United States Congress

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  • The Pros And Cons Of United States Congress

    United States congress is a bicameral legislature with a lower chamber known as the House of Representatives and the higher being known as the Senate. Congress men and women have various rights and privileges to help them serve the nation the best way possible. Congress checks on the courts and on the President. The constitution gives very broad powers to the congress “All legislative powers herein granted shall be vested in a congress of the United States” (Politics in America) The founding fathers envisioned congress being the most powerful branch of government. Congress doesn’t only share power with the judicial and executive branches but it must also share power within itself. Ben Franklin said “It is not enough your legislature should…

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  • Congress And Balances System In The United States

    The relationship between Congress and the Presidency is difficult. The checks and balances system in the US determines the relationship between the President and the Congress. The legislative branch represents a key component because it outlines the relationship between congressional subcommittees, administrative agencies, and interest groups. The sub governments are effective because each of the sub-governments makes effective decision by practicing their powers. Cann, in his Administrative…

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  • Comparative Essay: United States House Vs. Congress

    United States House vs. Senate There are two chambers of United States Congress. The House of Representatives, often referred to as the "lower house", and the Senate referred to as the "upper house". Each chamber requires members or representatives to form a caucus. Proposed laws, also called a bill, must have a majority vote and be signed by the president before it becomes a law. The House of Representatives, known as the "lower house" is made up of 435 members. These members are dispersed…

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  • Congress Should Enforce Stronger Gun Control Laws In The United States

    Many people feel that in light of recent gun shootings and tragedies in our nation, that Congress should enforce stronger gun control laws. However, advocates against new laws present vehement arguments as to why this decision could be detrimental to our nation. The issue of gun control has been an important topic of the United States for decades, but has recently come under great scrutiny. Many people are asking whether guns really are the helpful tool that many of Americans believe they are,…

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  • Hammer V. Dagenhart Case

    Rough Draft The year of 1918 played a crucial role in shaping the future of the whole world with the actions of Woodrow Wilson’s Fourteen Points, the influenza pandemic, the case of Hammer v. Dagenhart case, the propaganda used in World War I, and the fashion. January 8, 1918, many months after the United States entered World War I along with the allies which included Britain, Russia, France, and Italy, President Woodrow Wilson delivered the Fourteen Points to the United States congress. In it,…

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  • Congressional Term Limit Analysis

    The promises and possibilities of reelection dictate the behavior of members of congress. Unlike the President of the United States, members of Congress are not restrained by a term limit, and, consequently, spend their careers focused wooing their constituency in a constant effort towards reelection. As a result, David Mayhew in Congress: The Electoral Connection has labeled congressional members as single-minded: the motivation for a member of congress being the ultimate prize of reelection.…

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  • The Benefits Of Congressional Term Limits On American Politics

    The Benefits of Congressional Term Limits According to Lydia Saad three in four Americans would vote for Congress members to have limits on the amount of terms they can serve. noteDespite the information previously stated citizens of the United States have still neglected to put the concept of Congressional term limits at the federal level into effect, perhaps they have not yet realized the specific benefits that limits on terms in Congress would have on American politics. The issue of…

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  • Smoking Essay Solution

    During 2015, more than 264 billion cigarettes were sold in the United States—about the same as were sold in 2014 ("Centers for Disease Control and Prevention," n.d.). For example, the United States have started to the excise tax on cigarette since 1794 to solve the tobacco use problems. The evidence of this law is the United States Congress increased the 10% in the price of the tobacco, and then; the effect to this law is reducing overall cigarette consumption by 3-5%. Moreover, in 2006 the U.S.…

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  • Argument Analysis: Stephen Colbert And Migrant Workers

    Argument Analysis: Stephen Colbert and Migrant Workers Stephen Colbert appeared before members of congress to discuss a new law that will affect migrant workers. Colbert’s initial idea was to stop eating fruits and vegetables. This seemed to be in humor. Later in the paper Colbert made a more serious suggestion that congress should implement this proposed law in order to provide protection for the workers. Analysis Strengths Colbert’s speech had a few strengths, one of these being attention…

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  • College Solution

    The high costs of college tuition has became a major struggle for everyone who has attended college. Many individuals may face struggles in their lifetime by being put in debt over student loans, which interferes with their finances and their ability to make any big future purchases. This complication may interfere with the student’s way of living due to having to repay such a huge amount of money and not making enough of it. Although, there may be other ways to take care of debt and paying off…

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