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  • Decision Tree Analysis In Chemistry

    Qn1 Ans Decision tree analysis will involve step determination of the chemical and physical characteristics of this chemical. By knowing them, it will be very easy to determine the best control method to be employed. Firstly, the compound is corrosive and it therefore suggests that it is highly reactive and use of water and any other chemicals that can lead to an undesired chemical reaction will be ruled out. Also, the spilled chemical is producing fumes, mostly it suggests that it is either a strong acid or an alkali in addition to its corrosive nature. Use of carbon dioxide to manage the fumes/vapors will also be ruled out as the carbon dioxide is likely to react with the chemical to form dangerous substance. Therefore, the choice left is a method which will leave no undesired reaction and even condense the vapor to prevent its spreading to the environment. This is the use of…

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  • Importance Of Attribute Selection

    Definition 1.1 A random forest is a classifier consisting of a collection of tree structured classifiers { , k=1, ...} where the are independent identically distributed random vectors and each tree casts a unit vote for the most popular class a input x . Use of the Strong Law of Large Numbers shows that they always converge so that overfitting is not a problem [] . The accuracy of a random forest depends on the strength of the individual tree classifiers and a measure of the dependence between…

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  • Iranian Natural Resources

    such as fuzzy logic (Ercanoglu & Gokceoglu 2002; Kanungo et al. 2008; Pradhan 2010, 2011; Pourghasemi et al. 2012; Regmi et al. 2013; Zhu et al. 2014(, artificial neural networks (Ermini et al. 2005; Kanungo et al. 2006; Melchiorre et al. 2008; Yilmaz 2009, 2010; Pradhan & lee 2010; Poudyal et al. 2010; Pradhan & Buchroithner 2010; Zare et al. 2012; Tien Bui et al. 2012; Salarian et al. 2014; Conforti et al. 2014), support vector machines (Yao et al. 2008; Tien Bui et al. 2012; Pourghasemi…

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  • The Monkey And The Crocodile Analysis

    The Monkey and the Crocodile A monkey named Raktamukha lived on a Jamun tree in the dense forests of India. The monkey was happy in his life spending most of the time jumping around on trees. This Jamun tree was on banks of a river which was home to a crocodile named Karalamukha. Karalmukha used to come on the banks and gradually he and the monkey became very good friends. Few days past, and their friendship grew stronger. Raktmukha used to pluck fruits from the tree and used to give it to…

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  • The Cinderella Story: The Tragedy Of Cinderella's Story

    her stepsisters and Cinderella if they liked anything from the fair Cinderella replied with the choice of a tree branch which is truly humbling and strange of her to ask for a twig and that truly shows how close she is to nature and how she is not superficial and materialistic like her stepsisters. Therefore, her decision of the tree branch was a major turning point for Cinderella and that humble decision opened a lot of possibilities for her life and future. On the contrary, her stepsisters…

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  • Morphology: A Short Story

    When thinking of a tree, it is easy to imagine a strong plant, established firmly into the soil, with a thick substantial trunk and vast outreaching branches. However, what does not typically come to mind is a scrawny seedling, with its new roots hardly ingrained into the soil. One with a toothpick of a trunk that is struggling to support itself. The fact of the matter is that every tremendous tree started as a measly sapling, but not every sapling is able to grow into a tree. The forest can be…

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  • Brrinker International Case Study

    “The role of an organizational culture can be related to the roots of a tree. Like tree roots, organizational culture provides life and a healthy platform for performance of an organization. It also provides provide stability and nourishment for organizations.” The Functions of Organisation culture that Brinker International may encounter includes the following: 1. The first function of culture is that it has a Boundary-Defining role which means that culture helps to create distinctions between…

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  • Urban Trees Case Study

    Urban trees provide a wide range of environmental, ecological, social, cultural and economic benefits. However, as natural objects, they are constantly under stress, and living in an unnatural habitat, which will primarily affect the tree crown. In this study, the Diameter at Breast Height (DBH), Crown Live Ratio (LCR), Crown Dieback (CDBK), Crown Transparency (CT), and Crown Chlorosis (CC) of trees at University of Toronto – St. George campus were assessed by field measurements and Google…

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  • The Four Movies Analysis

    I love the scene when Crysta flew across the trees and flowers, and all the animals and insects sang songs with her, it looks like a wonderland. What’s more, in Pocahontas, natives live in an agricultural society, they stay peacefully with animals, and the try to listen to the sound of the natural environment such as the sound of wind or the sound of trees, the scene when Pocahontas stood on the edge of the mountain and surrounded by soft wind and flying colorful petals, it feels like that the…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: Growing Up To A Tree House

    We jumped back of the back and bursted into a run to catch up to him. We followed a trail of trees marked with red paint until we stopped in front of a old oak tree. I looked around and my face fell. I saw Tabby was just as confused as I was. My grandpa laughed and told us to look up. Hidden up in the branches was what looked to be a tree house. I could feel the excitement come over me, but then my grandpa told us to stay where we were. I watch as he climb up into the branches of the mighty oak.…

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