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  • The Importance Of My Life

    It has always been the three of us since I was five years old. I grew up without a father, but I do have a father’s picture in my head, and not only one but three. My grandpa, to whom I call dad, has corrected my mistakes, raised, and taken care of me. My brother, has always guided, protected, helped, and did things that no one else has done for me. Lastly, my mom, who has formed me with all her sacrifices as a single parent, given me a good life, education, and everything I wanted, is the most important person in the world to me. I do not know what I would do without her. We are always together laughing, talking, and learning new things. I am what I am now because of them, they are everything I have and everything I need. That is when I told my mom that I wanted to come and be still together with my…

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  • I Am Trevor Alexander Essay

    Hello, I am Trevor Alexander. If you would ask my friends to summarize me they would say I am a medium height boy that is loving, always in the outdoors, someone that can sell you on a product that you are pretty sure you do not need, that also loves animals, and has a strong work ethic. When I was born my parents named me Trevor. At the time Trevor was not a common name. Since I am such an inspirational person, many others also decided to name their son Trevor. I have the privilege of being an…

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  • Breann Powell's Role In Occupational Therapy

    Breann Powell is an eighteen year old female and she is currently an Occupational Therapy student at Worcester State University. For this profile she filled out a “time study” that she recorded her activities for four days, an interest check list that she labeled different activities as a casual interest, a strong interest, or no interest, and she took a life balance inventory which gives life balance scores based on what she is interested in and how often she gets to do those things. Roles and…

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  • Growing Up With An Alcoholic Father

    before it comes? All I can do is wait and wait. Wait to see what happens next. Odd Ball Our family is like a pile of socks with one sock that does not match the others. A family of four and being the only male had to be difficult. I always had to do chores with my dad that made me wish I had a brother. I did not like talking about hunting or building things with him, but I did it anyways. I only wanted to stay away from him and do things that I enjoyed. I wanted to play with my sister…

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  • Tynisha Soares Research Paper

    Also, Tynisha coached her after her school acting as her both Manager and Father figure, she launch her gig at the Strand Theatre in Boson and she performed her song 'Never can say Goodbye'. Then Tynisha moved to LA a year later and landed a spot on the Gyrlz society and the group was all American girl group comparing four members. The four girls are Amy Correa, Melissa Tessmen, Tynisha Keli and Katy Scanlan. The Gyrlz society released their single, Double 'D' Mix, produced by Damon Jones in…

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  • Reflection Of Self Assessments

    I have taken the self-assessment test in the read section. (Bethel University, 2014). I have learn news things about area’s that I am strong in and things I am weak in. I feel that test is a good way to learn about the area’s that you are good in or that you need to improve. I am a little upset with my results of the assessment. My weakness is reading, writing, and focus. (Bethel University, 2014). I can read, but I tend to stay away from reading for some reason. This is why I am weak in this…

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  • Personal Narrative: The Day I Was Born?

    small shotgun houses on the outskirts of town, to great big houses the closer we got to the center of town. After a while, we came to the main part of town. I remember looking atop a hill and seeing for the first time, railroad tracks. Papa stopped the mule in front of a big platform near the tracks. After he was finished unloading the wagon, he stood talking to a fat-bellied, baldheaded man. Once we pulled away from the platform, he stopped in front of the mercantile store. I knew better than…

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  • Interpersonal Communication Dialogue

    Mrs. Meariam is 51 year old single mother, domiciled in the Bronx, was self-employed for several years, with her medical history of schizophrenia, client has history of violence. Me: Hello Ms. Meariam, I’m a nursing student. D.M.: `` how do you know my name, are you Mary? You look like someone I know.’’ Me: ``sometimes I can image people names just by looking at their face.’’ D.W. so are you a psychic? Me: `` kind of.’’ Me: ``So can I ask you how long you have been here?’’ D.M.: ``I’ve…

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  • Sample Questionnaire On Feeding

    Researcher 1: We’re recording. Researcher 2: Were recording. Researcher 1: Yes. Researcher 2: So, thank you so much for agreeing to participate in this research study and we have six questions that were going to be asking you, and um, starting with, um, telling us one of the most challenging, one of the most challenging, um infants with NES that your feeding or that you fed. RN A-3: Well, when they come, when they are admitted to the floor. Researcher 2: Uh-huh. RN A-3: Um, we try to…

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  • Personal Narrative-It's Time To Grow Up !

    “Two more days until we get our girls back bro.” Ethan says to me. “We’d better get in as much practicing as we can.” “It’s been a great week.” I type as I reminisce of the past few days. Ethan and I have been in hard core training mode this week. An all protein diet and intense football practice. The past few days we have been working on just building our muscle and strength up. I need to build up as much muscle as well as cut my body fat. This will help me to block my opponents better, tackle…

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