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Arianne Rodriguez ENC 1101a

Another wonderful morning; today, I woke up very, very, very anxious, like a dog, when he hears his owner arrive. I opened my eyes so fast, and I began to sing very loudly: She will be loved by Maroon 5, one of my favorite songs, and also, one of the most romantic, lovely, tender… video clips which leaves me with goose bumps. My boyfriend was sleeping and said to me very strongly: “Ari, coooono…es demasiado temprano, podrias parar de cantar y de moverte al menos por un singao minuto por favor? Podrias parar the joder?” (Ari, fuck… it is too early in the morning, can you stop singing and moving at least for a fucking minute please? Can you stop bothering me?) Then, my mind flew back, back, back…I was in
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My back yard was very decorated with many colorful paintings and plants by my mom and some chairs surrounding a metal white table that I usually used to talk and do my homework in groups.
Moninaaa, Moninaaa… yielded my mom, a short beautiful woman with a sweet voice that any person would like to listen. I heard her so far, far, far as light fades. She always was worried and pending about me, due to the fact that, I was a naughty girl, who was invented at any time damn ideas.
Those are some of my childhood memories, but I will never forget the fall that changed my personality forever and tattooed in my body that painful moment, that markable day. I have always lived asking me: How did that happen… What was I thinking…

Run! Run! Run! I said to my little dog that was playing with his white baseball ball in the back yard. I was trying to teach my dog how to run fast, take the ball, and come back to me like the animals in the movies, but it was not that easy. Each time that he came back without the ball, I just wanted to shoot my head. I looked to the sky and I through it again, when I suddenly saw a big, ripe, delicious… guava in my neighbor’s roof that had fallen from the tall tree. In those days, I remember thinking: I am hungry, and there is not body there, now is the moment, I am going to take it and come back as fast as I told
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“I drove for miles and miles and wound up at your door, I have had you so many times but somehow I want more…”, sang him a little bad, well so, so, so bad, but tenderly and lovingly. His voice sounds like the first song that you dedicate to your first love. “If she will be loved…”, sang both together as a wonderful couple of another planet. He was my first love, my first boyfriend, my… wait, I am already in the reality, I am living in the present. I am not the crazy little girl that jumped roof by roof. I am not 11 years old, now, I am 21 years old. I am a lucky young girl that have an amazing Cuban boyfriend, who left his family to begin a new life with me. Also, I am a shy student who drives a 2013 Honda Civic to her work every day and sleeps each night missing her family in Cuba. Even though my life is difficult and completely full of gigantic, strong, black…stones, I love it, and I live every day as it was the last

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