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  • Failure Of Planning Essay

    initial writing in a distributable format provides a structure for quick revision and immediate implementation of action. Coaches on the sideline can be seen looking at illustrations of the game plan and conferring about what revisions will be made. They do not have to conceive of a complete new courses of action, they have to correct an existing description and communicate it to the players. Losing teams often comment about how they got away from the game plan. What this frequently means is that the revisions to the game plan necessary to win were not effectively communicated to players and coaches. Usually adhering to the original game plan with a competent opponent will result in the loss of the game. Knowing the game plan and being able to revise it and immediately communicate and execute the revision will enable…

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  • Assignment 7-1 Analysis

    reverse outlining process to inform your revisions, let's apply what you've discovered to your critical analysis essay! You already completed one round of revisions in 6-4 Activity: Reverse Outline and submitted a revised draft with a complete introduction, body paragraphs, and a conclusion. Click here to return to that page if you need to download another copy of your latest draft. Using the strategies and revision steps you learned about in this module, along with the feedback you received…

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  • Continental Congress's Decision To Revise The Constitution

    In this document, James Madison explains the reasoning of the Continental Congress’s decision to revise the Articles of Confederation. Many events such as national bankruptcy, tension with the British and problems in Massachusetts occurred and showcased the weaknesses of the current Articles. Madison is quick to proclaim the futility of those Articles unless a provision is placed on them. A solution which various leaders, including Madison, supported was the idea of a centralized government…

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  • My Essay: Composition Analysis

    Composition one has helped me grow as a writer and has taught me skills I can use in the future. I have learned how to use commas, passive voice, semicolons, and format a paper in MLA. From my first essay to my last one, it is noticeable that a major improvement has been made. I did not know that even after teacher feedback that you needed to revise your own work. Although I have learned many skills, I believe that the most valuable one is how to revise my essays. When I got my first feedback…

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  • My Reflective Essay And Hemingway

    Reflection of Writing Having to revise an essay is never easy, especially if one thinks their essay is “perfect” already, but that is exactly what Professor Michael Martin made his English 366 class do for their final portfolio. The task of picking the essays was one of the most challenging parts of creating the final portfolio, because I was unsure how to tackle an essay rewrite, and I was afraid that the improvements I would make would bring down my essays instead of enhancing them. After…

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  • William Zinsser And Dianela Werner's The Transaction: Two Writing Style

    about their writing methods enlightened myself on ways to improve my own. My writing mistakes has made me become a better writer as well. Two ways for writers to create effective essays is to manage their time efficiently and to revise their work. Although Werner is a senior majoring with a concentration in print journalism and the managing editor of a university’s student newspaper, she too falls victim to procrastination when writing an essay. When Werner knew she had something important to…

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  • Reflective Essay: How To Improve My Writing

    When class started I did not know that it would be as difficult as it is but overtime I have adapted and learned how to do work, properly. My writing was not the best and I had many people help me and I researched many ways to improve my writing. One of the worst things I struggled with was my grammar. I usually did not check my writing when I finished and would always just revise and edit my essays instead of letting someone else look at it. This class has helped me to let someone revise my…

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  • Case Study: From Adolescence To Adulthood

    She and Saltz explain in their 2004 article that to be a novice, one must be open to instruction and feedback, as well as be ready to take risks on selecting courses and paper topics. So, through practice and guidance, students can meet the writing expectations of college (p. 134). Sommers explains that the advantages of approaching revision and writing as a novice “allows students to be changed by what they learn, to have new ideas, and to understand that ‘What the teacher wants’ is an essay…

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  • Steps In Writing An Essay

    Writing an essay can be very challenging and difficult but it’s a necessary skill to have not only in college but also in the real world. But there are steps you can take to relieve the stress and challenge of writing an essay. The first step is to think about what you are being asked. Then the next step is to create your draft then the final step is to revise and rewrite your essay. By following these steps you should be able to write a well-organized and detailed essay. Step one in…

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  • Analysis Of Malcolm Gladwell's Revisionist History: Generous Orthodoxy

    Revisionist History: Generous Orthodoxy In order to revise, one must sacrifice something for the community as a whole and willing to compromise for change. In Malcolm Gladwell's series Revisionist History in the episode “Generous Orthodoxy”, Gladwell revises the true motives of the Mennonite church community and Princeton University’s community. Gladwell effectively presents how communities vaguely represent the diversity. Gladwell interviewed church minister Chester Wanger who lost his ministry…

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