Zaffirini Act Assignment

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When I first started research for a bill that I agree with and a bill that I do not agree with I started getting overwhelmed. I could not believe the amount of bills that need to be reviewed for such a short legislative session. I just just started looking at the bills by subject instead of trying to go through each bill to determine my choices. This task still proved daunting because some of the bills actually had duplicates filled by different legislatures that read exactly the same. But, I did find one bill that I did agree with and one that I did not necessarily agree with its purpose. The bill that I agree with is SB 69 – Zaffirini – An act relating to civil or criminal liability for leaving certain animals unattended in or removing certain …show more content…
One day while I was having lunch, I noticed a dog, in a car, running from window to window. I noticed the time and then finished my lunch in about thirty minutes. The owner of the car still had not returned to check on the dog. I went and checked on the dog and the little guy was just sitting in the seat panting heavily. I went back inside and found the owner, which was an elderly woman, and asked her to check on her dog. When we went out, she took the dog out and it could not even stand up! The restaurant manager was kind enough to give me a couple bags of ice and I was able to cool the dog down. The poor lady was so raddled. She had no idea that it would get that hot in the car being that the temperature that day was only in the seventies. She said that she would not know what to do if she had lost her dog to death that day. Turns out that dog is her only family and she was glad that I had taken notice and helped her. I told her that I was glad that I was able to find her because there would have been nothing that I could have done to save the dog if not. I will be glad if and when the bills become laws to help people negate the repercussions of trying to help people and

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