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  • Ataturk Speech Analysis

    Ataturk’s Speech Beyond the Words Armenian Genocide, Greek Genocide, and Assyrian Genocide, all of these horrific acts lead to one geographical route “Asia Minor” or what is currently known as the Republic of Turkey. After abolishing the office of the Ottoman Sultan Mehmet VI in 1922, the proclamation of the Republic of Turkey is announced with Mustafa Kemal Ataturk as its first president. Mustafa Kamal Ataturk is an army officer and the organizer of a militant independent nationalist movement in Ankara. After the allied power forces a peace treaty which provided independence to the Armenian and puts the south Anatolia under French influence, Ataturk at the head of his army crushes the Armenians and forces the French troops to withdraw from south of the Ottoman Empire. This lead to the formation of a new regime in turkey lead by nationalists, and Ataturk is on top of them. In 1920, however, Mustafa Kamal have already started to put grassroots for his future nationalist movement, and he gives a speech addressing the Grand National Assembly. In this paper, part of Ataturk’s speech will be analyzed using the eyesight of couple famous histories, sociologists, and anthropologies, like Benedict Anderson, Michael Mann and Patrick Wolfe. Their concepts will be used as tools to approach the implied meaning of Ataturk’s words. The first concept to put in use to interpret Ataturk’s speech is settler colonialism. Settler colonialism is a distinct imperial formation that seeks to replace…

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  • Hip Hop Influence

    Being the most popular and controversial genre & topic across the world, hip-hop sums up the problems in today’s society whether it’s dealing with teen rebellion, African-Americans interaction with police officers, poverty, or even injustice. Hip-Hop is the voice of the people in an assertive way, it has positive influences as well as some negatives. However the negative Influences of Gang Violence and The Encouraging of Unprincipled Behavior can be solved by Community leaders mentoring the…

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  • A Rhetorical Analysis Of Capital Steez's Injustice

    Capital Steez was a young New York rapper that took the classic rap scene by storm with his incredible word play, his use of irony, and his critic of the injustices in America. Capital Steez took his own life on December 23, 2012 at the age of 19. He dedicated his life to shedding light on injustices in America and bringing rap back to its roots where there was meaning behind every line. Steez wanted to not only change the genre, but also the effect of rap on the community and the negative…

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  • Rap Industry Essay

    Rap industry has gained huge recognition with fans over the years. According to Bradley “Rap is now the most widely disseminated poetry in the history of the world” (Bradley, xiii). Rappers have built up their following from adults to young kids that enjoy listening to rap music. The audiences are the ones who spend money on the artist, accordingly, buying their music, attending concerts, or buying merchandise. Now a day, an artist can be asked to represent a company, either in the fashion…

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  • Sing For The Moment By Eminem Analysis

    As far back as the 1950’s, music had always criticized. Music such as rock, recieved tremendous amount of criticism when rock and roll ceased to be a harmless dance music for young teens which soon acquired a sense of lyrical art. If there is one topic where the majority of parents of America agree on, it is the current adolescent popular music, especially heavy metal, rock, and now the infamous hip-hop/rap. Parents would agree that this genre of music promotes racism, violence, and overall…

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  • Jerome Drake Graham Analysis

    Mark Twain once said, “Biographies are but the clothes and buttons of the man. The biography of the man himself cannot be written.” The type of person that one truly is can never change. But artists, such as authors and songwriters put their work out into the world as a way to tell their story. The audience tend to look at these works as a form of entertainment. But by knowing the artist’s intention and background, the two can connect on a deeper level. Aubrey Drake Graham, notably known as…

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  • Life Of Pablo Analysis

    The Life of Pablo, which was originally supposed to be called So Help Me God and Swish and many other trial and errors that did not make the cut. The Life of Pablo is Kanye West’s 7th studio album, which was first released only through streaming. Although the album is Kanye Wests’, he had plenty of help with engineering and creating lyrics for the album with others and even Grammy nominee musicians. Some of the musicians who were featured on the gospel-rap album were Kid Cudi; Chance the Rapper,…

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  • The Importance Of Rap Music

    We need to impose law and sanction authority upon rap music that is verbally racist, demoralizing and abusive. Rap music has played a huge role in this generation for kids, ages 13 to 18 and has powerfully influenced their thoughts as rock music influenced teenagers in the past. The difference is that a lot of rock music talks about love, political activeness, or sometimes the telling of a simple story. All in all rock music for the most part was not as derogatory as rap music is today.…

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  • Lil Dicky Analysis

    Lil Dicky’s Emotional Rap Ballad Lil Dicky, real name David Andrew Burd, is a comedic rapper. He’s risen to fame by a reaching out to a group that generally doesn’t relate to more traditional rappers, upper-middle class white men. His first complete album, Professional Rapper, reached no.1 on the Billboard comedy and rap albums chart and no.7 on the Billboard top 200. Standing out from the rest of the comedic album is Molly, a song that follows him through the pain of attending the wedding of…

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  • Rae Sremmurd's 'No Type'

    Rae Sremmurd’s “No Type” is a great example of a song that sounds like every other rap song on the radio. Making use of the words “bad bitches” and “nigga” gives a negative set of ideals or purpose that often has a negative influence over the modern population (RaeSremmurdVEVO, 2014). Using the same melodies, tones, and word pronunciations the song becomes recycled, thus giving the modern population an idea of what is common and what isn’t. Consistency is a “must” in modern day music using the…

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