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  • Origin Scarface And Casablanca And The Motion Picture Production Code

    characters are at the immediate forefront of the scene because the entire background is covered by smoke (however, from further researching it is also because they were not able to use a real plane at night). Once Rick says that Victor and Ilsa will be using the visas, the camera cuts to and pushes in on Rick and Ilsa, where the real drama is about to take place. The background music follows the conversation throughout the scene, going strong when the dialogue gets heavy, and even has a romantic tone when Rick is telling Ilsa his plan and, in his own way, that he loves her. One point in the scene it is a close-up of Ilsa’s face while Rick is speaking offscreen, we can see every emotion on her face, we see her reacting to Rick’s words is subtle ways that are reminiscent to The Passion of Joan of Arc (1928). Throughout and after Rick’s speech, the camera faces him at a low angle because Rick just made himself into this big and powerful man that’s looking after Ilsa. At some points Ilsa is seen from a high angle, because throughout the speech she is helpless to Rick’s plan and can’t change his mind. Conclusion The Motion Picture Production Code would go on to censor decades of films later until it would meet it’s demise in the 1960’s. The MPPC, had multiple problems during its day but cracks started to show as early as the 1940s, Times were changing and people were changing, “ In an increasingly pluralistic society, the consensus of values to which Hays had referred so…

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  • John Dillinger: The First Public Enemy

    were unemployed and unable to care for their families, and banks were failing. With his criminal and Navy records and a failed marriage, prospects were slim for a legitimate future. On the contrary, criminal life was booming. During this time, many gangsters were making a name for themselves and showing how profitable crime could be. Al Capone had already showed the world how well crime paid off; but unlike Capone’s syndicate, which was highly organized, the new era of gangsters was willing to…

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  • Pretty Boy Floyd Research Paper

    “I got a code 2 i repeat code 2 Public enemy no. 1 pretty boy floyd is in sight, engage in cousion.”..... Charles Arthur “pretty boy” Floyd was a criminal who was always on the run. Charles Floyd and Antigone are alike because they both disobeyed laws for a cause they believed in. Antigone buried her brother because she thought it was the right thing to do, and Pretty boy stole from banks and gave back to the poor because the banks were stealing from the poor from the start. (Pretty Boy Floyd) …

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  • Lincoln Park Movie Analysis

    two escapes from highly guarded prisons, various bank robberies, and several high-speed shooting sprees, John Dillinger met his end in our very own Lincoln Park, bringing great satisfaction to the FBI. The movie Public Enemies focuses on the creation of the modern Federal Bureau of Intelligence and the search for the infamous Chicago gangster as he travels from Indiana to Chicago throughout 1933, trying to dodge his inevitable fate. Most of the United States was deep into the Great Depression at…

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  • Demanding Instant Gratification: My Freshman Year In High School

    I remember my freshman year in college. I completed an assignment and when the paper was returned there was the grade standing in my face...Capitalized, Bold in Red. I made a C. I called my Uncle Sonny and I cried. The funny thing is he was not sympathetic to me what so ever. This guy, my uncle on the other end of the phone, with his baritone voice, aggressively said, "Welcome to the World baby girl... 'Ain 't it Shit. '" I never saw the world of education the same any more after that day. I…

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  • Personal Narrative: A Listening To My Story

    Hello and welcome to my story. now let us begin now shall we? so it all started when i was born my parents were nice people when i was born one of the things they told me i did i used to run around and not do the normal things a baby was or should i say could be doing i would be able to have put on my own close and put on masks and i would find ways to scare my mom and dad to the point they just plain old fall down now this is where things got interesting my first day of school it was a tiny old…

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  • Cloud Lake: A Short Story

    A place one could only get to by flying, and a place very few knew about. It was special to the three of them, and they liked to think that it was their own special place. Cloud Lake was on a floating island, the largest of eleven floating islands, in Distira. The island itself did not have a name, but the lake on it had a name. The Lake was made of water, but it flowed off of the island in a stream that turned into clouds. Thus, Cloud Lake. Some of the animals were crystal, others were…

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  • Sally Mann The New Mothers Analysis

    presence of the two dolls and cigarette. The older girl, who is pushing the stroller, is facing the camera with a very crude expression on her face. Her face is contracted with a very knit brow line, and her body is slouched with all of her weight on her left leg. These attributes altogether give the child an overall appearance of someone who is very hostile. It is the glance of this girl that directs the entire tone of the picture in a hostile manner. The other young girl is facing away…

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  • Nurse Personal Statement

    As I scrolled to the bottom of the computer screen, I could feel my heart racing, my stomach in knots and my palms damp with sweat. There it was, staring me in the face. My placement test results. In black and white it read, “Enroll in College Algebra or Pre-Calculus.” I couldn’t believe what I was seeing! Was this correct? How could this be accurate when six months previously, I had tested below average? My head spun with emotions as I took my results and walked to the Butler advising…

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  • My Happiest Moment Essay

    We were so excited the night before and nearly packed our whole closet. The second we step foot in the car the excitement died. Hours of looking at trees can really kill a spirit but a real friendship always seem to balance the bad in life and make it better. There are some people that make you laugh a bit louder, smile a bit bigger, and help you be just a bit better than you were yesterday, back then she was always that person.The way we posed like statue brought an unexpected smile we…

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