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  • Personal Essay: How Was Your First Day?

    I narrowed my eyes at him and he raised his hands in the air. I picked up my backpack and began towards the door. "What are you gonna do? Go to class in a robe?" "Yup." I shrugged. Alex stepped in front of me. "You 're making this harder than it has to be." I sucked in a breath when he put his arms around me pulling me into him. "I swear it 's not pity, will you at least put clothes on?" He looked down at me, hopeful and I nodded. "Yay!" He cheered and led me to the back of the locker room where all the stuff had been a few minutes ago. We were greeted by a tall man with almost white hair and thick framed glasses. "Alex, baby!" He kissed the side of the boy 's face. I laughed quietly at Alex until he did it to me also and then it was his turn to laugh. "You must be Mariah, you are a very pretty girl." "Er, thanks." "BUT I WILL MAKE YOU GORGEOUS!" He exclaimed before setting me in a chair. I looked at Alex, shocked and he just smiled and mouthed 'good luck '. "We will start with your clothes! Pants size?" "uh, six- wait no,…

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  • Man Reflection

    they are not connected to their true essence. Once they connect with who they really are, they will be able to find value in themselves as exceptional men. This is why I say that manhood is the most important thing to a man. The position of a man is power and men who are bosses usually assume this position without question. Some guys wait for others to give them permission to be something that they were born to be, a man. Then there are those who do not have a clue of what manhood is because…

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  • The Theme Of Slavery In James Joyce's Araby

    adoration for the girl quickly becomes an obsession. As the narrative progresses, the boy thoughtlessly swears to the girl he will bring her back a present from the town’s bazaar. Because of his youthful ignorance, the boy experiences a life-changing epiphany that completely darkens his childhood innocence. In James Joyce’s “Araby,” a young boy living in a dark and grave world develops an obsessive adoration with an older girl who lives in his neighborhood,…

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  • Men In Society, By Michael Kimmel

    so far to prove what they fear than acquire what they truly desire. Throughout life, men are taught to be tough and to not express their true thoughts or emotions. The article “Bros before hoes,” written by Michael Kimmel, an American Sociologist specialized in gender studies, goes along and asks a number of men from different campuses and states what it simply means to be a man. What sorts of phrases or thoughts come to mind when someone instructs them to be a man. Richard T. Evans, a…

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  • Cinderella Ate My Daughter Analysis

    TV shows/movies, and the internet. She wants to apprehend the impact of images, ideas, and societal standards that girls absorb about what they must be, how they should act, and the specific role they take in a girlie mainstream culture. To provide a quick summary, the book begins with Orenstein being pregnant and secretly wishing for a boy so that she does not need to test her knowledge about raising a girl. She feared failing…

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  • John Wayne Gacy: The Death Of John Wayne Piest

    Imagine being handcuffed, to demonstrate a magic trick, by a man you thought you trusted and in a blink of an eye his intentions change and you end up with a rope around your throat. This was what John Wayne Gacy did to his many victims. John Wayne Gacy seemed to be a respected business man with many friends in high places, but his life would be an open book after his last murder of a boy by the name of Robert Piest. Wounded by his childhood, Gacy was taught to hide unusual yearning for the…

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  • Literary Themes In Boys And Girls By Bicka Kinkaid

    One of the best thing about me is that I really enjoyed reading short stories. Every story that I read in this book feels more like poetry than an actual story. However, I enjoyed reading most of them because they feed my mind. Reading the story “Boys by Ricky Moody” and “Girls by Jamaica Kinkaid” really caught my attention, they are very short, but great pieces to cut right within to the heart of the primer. Nevertheless, what makes them similar is how they were created using similar literary…

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  • The Plight Of Young Males By Saul Kaplan's Influence On Gender And Equality

    Equality Different People have different interpretation and assumption as to whether it is more important to educate girls or boys. People believe that the education of boys is more significant than that of the girls. Some say that female belongs in the home at the same time male goes out to work, it has drive a lot of women more determined about what they can accomplish from life. Girls are likely to study there academic courses, which can put into use for greater eligibility in…

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  • Short Story 3 Am And The Stars Were Out

    The amount and type of light present in the story is directly related to the perceived potential for happiness. As a young boy, before seeing death for the first time, Carson found the most comfort during “afternoons in the barn … when the light was at it’s apex” (Rash 15). This light bathes the barn in gold and symbolizes pure contentment. Nothing was blocking the light, or good, in Carson’s life. This changed later in his life. While at war in Korea, he relied on the stars for reminders of…

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  • Genders In Boys And Girls By Alice Munro

    “Faxelange” by Marquis de Sade, to the much more recent short story “Boys and Girls” by Alice Munro, the body is depicted in a profound and distinctive way. These stories show a trend in how society has viewed genders over the past few hundred years, as well as the evolution in the role that each gender “should” embrace. Thus, males and females have been seen as polar opposites of each other, as well as being seen as extremely comparable. Gender…

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