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  • Jurisdictional Scan Case Study

    British Columbia, Canada. The scan will first identify high-level policies towards foreign credential recognition, and then specifically policies for the profession of engineering. The findings will inform strategic directions for the province of Ontario, Canada. The paper has selected Australia, and the provinces of British Columbia (B.C.) and Alberta due its similarities to Canada and the province of Ontario. Both Australia and Canada have a federalist system of government with delegated authority to provincial or state and territorial governments for regulation of trades, profession, and foreign…

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  • Personal Essay: Why I Want To Study Medicine

    Three words identify me: Gujarati, 1st generation, and the eldest. One thing I learned from being identified with these words is the importance of my family. It is from them I get my support and motivation to keep trying, even if all odds are against me. More importantly, it was because of my family that I am here in the United States having an opportunity to study and to pursue a dream or rather goals, despite being a woman and being part of a low cast group. My family gave me the opportunity;…

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  • Falling Behind Tietelbaum Summary

    In his book, Michael Tietelbaum criticizes the STEM program, citing the shortages of the program and implications of the policy on education and the workforce. His book excellently brings out a wealth of data and information, revealing the history of booms and bust in science and engineering employment. It as well outlines the shortages of STEM, as fault tool for lobbying for high skills and used to curb immigration. Even though the book presents great ideas in relation to challenges of…

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  • Reverse Engineering Human Brain Essay

    core processing center, where all human function and ability occurs from. If we can reverse engineer it that means there will be a complete knowledge on how to translate that fact to better understanding different aspects of life and our actions. Have you ever wanted to know how a personality develops or what happens to the body on a microscopic level when you are doing something like typing a paper? By getting on the inside of the brain we can know these answers and so much more. The ability…

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  • Engineering Disasters: Thomas Edison

    Engineering Disasters One of the most famous engineers was Thomas Edison who famously stated that “ [he had] not failed, [he had discovered] 10,000 ways that did not work”. Despite Edison’s numerous failures, he eventually perfected his version of the light bulb, got it patented and proceeded to make his invention available to consumers. Edison’s approach illustrates the engineer’s ideal process, as he repeatedly tests and perfects the design of the desired result before releasing the result to…

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  • Role Of Communication In Industrial Engineering

    Communication in Industrial Engineering The world will always need engineers to bring ideas into life, however engineering is not for everyone. Thankfully, there are many different branches of engineering, whether it be mechanical, electrical, chemical, etc. One commonly overlooked is the field of industrial engineering. After I was certain I wanted to go into engineering, I took a good look at all the fields available. I decided that industrial engineering was the best fit for me, but I still…

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  • Engineering Ethics: Examples Of Moral Issues In Engineering

    Like general ethics, engineering ethics also involves investigations into values, meaning and facts. These inquiries in the field of engineering ethics are of three types. 1. Normative Inquiries 2. Conceptual Inquiries 3. Factual or Descriptive Inquiries 2.4.1 Normative Inquiries These inquiries are mostly helpful to identify the values which guide the individuals and groups in taking a decision. These are meant for identifying and justifying some norms and standards of morally desirable…

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  • Gender Gap In Engineering Essay

    Gender Gap in Engineering Engineering has always been considered an exceptional major throughout the history. It combines various human characteristics and brings out their scientific and leadership skills. It is one of the few majors that are known for their intellectual challenges and tough problem solving situations. However, with all the scientific and technological advancements in the field of engineering, the controversy of whether or not females can work in this field and handle all its…

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  • Importance Of Computer Education

    “What’s in a Major” events for Computer Science, Physics, and PPE. I did not go to Engineering because it was not yet on my radar. The Computer Science advisor was very nice and made me very excited about Computer Science. She especially liked pointing out the combined majors and the possibility of putting different things together. That interested me quite a bit, but unfortunately, when looking at the Degree Audit, it was determined to be impossible for me to finish a combined Computer Science…

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  • Social Responsibilities Of Professional Engineering

    1. Introduction Engineering affects all aspects of our lives, for instance, every building, object and machine that we use every day has been designed and built by engineers. Therefore the ethics and values of engineers have an important impact on society. There are many engineering challenges today. It was identified by the national science foundation that there are fourteen main engineering challenges. The challenge which is the focus of this report is access to clean water. We would expect…

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