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  • Modernism In Latin America

    It is design by Lina Bo Bardi. She was born in Italy and move to Brazil in 1946. Her husband, Pietro Maria Bardi, invited to establish and run the Museum of Art. She was becoming a designer of the Museum of Art Sao Paulo(MASP). She began work on this project for the MASP in 1957. Because of dictatorship, it was suspended for a while, but this project was completed in 1968. The location of the architecture was historically important. The Trianon, park next to the architecture, was the place where held political activities, music, dance, festivals. The architecture is floated by two giant structures and then can get huge open public space on the street level. It isn’t just open space, but contain profound understanding of space. It is evidence of the liberal economic notion which isn’t limited or restricted by certain object. It is happened interior space which is exhibition area as well. She doesn’t seem working with Mies Van der Rohe, the architecture is…

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  • Economic Growth And Abortion Analysis

    In this section, we discuss the relationship between congestion and regional growth by focusing on the estimation results. As shown in figure 3, we predict how growth of population and employment density change in the 86 largest U.S. metropolitan area when the congestion growth changes. Figure 3 presents that population growth of the largest U.S. cities would decline, whereas employment growth would continue to increase when congestion growth increases. These results indicate that population…

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  • Santa Anna And Bolivar Analysis

    The American continents have always been a battleground of principles; a realm in which colonialism, nationalism, and radicalism come together, through peace and war, to create bold new ideas which would forever change the historical relevance and climate of the region. In the early to mid 1800s, Spanish America was in the midst of revolutionary turmoil, spearheaded by political chaos, and the constant shift of ideological power. Such an environment tends to be a breeding ground for larger than…

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  • Religion In Chronicle Of A Death Foretold

    Chronicle of a Death Foretold is a novel written by Gabriel Garcia and portrays the murder of someone because of a dishonorable act. Though the story is about a murder, the Chronicle of a Death Foretold itself is a glimpse into the culture and social structure of early 20th century Latin America and allows Marquez to portray society. By close reading Chronicle of a Death Foretold a greater understanding of cultural norms during this time period can be achieved. The Chronicle of a Death…

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  • Essay On Latin America Syllabus

    Latin America makes up some of the largest territories and populations around the world. Since it is composed of countries in which the Spanish, French, and Portuguese ruled during the Old World. In the New World, Latin America consists of countries such as the Caribbean, North, and South America. According to the professor 's syllabus course entitled “Introduction to Latin America in a World Context”, the students will learn about “The history, cultural make up, current events, and debates…

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  • An Essay On South America

    white with a heritage consisting of both Spanish and Italian, they primarily speak Spanish, however their form of Spanish resembles Italian which is understandable considering their ancestry. (Commisceo Global, 2016) Chili, on the other hand, is said to be “the most homogeneous” countries in all of South America “in both ethnic and cultural terms.” (Silva, n.d.) The people of Chile are white and white-Amerindian who speak Spanish as well (Commisceo Global, 2016) and as you stated, this may be…

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  • Glycapis Brimblecombei Study

    in Brazil (Rinaldi 2005), which can be explained by its phylogenetic proximity to the Brazilian flora, with high Myrtaceae diversity (Zanuncio et al. 1998). Exotic phytophagous insects cause economic losses in Brazilian eucalyptus plantations, and include C. eucalypti (Hemiptera: Psyllidae), Gonipterus gibberus, G. scutellatus and Phoracantha semipunctata (Coleoptera: Cerambycidae) (Queiroz-Santana & Burckhardt 2007), Leptocybe invasa (Hymenoptera: Eulophidae) (Fernandes et al. 2014), and the…

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  • Is Zara's Denial Of Responsibility?

    This is mostly due to people who don’t feel like they can change a similar situation by simply buying from a more ethics oriented company. A Brazilian TV show infiltrated Zara workshops in Sao Paulo with a camera. A Bolivian worker explained that a pair of Zara jeans was selling for about 120$ in Brazil, and cost 1,14$ to produce. The workers average monthly income is about 570$ for daily shift longer than 12 hours. Additionally, safety didn’t seem to be a concern for the owners of the…

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  • Traffic Increase In Metro Manila

    Over the past years, traffic congestion has become a serious problem in Metro Manila, specifically the Epifanio delos Santos Avenue (EDSA). This results in loss of travel time, and huge economic and societal costs. "Traffic in the capital and its surroundings is already costing the country about P3 billion ($64 million) a day, or about 0.8% of gross domestic product, according to government figures" (Presse, 2016). The demand for transportation infrastracture has increased because they asociate…

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  • Analysis Of The US Great Lakes Megaregion

    We focus on the U.S. Great Lakes megaregion, which includes large metropolitan areas such as Chicago, Detroit, Minnesota, Cleveland, St. Louis, and Pittsburgh. The dataset consists of a balanced panel based on the monthly data obtained from various sources. Variables measured in this study and the data sources are described in this section. We focus on the time period between 2013 July and 2016 May for data consistency. Figure 1. US Great Lakes Megaregion (source:…

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