysterical child. I was thoroughly annoyed at this point and was prepared to give my son the, just do what you 're asked, speach. When I crouched down on the floor next to him I saw his face. There was utter terror in his eyes. His entire face was engulfed in a fire engine…

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  • What Did I Learn In English Class

    had two-word documents and I really forgot to submit the first one instead of the 2 file. However, I questioned her saying, “What do I need to get on the final to pass your English 102 class a C maybe?” She said, “No, a B” Since that day, I worked harder and even came by when she wasn’t there to ask a question and left her a note, and she emailed me with the answer. After taking the final with a couple of hours I saw that I did not make it even though, I made an 85 which is a B. Off topic,…

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  • Humoron-Personal Narrative

    was worried and pending about me, due to the fact that, I was a naughty girl, who was invented at any time damn ideas. Those are some of my childhood memories, but I will never forget the fall that changed my personality forever and tattooed in my body that painful moment, that markable day. I have always lived asking me: How did that happen… What was I thinking… Run! Run! Run! I said to my little dog that was playing with his white baseball ball in the back yard. I was trying to teach my dog…

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  • Explain How Laser Engraver Machine

    those places where engraved lines or marks have been created. How to maintain the blades of Metal cutting circular saw? Description: the blades of Metal cutting circular saw are quite delicate in nature and thus they need to be protected for various kinds of wastes. This is the reason you got to choose best cleaning techniques. You should be concentrated towards taking good care of the blades of Metal cutting circular saw as these blades are the main components of these devices that are…

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  • Summary Of Robert Frost's Poem Out, Out

    He is very descriptive using things such as imagery, personification, and tone to express what he wants to say. It is Frost’s style of writing that makes his readers feel as if they are part of the poem, as if the events in the poem are truly taking place and the readers are merely people who are standing by and watching it all. Frost uses a third-person observer who seems to be sorting through what happened—he dwells on events that took place over the course of milliseconds. This…

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  • Lady Saw Research Paper

    “Lady Saw”, one of the most well know female artists in dancehall music, was born in 1972 in the small Jamaican village of St. Mary's as Marion Hall. At eight years old she started off singing in the Seventh-Day Adventist church choir. Later, as a teenager, she was able to practice her skills on a local sound system until moving on to Stereo One sound system.[2] She gained the attention of record producers such as Piper and Oliver Shaw. She was able to record her first single for producer Piper.…

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