United States Constitution

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  • The United States Constitution And The Constitution

    For more than two centuries, the United States Constitution has remained the world 's oldest living constitution. As I read through the preamble, it takes me back inside the National Archives,where I was studying monumental landmarks and artifacts three years ago. There stood, the United States Constitution in a glass compartment, eloquently representing “We the People of the United States.” Through all their efforts the framers established a Constitutional Republic-- a new government granted power by its citizens. “The Constitution works successfully because it provides three branches of government, a system of checks and balances, and the amendment process.” America’s constitution persisted as the only one of its kind. The founding father envisioned a country that can defend the Constitution. In order to defend and to protect the Constitution, we must understand its history and founding principles. Understanding this will tell us why the Constitution has endured for so long. Former governor of Massachusetts, Mitt Romney has stated, “Our blueprint is the Constitution." Indeed, it is a blueprint outlining the government’s structure with the inclusion of articles and the amendments. The articles included three branches of government with a system of checks and balances. The first ten amendments are referred to as the Bill of Rights. It protects our basic liberties which- include: - freedom of press, speech, religion, -assembly and the freedom to petition. --People also have…

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  • The Constitution And The Constitution Of The United States Constitution

    The Constitution established national government, fundamental laws and basic citizen’s rights. James Madison wrote the United States Constitution. On September 17, 1787 the Constitution was signed at the Constitutional convention in Virginia. It was ratified on June 21, 1788. The constitution has seven articles and twenty seven amendments. The Preamble explains the purpose of the document as well as the government. It’s divided into seven articles that explain the powers that the government has…

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  • The US Constitution: The Constitution Of The United States Constitution

    The US Constitution was created by our founding fathers at the Constitutional Convention in 1787. It is divided into seven different articles. Each article and amendments establish laws and guarantee basic rights for all citizens. The first article establishes that only congress has the power to make laws and divides the legislative into the Senate and House of Representatives. The House of Representatives is based off of the state’s population and they are elected every two years. They must be…

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  • The Haudenosaunee Constitution: The Creation Of The United States Constitution

    It has long been taught that the first constitution and idea of a representative government first came into existence with the creation of the United States’ constitution. However, six hundred years prior to that creation, a group of native tribes came together and forged the America’s true first constitution. Through this creation, a powerful nation, known as the Haudenosaunee, or known as to Europeans the Iroquois Nation, became an important part in the shaping of the Americas. The creation of…

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  • The Reflection Of The Constitution In The United States Constitution

    The United States Constitution is perhaps the most influential document in all of American history. The Constitution has various functions which serve to protect the citizens of the United States from tyranny and deprivation of the natural rights for which the patriots of the Revolutionary War fought so arduously to achieve. It introduces the separation of powers which divides the government into three branches. Each branch is provided with a set of checks and balances which help to prevent the…

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  • Three Questions Regarding The Constitution Of The United States

    It this paper we will discuss three questions concerning the Constitution of the United States. The first question is; 1) is the government proposed by the Constitution a good idea for this country? 2) Is it a practical government? 3) Is it a feasible government? When at first, the Continental Congress had made for the government of the United States, the Articles of Confederation. Overtime it happened; that these articles became insufficient, and a new form of government became inevitable.…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of The United States Constitution

    attempt at creating a constitution, the Articles of Confederation, proved insufficient due to the severe lack of power the national government held. To combat the nation’s problems, in the summer of 1787, the Founding Fathers met in Philadelphia to discuss a new form of government. The new constitution contained compromise about slavery, representation in the houses and many other topics that would shape the nation, and completely differed from the previous document. It laid out a system of…

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  • The Importance Of The United States Constitution

    Clinging our research on ("United States Constitution") the constitution is described as the supreme law of United States of America that came to power in 1789.Containing seven major articles which make up the whole constitution, the first three wholly revolves around division of powers. Major issues like distinction of powers are discussed in the first three articles hence makes up the federal government. Articles four, five and six edge out towards defining the rights and responsibilities of…

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  • Six Principles Of The United States Constitution

    Learning the six principles of the United States Constitution will give students a yawning understanding of the powers between the Executive, Judicial, and Executive branches. Also, it will allow students’ to gain knowledge of the 6 important principles that guides our constitution and how it has guided for more than two-hundred years. Ultimately, giving insight on how the country’s government should be run according to constitutional principles. As students learn of the six basic principles…

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  • The Articles Of Confederation And The Constitution Of The United States Constitution

    Plantations. However, the Constitution was written for every state that was within or would become part of the Union. The Continental Congress agreed on the Articles of Confederation on November 15, 1777, and it was later ratified March 1, 1781. The Constitution of the United States was written by the Philadelphia Congress to replace the Articles of Confederation on September 17, 1787, and later ratified June 21, 1788. The Articles and the United States Constitution both included a preamble, yet…

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