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  • Reflective Essay: How Charlie Gordon Changed My Life

    Charlie Gordon. To many that 's just a name of a failed experience, but to me that name means so much more. In fact hearing or reading the name leaves a very peculiar taste on my mouth and makes my eyes water. What have I done, I sometimes think to myself. Sometimes I wish if I could go back to the day the two doctors from the facility first asked me to nominate a student that attends the adult night school class with the lowest lQ, “For a life changing and ground breaking experiment!” One of the doctors said. I wish I could go back and tell them that I am not nominating one of my students to be experimented on like a rat. Especially not Charlie. I just wish that I wasn’t so naive. What was I expecting, to fix him? That this experiment would turn the test subject into the perfect human, a walking encyclopedia. My initial thought did consider that intercepting with God 's plan is unnatural. By changing a persons intelligence and personality in such a drastic way is just not right. But I am a teacher after all helping people be the best as they can be has always been a big mission of mine. I just couldn 't help seeing poor Charlie, a man who truly tried so hard to be "smart" that I could see it break him. If you saw him from afar you would have assumed that he was utterly normal and functional, if anything he was rather appealing to the eye well I always thought so. He was 6 '2, had very short dark brown hair and had these wide blue eyes that could sometimes look as if they…

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  • Captain Walle Character Analysis

    look like all the other people on the Axium. Moving from this idea I go on to talk about how the captain is starting to show independence in learning about how to do things for himself. My final body paragraph is about the final progress showed by the captain and how he became a better human being. From the first time we see the captain we see an overweight, babyish character. These are the first thoughts of the captain before we see that he could potentially change and develop. To elaborate…

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  • Knowledge Of Neuroscience

    taught us how to hold a drill effectively and how to use a finger rest when drilling in the manikin head. The reason for the finger rest is so that, the dentist can be in control of their drill, in case the patient moves or flinches during a procedure. Overall, this course was a great introduction to general dentistry, because it taught me some very important fundamentals. Furthermore, I learned how to construct a rubber dam on a patient’s tooth. A rubber dam reduces the chances of infection as…

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  • Hackers Case Study

    IGN: DRIPPED Age: 14 Whats your timezone?: (EST -5) Do you have any previous punishments on the server?: No i always had plans on playing purge pots and for map 4 i had a faction but they quit to play hcgames. Current playtime on the server: 0 as i am looking for a faction to play with and waiting for map 6 to release. Previous experience as staff: I was staff on axium HQ as (Mod) There i learned the true importance of being staff i learned that its not an easy job you have to put various…

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