B. H. Liddell Hart

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  • Brett's War Theory

    the nature and character of war. Each of them could certainly be credited with providing insights in statecraft and military power. Each also had insights limited by the context of the conflicts of their times. Subsequent theorists had the advantages of not only reading the works of their predecessors, but also the perspectives of understanding such areas as geopolitics, economic and cultural globalization, global powers, and nationalism. Two such theorists, B.H. Liddell Hart and Sir Julian Corbett are particularly relevant in explaining the nature and character of war in the 21st Century. Hart, in imparting a modern definition…

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  • Who Is Robert Doughty's Defeat To Germany?

    defeat due to its inferior army and tactics, or was it due to Germany’s superior army and tactics, notably the “blitzkrieg” tactic. Mainstream and popular opinion has us to think that France’s army was outdated, weak, and using tactics from the First World War, which ended 22 years before France’s defeat. The other side of the debate explains that Germany’s army was simply much better than Frances, and they were much more modernized in terms of equipment, units, and tactics. Doughty states that…

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