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  • Mentor Student Internship Essay

    By attending an art and fashion school is New York City, it is evident that people have gone through different forms of education and have experienced aspects of their education that was meaningful to them. Not only was the education of the pre-college art school and art classes at high school itself necessary, but so was the mentor-student relationship I had with my teacher at Mill Street Loft, and my Advanced Placement Studio Art teacher, as well. They showed how important the arts are, and that a degree in the commercial arts is important. Since education comes in many forms, my experience at a pre-college art school and my art class in high school made me realize that pursuing a degree in the arts was the only fit for me. Although I consider myself a creative and artistic person, I wasn’t always artistic and never thought I would go into the art field. Although I did well in school, I always thought I never had a talent because other students…

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  • Bed Room Bed

    A fine art, as suggested by the name is the purest form of art. It’s an expression of oneself presented in term of aesthetics and design principles. It can refer to anything made by someone considered an artist, yet the definition of an artist has evolved over time and varies based on context. In Ancient Greece, the term for art was "techne," though that word did not peg art in the modern sense and was instead applied to human activities, especially handicrafts and technical work. The most…

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  • Similarities And Differences In The Way Christian Worship

    is something that can be done in numerous ways, but the overall purpose remains the same. Many have differing opinions on how to worship depending on their preference. Some of the ways Christians worship include using visual art, music, and theatre. Each way of worshipping has its own unique qualities, but there are many comparisons between the worshipping styles. Although each way of worshipping has different tactics, visual arts, music, and theatre all enhance the quality of worship in…

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  • The Father's Curse And The Punished Son Analysis

    The Father’s Curse and The Punished Son Art has been through our lives since the creation of man. Art is a way of expression which humans tend to communicate their ideas, emotions, or in general world views. There’s many types of art that exist in the world but one of the biggest and most famous is the fine arts. A perfect example is the famous painting “The Father’s Curse and The Punished Son” which is one of the greatest masterpieces created by the French painter Jean Baptiste. The artist…

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  • Fine Arts Role

    What role do the Fine Arts play in your life? Fine Arts doesn 't have a big role in my life, but that doesn 't mean art isn 't important to me. Without art our everyday lives would be boring and dull. I use art for entertainment everyday, without art I would be looking at plain walls everyday and I would rather watch grass grow than look at plain walls. I also use fine are to give me pleasure and a creative inspiration in life. I think fine art brings important problems to a person 's eye. How…

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  • White Temple Vs Ziggurat

    What is Art History? According to many dictionaries, Art history is the study of objects of art in their historical development and stylistic contexts, i.e. genre, design, format, and style. This includes the "major" arts of painting, sculpture, and architecture as well as the "minor" arts of ceramics, furniture, and other decorative objects. Art history is a big book that is hard to talk about in single pages. Here is a research paper comparing between the White Temple and ziggurat, Uruk and…

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  • Let Me Be A Woman Analysis

    In this discussion, I will be debating the age-old question of the academic fine arts societies: what is art? I will also go a step further and ask, what is music? To begin to answer these questions, we must go to the source of art and music: God. When we observe creation, we also begin to learn about our likeness to His image not just physically, but cognitively in our desire and ability to compose. I will then discuss why art exists, and how a work of art can be classified as such. As evidence…

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  • John Dewey Allegory Of The Cave Analysis

    feeling that is a result of the emotional response human beings obtain. This unique feeling is what makes art so special. The ability to provide escapism in a world of chaos is an asset provided from art. Art is life and vice versa. Therefor, art must be given more emphasis in curricula. Due to its absence in the modern education system, society has grown to become more adapt at looking at art for the wrong reasons. Commercialized art has become the standard, and while commercialized art has its…

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  • Philip Prager Creativity

    titled, “Making an Art of Creativity: The Cognitive Science of Duchamp and Dada”1, Prager specifically wants to assure people that Duchamp's piece Fountain should in fact be considered art. He states that, “Dada's redefinition of art in terms of creativity is perhaps most poignant in Duchamp's readymades found objects that he allegedly transformed into works of art merely by signing and placing them within an art context”(4). He goes on to say that any of the judgements of the piece or reactions…

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  • The Importance Of Fashion Design

    There 's a connection between art and fashion design just like the connection between colors and fabrics . The same connection that drove Oscar de la Renta to pursue fashion design first as an illustrator coming from a fine arts background. The beauty about fashion design is the fact that every season the designer creates another story to add to the woman of today. And then again What 's more beautiful than dressing a woman? In the same way an artist adds another layer to their painting, Fashion…

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