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  • College Admissions Essay: I Am Proud Of Myself

    watching us, so they could choose who is the best candidate for joining the declamation contest. My teachers chose me to join the declamation contest, representing our school. I was so overwhelmed because this was a new experience for me and I’m scared of performing in front of many people. Whereas, I still joined so I memorized my declamation piece and worked hard. They trained me how to act, how to bow, how to walk, and how to speak with the right pronunciations of certain English words. In that case, I started to feel ecstatic and I am very excited to join the contest. Three days before the event, they brought me to a University where I met a professor who is very good at teaching declamation. She gave me tips and advice how to release the nervousness that I am feeling before I perform. However, it was raining so hard that night, no one could pick me up so I just commuted and got soaked by the rain. My school uniform, socks, and my hair were all drenched with water that night. For that reason, I got sick after that night; I had a cold, a cough, a fever and sore throat. It was so awful because I needed to have my normal voice in order to perform my best. Then the day came, I was falling in line for the registration of the contestants. When suddenly someone came up to me; my classmate from my former school. Her name was Dheille Estrella, and she was the one who represents their school for declamation. I remembered the time when I was still in that school she was…

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  • Declamation Of 1763 Essay

    1. Proclamation of 1763 This document’s significance was to prevent colonists from settling past the Appalachian mountains. Colonial frontiersmen reacted very swiftly, and very negatively. In their opinion the English were restricting some of the most coveted land in the New World. 2. Quebec Act The Quebec Act made Quebec a place where Catholics could freely worship and it restored the use of French civil law for matters of private law. The reaction of Canadians was mixed and the land-owning…

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  • What Does Literacy Have To Do With Public Speaking?

    The school I attended required each student to participate in an activity called Declamation Day. During Declamation Day, we had to recite a poem or a passage. Some were famous writings and others were self-authored. I can remember as if it were yesterday during my initial Declamation Day. The passage was a children’s poem by Jack Prelutsky. As I approached the podium, it seemed there were thousands of people in the room, my knees were knocking and my heart was pounding, but when I spoke, all…

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  • L Orfeo Susan Mcclary Analysis

    Euridice’s section only has a range of an octave, and her greatest interval is a perfect fifth. The perfect fifth interval only occurs twice in her section of the piece. Orfeo has many leaps by comparison. The conservative melody in Euridice’s part illustrates how much more restricted she is in how she can express herself to remain charming and modest. Orfeo’s melodic freedom and provocative leaps depict how he is more allowed to be charismatic to whoever he pleases. The significance of m. 13 in…

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  • Personal Narrative: A Letter To My Francheska

    To my Francheska, I couldn’t believe that I have been a mother for 5 years now. It seems that it was only yesterday when I first held you in my arms. I can still remember the time when I was clueless on how to make you stop from crying to making you fall asleep or how to manage taking a shower before you wake up and start crying all over again. But look at you now; you are growing to be a very pretty and intelligent kid. Mommy is so, so proud of your school achievements. You were able to make it…

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  • Timid Person Analysis

    clouds. When a mother scolds a child, the way her voice fumes and heightens make the hair of a child’s arms rise. When a person is terrorized by another, it is not the expression of a livid face that ceases the occurrence, but the sound of a voice that wants to be heard. A craven characteristic can be debilitating especially in regards to opportunities and social life. Instead of grasping a chance within reach, a timid person is reluctant to take action. Instead of thriving like a flower in…

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  • Why I Want To Become Anesthesiologist

    I participated in volleyball, softball, FCCLA, Spanish Club, and was inducted into the National Honor Society. I was a member of girl scouts and 4-H for four years. I also volunteered in the community. I helped at a declamation meet and at junior high volleyball camps. I also volunteered to pump gas at Caseys, planted flowers at my local fire station, and provided care for my neighbor’s house while they were away. I did well academically also, earning a 3.9 GPA and being in the Top 10 of my…

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  • The Great American Depression: Oppression Of America's Youth

    The Great American Depression vividly caught up my attention, believing that this topic would surely fit the interest of readers and audiences who are greatly concerned about the nation's both economic and moral welfare. I did research work during my free time in school and at home at night, giving equal attention to my other basic schoolwork. I read and scanned the pages of history books, articles and surfed the internet simultaneously writing down salient-historical quotations and ideas on…

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  • Brainology: Transforming Students Motivation To Learn

    In the interest of accomplishing a mindset that is fully growth, one must first decide they do not want to be broken down by failure anymore. Carol Dweck says, “...the group that had gotten eight sessions of study skills - showed no improvement and continued to decline.” The group Dweck is referring to is part of a study she conducted on a larger group of seventh grade students that were split in two. One group - the controlled, or fixed, group - is the group that suffered a declamation in…

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  • Purpose Of Socrates

    last sentence of the dialogue "This way let us go; and in this exhort all men to follow,"(Page 122). What he tried to convinced people of is to know the truth and the correct way of human life which is to live as well as they can. And also, Socrates suggested that in order to live well, people need to "practise justice and every virtue in life and death"(Page 122). This can also be proved by the sentence "that todo injustice is more to be avoided than to suffer injustice, and that the reality…

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