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  • Revision Project

    We 've all heard the clichés, senior year is supposed to be the year where it all comes together, but I really believe its were it all starts. Senior year at my former high school was a big year, it was when the biggest and most important projects were given. I was placed on the Revision Project team, Revision Project is a design consulting firm that caters to the San Diego community for no cost. That meant we, as high school students, worked in teams to communicate with professionals, develop their project for them, and deliver a finished piece at the end. Personally, I was given the lead role as group leader. This meant I had to be in constant contact with the owner and different workers of a company we were working for. Being fair, I had already had the chance to develop my professional communication skills during my Junior year internship at a local La Jolla company. However, communicating with real world professionals is one of the most daunting tasks you can do as a young person, especially in high school. I remember that we…

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  • Assignment 7-1 Analysis

    completed assignment 7-1 Reading: Revision Strategies completed assignment 7-2 Small Group Discussion: Implementing Multiple Revision Strategies (GRADED) completed assignment 7-3 Activity: Revision Process (GRADED) Activity: Revision Process (GRADED) NOTE: This activity will be graded based on completion. contemplating revisions Now that you've read about the revision process and utilized the reverse outlining process to inform your revisions, let's apply what you've discovered to your…

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  • Failure Of Planning Essay

    Revision is rarely implemented as a part of the experience of executing the actions described by the writing. The revision of the writing should occur immediately after action occurs. Revision of the writing is a manifestation of the decision-making and communication process of the business. The decision to change must result in a written revision immediately available to all involved…

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  • My Writing Process Reflection

    intimidating class. I felt like I wasn’t as prepared as I could have been because I had no previous college level experience. During the last eight weeks I now feel as though I have developed a strong sense of knowledge in English and writing. I feel like I have learned so much in such a short period of time and it has built confidence in my writing skills. Looking back on the beginning of the class, my grades have done nothing but improve. Also this course I have learned about what types of…

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  • Professional Writing Reflective Report

    of writing a “shitty first draft”. In my midterm self-assessment, I discussed how I thought I was among one of the unlucky ones that was not blessed with natural writing skills. However, through class discussions, I’ve learned that one of the most important competent of professional writing is the need for constant revision. Contrary to popular believe, writing does not come easy to anyone. In order to successfully produce professional writing, it is important that one plan, draft, revise, and…

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  • Initial Reflection Of Rhetorical Situation Influence My Writing

    My first main global revision was in the second paragraph of my class paper analysis, where I added in Keith Grant-Davie’s distinction between the addressed and invoked audience. I used the definition that I had originally included and I paraphrased how the addressed audience is the people who actually react with the discourse and that the invoked audience is the people who the discourse was intended for. After clarifying that there are two different types of audiences, I made sure to revise the…

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  • Case Study: From Adolescence To Adulthood

    College Level Well known for her research and publications on student writing, Nancy Sommers—now Harvard’s Expository Writing Program Director—discusses revision strategies in the journal College Composition and Communication. Throughout this essay, I will be focusing on three articles: “Revision Strategies of Student Writers and Experienced Adult Writers” (1980), “Between the Drafts” (1992), and finally, “the Novice as Expert” (2004) which she wrote alongside Laura Saltz. Revision Strategies…

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  • Reflection Of Langston Hughes Salvation

    beyond”. This was fundamental throughout the entire course. At the beginning of the course, I had a particular perspective on how to analyze pieces of writing, and felt as if I had an acceptable understanding of the writing process. Although this appeared true at first; it definitely wasn’t. Fortunately, after writing multiple essays throughout the course, I found myself developing on some of these techniques, and incorporating them into my writing. Since then, I have found improvement in my own…

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  • Achieving A Degree In English Literature

    by nature a very negative person, and see the bad in myself and the situations I am in. I would like to gain more confidence and become more of an optimist, so I can be confident in the work I do. At GCSE I noticed I could get distracted from revision very easily. I often prioritised the wrong things and so would put off revision until I absolutely had to do it. I would also revise with friends and at enrichment sessions, which meant I couldn’t concentrate properly. In the future I would like…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Journey Away From The Writing Process

    most part in high school the revisions I made were small, after all my rough drafts always seemed to be really good. This is definitely no longer the case. My first rough draft is sometimes not even the one I turn in as a rough draft. During the illustration essay I even found myself having to restart the writing process during the second week. After revisions and rereading the assignment I realized my rough draft was not what was being asked for. Several points were kept from the draft but the…

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