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  • Masculinity In Hip-Hop Music

    world of hip-hop music, a vast majority of artists customarily gravitate to forms of expression that center around the objectification and degradation of women. According to Tia Tyree and Michelle Jones, “many have characterized the entire genre as negative” (Tia Tyree & Michelle Jones 54). The substantial presence and rampant usage of misogynistic themes is so evident, the disparaging criticism that hip-hop music receives is perfectly understandable. Negatively labeling the entire genre of hip-hop, however, as solely crude and objectionable without acknowledging artists that strive to break traditional misogynistic boundaries is overcritical. Through the endeavors of several artists such as Drake and Bryson Tiller, hip-hop’s nature has undergone a significant ideological shift from masculinity and bravado to emotionality and introspectiveness. The music created by Drake and Bryson Tiller has not only contributed to deconstructing hip-hop’s “negative” image, but has also contradicted how black masculinity is portrayed in hip-hop music. In various ways, Drake and Bryson Tiller have succeeded in breaking traditional misogynistic hip-hop boundaries. In doing so, Drake and Bryson Tiller…

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  • Hip Hop Music: The Evolution Of Rap Music

    Hip Hop or also called Rap music, is a music genre formed in the United States in the 1970s that consists of a stylized rhythmic music that commonly accompanies rapping; a rhythmic and rhyming speech that is chanted. Hip hop has changed in ways making people believe that it is dead and needs resurrection. From young groups like NWA and solo artists like Tupac and The Notorious B.I.G to Young Money and J. Cole and Kendrick Lamar. The evolution in hip hop such as topics, tones, and the desire for…

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  • Hip-Hop Music In The 1970's

    In 1970, the hip-hop music began in a small community in New York City at South Bronx, where drugs, violence, and poverty were common things. During the time, African- Americans are living as subordinate members in society. Basically, hip- hop music represents African Americans’ forms of music including jazz, soul, gospel, and reggae. DJ Kool Herc, was an inventor of the hip- hop music, he started music in his small apartment with young unemployed community members. There was no set of rules…

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  • Cause And Effect Of Hip Hop Music

    Reality X: The cause and effect of Hip-Hop music In the beginning there were many different genres of music dealing with social issues, these songs were primarily written about war and injustice. They were given a proper place in our history and were remembered as lyrical, musical achievements of their time. This excluded many injustices, including the war against African-Americans. In the 1970’s, was when the music of a generation expressed these indignities, and changed the world. This…

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  • Impact Of Hip Hop Music On The 1990s

    There are many impacts hip hop culture and movement of 1980 and through the 2000s have on contemporary young African American identity. Therefore the hip hop cultures and movements of the 1980 through the 2000 had a negative impact on contemporary young African American identity this is due to the fact hip hop artists lyrics often uses negative connotation their music may be considered vulgar and violent and because adolescent will follow what they hear. In addition, adolescents are easily…

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  • The Effect Of Hip-Hop Music On Racial Relationship

    question whether hip-hop music has either improved or injured racial relationships is in itself truthful yet deceitful in both its positive and negative connotations. In recent years, there has been contention about rap music and its effect to racial associations. It appears that political and media groups are placing blame on hip-hop for the current witnessed increase in violence amongst the youth. This is based on the rivalry between the East Coast and West Coast regions where rappers…

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  • Hip Hop Music Argument Analysis

    When it comes to vulgarity and misogyny, most people agree that rap music can be extremely and unnecessarily offensive; however this agreement usually dissolves when considering the art and interpretation of this genre of music. Supporters of the free expression of hip hop music argue that controversial lyrics can often bring attention to greater issues in society and that rap is simply a poetic expression of the African-American culture and history. According to rapper Jay-Z, rap has done more…

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  • Hip Hop Music Influence On Youth Essay

    Society does not realize how much music has an impact on children growing up today. It’s an important role in socializing or doing daily tasks and activities. It’s not a proven fact, but without music the world we live in would be boring and dull. Music inspires us and it gives us sense of meaning. The youth of today’s generation relies on music to do so many things. It influences their behavior, forms their identities, and social lives. Today new and upcoming artist have changed the face of…

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  • Hip Hop Music: The Role Of Music In African American Culture

    Music is universal and is influential throughout the entire world. Music can come from almost anywhere, anyone, and anything. In fact, “Music has an important role in all human cultures and has been found to have direct and indirect physiological effects such as diminish stress, heighten feelings of relaxation and comfort” (Goshvarpour 11). According to Merriam-Webster 's Dictionary, music is defined as “vocal, instrumental, mechanical sounds having rhythm, melody, or harmony” (Music). All of…

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  • Hip-Hop Music In The 1960's In Phildelphia

    Hip Hop music is a language that references the cultural and technical events prevalent in society. As sited in the lecture, "hip hop music has a diverse and colorful history"with stem in "graffiti",b-boying,djing, and mc 'ing . This essay will explore the four elements of hip hop in depth. Graffiti immerged in the early 1960 's in Phildelphia (lecture notes). To graffiti was to express yourself through art on anything around the city. Next is B-Boying or break dancing, which came along shortly…

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