Gender studies

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  • Gender And Women's Studies

    The field of Gender and Women’s studies examines how race, class, gender, sex, and sexuality play a role in people and society. This field looks at the differences between white males and black males, white women, and black women, and transgender and homosexual interactions. Each of these categories allows for an understanding of the historical disadvantage minority people have and deviant people in our society. Two texts from this semester that explain and relate the field of gender and women’s studies to race and gender are Kimmel’s “Masculinity as Homophobia” and Lorde’s “The Master’s Tools Will Never Dismantle the Master’s House.” Through Kimmel’s explanation of male power in society and Lorde’s claim that feminism needs to be inclusive…

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  • Gender Roles: LGTBQ Study

    Performance in regards to LGTBQ studies is defined as how we act in society, such as how we talk and how we dress. Performances such as dressing and speaking in determing ways, although seemingly mundane and everyday occurrences in society, is in fact, profoundly impacted by gender roles. Gender roles are ideologies and concepts that have been associated with specific genders, such as skirts for females and cologne for males. We as a society perform in specific ways to fit the gender roles of…

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  • Reflective Essay On Women And Gender Studies

    Women’s and Gender Studies Reflective Essay My journey through Women’s and Gender Studies has been an eye opening experience. I say experience because this was more than a Quest I class for me, with each new topic we discussed in class, I became more aware of the social justice issues around me. Women’s and Gender Studies has not only made me more aware of social justice issues, but also helped me gain the confidence and knowledge to speak up when I see injustices around me. What every lecture,…

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  • Gender Studies Reflective Essay

    After taking the gender studies course, I have learned many concepts and issues, which I would not even think about them if I did not study them. Many insightful ideas and inspiring standpoints such as knowledge is socially situated, have completely changed my mind about how and why the world is being like the way it has always been. The most powerful idea that I have learned is that gender is not how we born to be, but how we express it (Lucal, 1999, p. 1). I understand that the gender depends…

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  • Gender Dysphoria Case Study

    Gender Dysphoria, Gender Identity Disorder (GID), or Transsexuality is the unease or general dissatisfaction with your sex or gender you were born with. Those who suffer with these disorders believe that the sex (biological function) they were born with does not match their gender (what behavior and ideology is learned and performed). A study in 1993 and in 1999 found that 1 in 11,000 men (0.009%) and 1 in 30,000 women (0.003%) suffer from or seek treatment for gender dysphoria (Bakker, van…

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  • Gender And Sexuality In Hispanic Studies

    Over the course of weeks in Gender and Sexuality in Hispanic Studies, I have come to understand what gender and sexuality define. To people in Hispanic world, it may define differently because of their beliefs and attitudes. Based on my understanding of gender’s meaning, the term means characteristics and behaviors associated with a woman or man. The term denotes the behaviors and characteristics came from how society believe how a woman or man should behave in the society. The psychologist,…

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  • Gender And Communication Case Study

    seeking application, and eHarmony is more oriented for individuals who want to find a love connection. In the future as technology continues becoming the center of interactions there will probably be more influence of the communication medium in the content of the conversation. 2. Doing gender is living up to expectation of femininity and masculinity society has established. It can include behaving a certain way to be classified as a certain gender. Gender and interactions have very interesting…

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  • Gender Identity Case Study

    theory that a child’s gender identity is determined by environmental variables such as the social conditions in which the child is raised. Assuming that this theory is valid, Brenda who was Bruce will have female behaviors and function as a normal. The way his parents raise her will influence her gender identity. Since he will not be able to naturally develop genital parts to function as a boy, his surgery will make her believe that she is girl as she gets older. 2. If he were not subjected to…

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  • Women And Gender Studies By Judith Butler

    Women and Gender Studies is a discipline that primarily focuses on the relationship of womyn, womyn subjects, and contextualizes their relationship to the world. It has its roots in feminist activism and continuous to teach within this framework. “The binary between men and women seemed not only to be a presupposition within feminist work, but was elevated to the theological status of the ‘irrefutable’ within some feminism” (Kushamiro, 2000) What occurs within this framework is that it…

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  • The Elderly Cohort: A Gender Study

    We are now it the time when the baby boomers are starting to becoming included in the elderly cohort. In the last 30 years, woman have entered the work force and have careers that take up much of their time. Not all couples are having children and the family size has shrunk for 5 to 6 children to 1 to 2 children. Some women have chosen their career over marriage. Therefore, for these reasons there is a new cohort of elderly women who are spouseless and childless. Thus, making their social…

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