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  • The Senate And House Of Representatives

    Our Congress consists of the Senate and House of Representatives. Every state has two Senators and as many House of Representatives as there are for the amount of people in them. For the state of North Carolina our two Senators are Richard Burr and Thom Tillis. The House of Representative that we have may vary because of the different districts, the one that I have is Craig Horn. Craig Horn has been in the House since 2011 and is up for reelection in 2016. Prior to getting elected for the House of Representative he was Maryland’s Council Member. He is married to Lorraine and they have four children. Craig is a member of the Republican Party. I think the interest groups that will like Craig Horn are CREST and National Riffle Association. CREST is an environmental group that focuses on energy efficiency, renewable energy and sustainable technology information which is one of the topics that Craig supports. Craig also supports citizens having the right to own a gun which is why National Riffle Association believes in. An interest group that will not be for Craig is anyone that has to do with allowing women to say whether or not they can have an abortion, however Craig is not completely against it in cases such as rape. I think that Craig has a future of being reelected again because of some of his viewpoints. Some people are for individuals being able to have guns and helping our environment. He does not seem like too much of a hard core conservative that will get Democrats…

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  • Difference Between Senate And House Of Representatives

    Significant differences between the Senate and the House of Representatives are serving time after the members have been elected. Senators are elected to six year terms, members of the House are elected for two years term. There is no limit to the number of the members of either chamber of the conference that can be used. Perhaps because they are short term, House representatives were more likely to be re-elected senator. The requirements are different for elected House of Representatives and…

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  • Compare And Contrast Senate And House Of Representative

    contrast are Senate and House OF Representative. Senate and House of Representative are the house of US congress. The Senate and House of Representative plays vital role in constitution because they both have to approve to make a law in US. Senate is long term than House of Representative, but the member are more in House of Representative. They both have some similarities and some differences, but one thing they both do together is Senate and House of Representative work together for all…

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  • Compare And Contrast Senate And House Of Representatives

    chambers of congress are the House of Representatives and Senate. The House of Representatives and Senate differ in many ways. Not only do they have different requirements, but also the legislative process and responsibilities are not alike The House of Representatives is composed of 435 members and was created in 1789. In order to become a representative, a person must meet a number of qualifications. For one, the required age is 25 years old. This person must also be an US citizen and a…

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  • The Legislative Branch Of The Senate And House Of Representatives

    The Legislative Branch is made up of the two houses of congress. Those houses are Senate and House of Representatives. The Legislative Branch are the ones who writes the laws. The laws are written and then passed on to congress for a vote. There are one hundred senators in the Senate, two from each state. The House of Representatives is made up of 435 elected members, divided among the 50 states in proportion to their total population. Members of the House are elected every two years and must be…

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  • Analyze The Differences Between The House Of Representatives And The Senate

    republic, where law rules instead of the majority rules democracy to make sure people are afforded equal protection under the law and protected against oppression from its ruler. The legislative branch is an important part of the republic in laying down the power to collect taxes, impose laws, pay debts, impeach government officials, and the overall economic welfare of the United States. The legislative branch consists of the House of Representatives and the Senate, which makes up the very…

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  • Legislative Process: Similarities Between The Senate And The House Of Representatives

    The U.S. Constitution awards all legislative powers to a bicameral Congress which includes the Senate and the House of Representatives. It was designed to avoid giving too much power to just one branch; a way to maintain balance based on the interest of the states. This new system was created as a way to repair the weak government during the Articles of Confederation. The House is based on population and the Senate is based on state representation. I will discuss how the legislative process…

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  • House Vs House Of Representatives Essay

    The United States Senate and House of Representatives make up the legislative branch. Both the House and the Senate create and pass pieces of legislation. The House is made up of over 400 members and the Senate is made up of 100 members. The House has to have more structured than the Senate, because of the number of members. The Senate is more relax and it is harder to control. The reason it is harder to control the Senate is because the Senate is as partisan as the House and is not…

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  • Reflective Essay-Zaffirini: An Act

    liability for leaving certain animals unattended in or removing certain individuals or animals from a motor vehicle. This act will allow a person to remove a vulnerable individual or a domestic animal from a vehicle without the fear of criminal prosecution or civil action. Also, SB 188 – Uresti – Relating to civil or criminal liability for transporting in, confining in, or removing from a motor vehicle certain animals, is very similar. There are two similar bills submitted in the House of…

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  • Differences Between House And Senate

    The Difference Between the House and Senate In order to be in The House of Representative, you must be 25 years of age and also a U.S citizen for at least seven years. In order to become a Senator you must be 30 years of age , and been a U.S citizen for the past nine years . The election is usually held in November among the people in the U.S. The House is mainly 435 members and the Senate is 100 members , they both have odd number of people in there group. The House members usually…

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