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  • Blue Women In A Black Chair Analysis

    Life & Death Through elaborate carving, casting, painting, and other technical processes, artists can ingeniously turn dead stone, metal, or plaster into vivid human-looking sculptures. George Segal’s Blue Women In a Black Chair, which was made in 1981, is a typical painted sculpture that reflects the core of human emotions. The Untitled large man accomplished by Tom Claassen in 1999, likewise, is another excellent reflective sculpture. Although these two are both outstanding pieces mirroring experiences in real life, they differ in materials, size, color, and body gesture in order to present different stage of human being, conveying different meanings. With painted blue on metal and plasters, George Segal’s sculpture highly detailed depicts a woman drowning in sorrow, understanding that her death is near, whereas Tom Claassen’s polyurethane-made sculpture portrays a giant black newborn sleeping in tranquility and peace. Segal breathed life into the sculptures by ensuring that the details of both appearances and body gestures match that of living human figures. Segal constructs the blue woman in life-size in an attempt to build the connection between the woman and real human being. The saggy breasts, layered stomach, bony hands and feet with each vein bulging out, and heavy eyelids all coincide with the process of aging in real life. In contrast with real-life teenage girls’ wavy and glossy hair, blue woman’s bold head is an overt expression of youthfulness draining away…

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  • Exhibit Goal Sheet Analysis

    4-H Exhibit Goal Sheet Name: Hailey Kube Project Area: Visual Arts Club: Ellis Jackson Ag Stars Class: Number: 10305 Grade: 8th Number of years in Project: 3 1. What did you plan to learn or do? (What was your exhibit goal?) My goal was to find a painting I liked and make it my own. I also wanted to improve my shading skills. 2. What steps did you take to learn or do this? I went to a workshop. At that workshop we talked about copyright 101. Afterwards we got to…

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  • Azure Light Marketing Plan Sample

    implementation of marketing that will help the band, Azure Light, establish a marketing footprint and gain exposure in the Midwest, primarily in the Twin Cities Area. This plan features the hiring of a manager, the use of a variety of social media outlets, and a local tour to promote their new EP, The Gate. Objectives Azure Light is in its first year of operation. They wish to accomplish the following goals in the next year. I. Record a 10 track album II. Be featured in at least one…

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  • Magical Realism In Azure In Thirteen Cents

    unreliable narrator, Azure in Thirteen Cents, is too question whether not having an unreliable narration, would the novel’s message with the effect of magical realism still be as effective. With the novel being written in first person (character-narrator) and in present tense, a style which is not seen as conventional and efficient. Not seen as the normative structure of a novel. The novel is a magical realist novel; having elements of both realism more evident in the beginning of the novel and…

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  • Importance Of The Unreliable Narrator In 'Thirteen Cents'

    K. Sello Duiker, author of ‘Thirteen Cents’, initiative behind Azure, the unreliable narrator, is effective in a genre such as magical realism. Azure experiences throughout the novel are unpredictable and are immediate (present tense) and not predetermined, that which has already happened. The unreliable narrator brings vital importance to the narration for the unreliability due to the absence of fact, which aids in the reader to express self-interpretation instead of definite closure. An…

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  • The Smell Of Apples And Thirteen Cents Analysis

    phenomenon. The most immediate and conspicuous distinction is that Marnus witnesses his father assault his best friend, Frikkie, while Azure usually, but not always, consents to being the object of penetration. In the novel’s climactic resolution, Marnus watches as “Frikkie l[ies] on his stomach,” with a pillow pressed against his head, as “the General is bent forward over him [Frikkie],” with pyjama-pants on the floor but “still wearing his pyjama-top,” (Behr 176). Retrospectively, the reader…

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  • Subcellular Fractionation Lab Report

    Table 1 depicts the Velocity of DCIP being reduced by SDH. Table 2 shows a comparison between SDH assay and the images perceived from the microscopy. When looking at table 2, it was seen that Nuclei and mitochondria were only located in the filtrate. S1 contained mostly mitochondria, while P1 contained mostly mitochondria. S2 had some mitochondria while P2 had a majority of mitochondria. When looking at the Azure control column, you can see that the blue color sis not appear in S2 and P2 due to…

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  • The Golden Harp Research Paper

    The Harp Dravin Laural was your average 15 year old boy, he was smart, athletic, curious, good natured and unlike some Dravin was very neat. He had jet black hair, Amethyst pink eyes and a pale white complexion. Dravin lived in a small, little town called Dragoria. Dragoria was a nice small little town that was in the middle of a dark, perfectly circular forest. There was one odd thing about Dragoria… that was the legend of the Golden Harp. The Golden harp was supposed to be a beautiful, magic…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: My Earplugs

    The sponge earplugs are the awkward azure in my trumpet case. Apparently they do not fit with the trumpet gold. But by contrasting, they do shimmer the gold. I took out the two of my small blue sponge earplugs from the case. I squeezed the sponges as hard as I could, plugged one into my left ear, and spun it until it was perfectly fitted in. Then I plugged the other, and did the same to it. That was what the doctor asked me to do. I walked into the classroom, sit down, opened my music folder.…

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  • Birmingham Race Riots By Andy Warhol

    highlight the struggle and dehumanization of black communities in the United States leading up to and throughout the Civil Rights movement. Larry River’s 1970 color screen print, Black Revue, implements a collage like style to portray three prominent black men in history. Exploiting the influential perception of color to reflect the emotionality of the theme, River’s composition consists of blue hues (icy steel blue and azure), black/white, and a singular crimson figure. The work flows right to…

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