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  • Theories Of Eminem

    20101037 PSY216/A Theories of Personality Study on Personality In this study I will examine the personality of Eminem who is a well-known American rap singer who is perceived as an aggressive by people all around the world. By focusing on his childhood development I aimed to achieve that his personality was greatly influenced and consisted by his childhood conflicts, and traumatic life events. Even if he was raised by a neglected parenting style by his mother and felt bullied among his peers; however, Eminem rose above them. Then he became the best-selling artist of the world. Eminem is the first white American rapper in the USA. He was born in October 17, 1972 in Detroit, US. Considering his personal life Eminem is the only child of his family.…

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  • Should Eminem Be A Better Artist?

    He has 7 platinum albums while Eminem has 2, this shows that he is the undeniable exposition of being an iconic artist. For example, on the Genius website an editor named Differentexoticfishes stated that “Eminem easily the better MC, but I’d take Kanye for overall best hip-hop artist – more creative, innovative, and almost his whole discography is critically acclaimed.” This is important because it explains that Kanye does induce…

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  • Eminem Biography Essay

    I’d go to, like, six different schools in one year. We were on welfare and my mom never ever worked,” (“Eminem” Brainyquote). This quote was said by eminem “slim-shady” talking about how he was growing up in rough conditions to get where he is now. Eminem was born Marshall Bruce Mathers the third on october seventeenth 1972 in kansas city missouri, he goes by slim-shady, Doody, and M&M (Biography). His occupation is a rapper, film actor, and a music producer, he has worked with many groups…

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  • Eminem Not Afraid Analysis

    One artist that a lot of people know and love to talk about is Eminem. Lots of people either love him or hate him. The music he writes is different from a lot of artist. The sense of hurmor he has some people discribe as sick and obscene. Although that 's not how I see it. I see and relate to what he talks about. He has a message if you listen to his music with an open mind. He tells his story in his music through the hurmor and obscene lyrics. He makes fun of the rough times and the good times…

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  • Eminem Legacy Analysis

    “Legacy” by Eminem “Legacy” is a very elaborate song written by popular artist Marshall Bruce Mathers III, more known by Eminem. The song is mainly about his struggles as a child to be happy and succeed. He was not a very popular kid, so he didn’t have very many friends, and at the same time he was bullied. All of these factors made his childhood a complete and utter “Hell” for him. But as the song progresses he gets older, and grows more confidence. Overall this song is a great representation…

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  • How To Describe Eminem

    Beautiful Looking at me, you may not believe that I went through an Eminem phase. It all started when I was babysitting one night and 8 mile, a movie loosely based on the life of Marshal Mather’s better known as Eminem, came on (don’t worry, the kids were already sound asleep). I loved the movie and the music in it so much that I started researching Eminem’s life. I mean the man is a lyrical genius how can you not become slightly obsessed with him at some point in your life. I started listening…

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  • Analysis Of Rap By Eminem

    Destruction of the Mind Rap is a story. A story that is written in blood, but, nevertheless, a story. However, this story contains points that affect society today and the individual listener. Rap has saved many lives, and rap has also destroyed many lives. Rap is the combination of previous experiences told through clever flows, rhymes, and beats. Rappers generally come from poverty-stricken areas. A great example is Eminem; born Marshall Mathers, he grew up in a broken family in Detroit.…

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  • Rap In The Film 8 Mile By Eminem

    8 Mile is a movie starring Eminem who plays a white rapper who lives on the streets of 8 Mile. It is loosely based on the lead actor’s life while we were growing up. The movie won an Oscar for best music, making Eminem the first rapper to ever win an Oscar. The movie starts with Eminem’s character, B Rabbit, throwing up in a bathroom before he was going to rap in a freestyle battle. Whenever he goes on stage he chokes and is not able to get any words out. The rest of the movie he is made fun of…

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  • College Essay About Eminem

    a good flow, having good lyrics and having good beats. All the best rappers have theses in common but some are better than others. Some of the best rappers to ever live all have complex lyrics. Eminem is one good example of a great lyricist. This makes Eminem one of the greatest because he's able to put words together and have them make sense like no one has ever done before. Like he said in rap god “ school flunky, pill junky, but look at the accolades, these skills brung me, full of myself,…

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  • Informative Speech Outline On Eminem

    Bruce Mathers III known as Eminem AKA slim shady Is one of the most hated but lover rapper in the industry today, he is worth 190 million dollars to this day .Two of his most famous lose yourself, and what’s my name is still the best selling song of his. He also made a movie of his life before the fame called 8 Mile. C. Topic Relevance…

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