General Certificate of Secondary Education

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  • The Importance Of Independent Learning

    In higher education, learning and studying are different in several ways from that of further education; the main determinant that separates the two tiers of education from each other is that there is more emphasis on independent learning at university compared to college. Independent learning can be defined as being able to learn and motivate yourself on your own. When it comes to learning on your own, this is an important part of independent learning, as you have to be self-disciplined in order to allocate time for studying which could be in the library finding specific resources or completing old exam paper questions. Consolidation work is far more important at a university as despite the lecturer giving you the right direction, it is the…

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  • The Importance Of Sustainability Education

    I will not deny there can be some classrooms where incorporating this into the curriculum can be challenging, however it is not impossible. The guidelines for social studies in New York State is set by the Common Core Social Studies Framework. This framework lays out a series of themes that should be addressed in all social studies classrooms, there is a tremendous amount of focus on the concept of citizenship throughout the themes. It is under the theme of citizenship, where sustainability…

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  • Achieving A Degree In English Literature

    I like, because I would much rather be doing something else. I would like to work on finding other revision methods that interest me more, so revision becomes something I do more often. One way I could be supported at Post 16 is to have teachers available to answer questions and help with any problems I may have with the work, and I think our access to teacher’s email addresses will be a great help with this. I also think the learning resource centre will be very useless to go to and…

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  • Diversity In Ireland

    In Ireland, all schools except for secondary are funded by state because secondary schools are privately owned and managed. However, in the U.S, all public high schools are funded by the federal and state government and local resources. The structure of secondary education in Ireland is also categorized by cycles. The Junior cycle consists of 3 years and has a curriculum that covers general subjects and prepares students for the knowledge and skills needed for the senior cycle (DES, 2016). The…

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  • Education In Ethiopia Essay

    located in Eastern Africa. In 2014, Ethiopia was ranked fifth place for having the worst education system worldwide. With Ethiopia 's substantial population and high poverty rate, making education accessible to everyone has been an ongoing issue. Although today, education in Ethiopia has improved and become more accessible, some issues such as money, school locations, and an inadequate amount of qualified teachers due to overpopulated classrooms still persist. By improving education in…

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  • Colombia Education System Analysis

    Education is an intricate part in the world today. Every nation must take strides to educate their citizens or future generations will be surpassed. This is especially true for many Hispanic countries around the world. This paper will provide an analysis of the education process and education opportunities in both Colombia and Mexico. Colombia is a large country located at the tip of South America and is home to over 48 million people. The education system in Colombia differs greatly from the…

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  • Geography Of Nigeria

    The tertiary level is progressed in universities at a higher level. Here, students spend three years for each degree programme, First Degree, Master´s Degree and the Doctorate Degree Programme. If we compare the Nigeria´s educational system with the UK`s we can clearly profess that the compulsory age for primary school in the UK is 5. However, in Nigeria, there is no imposed law that certificates the starting age. Instead, children start at under the age of 5 or at 6 years. The standard age is…

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  • Post Secondary Education In Canada

    In this paper, I argue that neo-liberal policies effect post-secondary education in Canada. I determine what the barriers are and how we can overcome them. I will look at the rise of tuition, disability and cultural differences to see if they aid as a barrier. Post-Secondary education in Canada has become very demanding the last couple of years. Many students want to pursue careers and get an education that helps them in the future, from a neoliberalist approach young people have to “chase…

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  • Russia's High-Income Economy

    Higher Education is provided by public and nonpublic accredited institutions. Higher Education is College, but in Russia they call it University. There are two levels of higher education, Basic higher education and Postgraduate Higher Education. Basic higher education is 4 years and you earn a Bakalavr degree, this is equivalent to a Bachelor’s degree. After you get that degree you can continue with Postgraduate higher education, which is 5-6 years or more. After 2 years in postgraduate you can…

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  • The Russian Education System

    Modern society places the responsibility for the comprehensive development of an individual on the education system - specially designed public social institution with an organized system of relationships and social norms that meet the basic needs of society and the requirements of the socialized individual. The education system is individual for each country. While Canadian schools are known worldwide for its academic excellence and exceptional programs to learn English or French as a second…

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