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  • Household Demographics Paper

    Household Demographics and Characteristics Characteristics of the household head. As shown in Table 2, most of household heads in Paranas are aged 40 – 64 years old (60.99%). Their ages ranged from 20 to 88 years old. The mean age is 51 years old, and most of the household heads are aged 54 years old. Others having an age range of 20 – 39 years old comprise 21.43% and those above 65 years old figure about 17.58%. Although majority of the participants are considered middle adults (60.99%) and 21.43% are young adults, it is significant to note that 17.58% are considered elderly. As noted from a study done by Muttarak et al, the elderly (≥60 years old) and those in the younger age group are less likely to prepare for a disaster or take any preparedness actions. Furthermore, increasing age is significantly associated with worse overall preparedness. This is important as older persons are more susceptible to the adverse effects of psychological and physical stresses such as disasters, in part, because of higher rate of chronic illnesses. For those elderly who live alone or are socially isolated, this again makes them vulnerable…

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  • The Effect Of Household Milk Market Reparation In Rural Ethiopia

    the effect of household milk market participation on intra-household time allocation in rural Ethiopia, by observing 156 households --78 milk market participating and 78 non-participating -- for two consecutive days. In this way we aimed to find out how a change in dairy farming production and marketing system affects adult household member`s time allocation regarding dairying and non-dairying activities. Our findings show that members of milk market participant households allocate…

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  • Households In Town A And Town B Case Study

    Introduction Using SPSS to analyse households in town A and town B pictures some demographic conditions. In general, respondents in town A are younger than in town B. The minimum age in town A is 21 while 31 in town B. However, in both cities, have people with above 51 years old. Meanwhile, almost 70% of people are already married in both cities. Maximum year of cultivation in town B is three times higher than in town A, which is 4 and 13 respectively. This is because the productive land in…

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  • Family In Tampopo

    The concept of family is a fascinating facet, connecting unique individuals with common interests. Whether these individuals are united by blood, by work, or by common interests, they make up different kinds of families. When peering into traditional Japanese households, three pieces of works stood out – Tampopo, Out, and Tokyo Sonata. Tampopo is a 1988 comedy film directed by Juzo Itami, which follow several characters and different forms and aspects of family. Out is a 1997 novel by Natsuo…

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  • How To Achieve Poverty In The United States

    was the nation’s most visible cash assistance program for 60 years. The program was created to aid children whose parents could not support them. About two-thirds of AFDC recipients were children. In order to receive assistance, a family had to include a dependent child who was under the age of 18, had to be a citizen or legal resident of the United States, and show proof that they were deprived of parental support because there was no father in their life financially supporting them. In 1992,…

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  • Single Parent Households

    of the 80s, general belief was that this term “single parent households” was used by male conservatives to try to show superiority over women, as one of the articles in this essay will show. However, as this trend started to develop more over the years, it became more of a scientific issue and started to become more of a primary issue to educators and researchers around the country. There have been several studies done and over the years, they seem to contradict each other’s studies and their…

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  • The Influence Of Poverty In America

    calls Ashley, a 19 – year old mother, I felt a feeling of sympathy because of the shortage of living supplies and food in the house. On top of the shortage of supplies, there were six people living in the house. By families having a shortage of supplies with no money in the house hold, one will began to worry about how they are going to provide for themselves along with their families. This problem leads to things like prostitution in women, because they feel that this is a quick way they could…

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  • Single-Parent Households

    single-parent families (and step families) were actually quite common despite the belief that this is more seen today. It was very common for children to grow up in single family households because of high death rates; high death rates made single-parent households a norm. As for step families this was more common because relationships in the past were mostly a path to property and power. So if your spouse did die like the evil step-mother in Cinderella, for example, you would marry to advance…

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  • The Importance Of Family And Education

    Common Core Regrets states that “Studies show that when a child has a fully occupied household, 65 percent of the child’s grades have increased during the school term.” Their (families) are constantly staying on them by telling them and also showing them the difference between what is right and what is wrong throughout their lives. They are also very cautious about what kind of children that their child or children are around. Positive guidance leads to a very stable household and a very…

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  • Why Is It Important To Raise A Child

    year. Parents forced to be diligent of finding sales or drive to outlets for more affordable clothes. At young ages cost of clothes is a little less expensive due to the child not knowing name brands yet as they grow up children will cry about wanting the name brands to fit in. Higher costs of raising children have created the need to have both parents to work. The traditional married couple home environment has changed to a single parent in some cases. The divorce rate has risen or children…

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