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  • Mainstream Media Bias

    Throughout his entire campaign, as well as after he was elected, Donald Trump could be seen criticizing the media for producing “fake news”. Just a little over a week before he took office in the White House, Donald Trump refused to take questions from CNN’s Jim Acosta during a press conference due to the network allegedly reporting false information about Russians having compromising information about his finances and personal life (Soley-Cerro). Moreover, at times it did seem as if the mainstream media covered Trump a lot more negatively than his opponent Hillary Clinton. The amount of negative coverage got the attention of Newt Gingrich, former Speaker of the United States House of Representatives. Gingrich sounded off on the media for their one-sided coverage and stated, “It will never go away, it will never end, and it’s not an accident, it’s not confusion, it’s not misinformation” (Walker). However, some of the negative coverage was rightfully earned by Trump, who said several questionable things ranging from illegal immigration, women, race relations, islam, and much more. Furthermore, the media’s negative portrayal of Donald Trump no doubt had to alter many voters when they headed…

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  • Mary Wollstonecraft Roles Of Women

    The ten Boom family were devoted into Calvinism and believed that everyone is equal and should serve society, offer hospitality, and assist anyone that is in need of help to the best of their abilities. At the age of 30, Corrie ten Boom received a license to create watches making her the first women to obtain the watchmaker license. In 1940, after World War II began, Jewish people were being hunted down by Nazis and the ten Boom family used their house to hide Jewish refugees. They built a…

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  • How Does Shirley Chisholm's Impact On American History

    "I don't measure America by its achievement but by its potential." This is a famous that was said by women that I strongly look up to. Her name was Shirley Chisholm, and she was a widely-known, famous American Politician. Shirley Chisholm was strongly against racism which was widespread at that time. Chisholm is the writer of a two of books.The two of her books are "Unbought and unbossed" and "The Good Fight". First, Shirley Chisholm's story began in the United States through her…

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  • Education Vs American Politics Essay

    life, but at least we are given the tools so we can use it when we desire. The first problem practicing politics is the ability to vote. 67% of eligible Americans are registered to vote. Americans are unable to be a substantial part of politics if they are not registered to vote. The second problem is that only 55% of registered voters voted this year in 2016. By voting, it puts a physical numeral value on choice. Only 37% of eligible Americans voted making the United States rank 31st in voter…

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  • Reflective Essay-Zaffirini: An Act

    That bill is HB 41 – White – Relating to the sale of fireworks on and before the Juneteenth holiday. I am not necessarily in disagreement with the whole bill, just Section 1, Line (4), limiting the sale of fireworks to not more than 100 miles from the Texas-Mexico border for the the period of May 1st to midnight on May 5th. Essentially, the Cinco de Mayo holiday. Fireworks for this holiday should be allowed for the whole state, not just the southern part of the state, because of the Mexican…

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  • Super Prc Pros And Cons

    In 2010 the United Citizen v. Federal Election Commission would have a bigger impact on the way elections are won. The case decision concluded limiting the amount PACs and donors spend on campaigns for candidates violates the First Amendment. Since the court case decision, Super PACs were created to donate unlimited amounts of money to a campaign for a candidate. Super PACs were mostly used by Republicans. The Democratic party are opposed by Super PACs. However, even though the Democratic party…

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  • Joseph J. Ellis Founding Brothers

    and the men agreed that Madison would not go against Hamilton’s financial plan and Hamilton would situate the new capitol on the Potomac River. This just shows that Ellis’ proposition that the Founding Brothers contradicting opinions balanced each other out is true. The men even wrote, “The Federalist Papers, which was instantly recognized an American classic” (52). This was a crucial moment in history, because it helped both sides and showed that political figures (Madison and Hamilton), were…

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  • Medtronic Constraints

    held a portion of the best representatives in the area and has given them the name of being one of the top bosses to work for. Medtronic had a 15.3% lower than the business normal. Medtronic has a reasoning that perspectives the patient as "entire as a main priority, body, heart and soul" and HR received the view that they might want to treat their workers…

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  • Importance Of HEC

    the column whereupon profoundly created societies are manufactured. Keeping in mind the end goal to reinforce that column it is vital to highlight the significance and to overhaul the nature of training. Without quality the column turns into a powerless establishment and decays everything based upon it. The importance of compelling showing acquired lime light the neglected issue of holding great instructors. HEC is mindful to verify the accessibility of reasonable and available advanced…

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  • Opioid Abuse Case Study

    analyze this problem according to a US House of Representatives hearing addressing the opioid abuse epidemic. This discussion will rely on Stone’s policy theory, which is define goal first, and then construct problem, finally promote solutions. Therefore, there are five sections to understand the problem. The first section will define the main concept from Stone to better understand the following analysis; The second section will address how the discussion of goals associated with opioid abuse…

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