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  • Vulpix: A Short Story

    Destiny Vulpix; Chapter 1 Boom! An explosion bellowed through the city air. I kept running, the ground cooling beneath my feet. I saw a building in the distance. Then half of the first and second floor disappear, unnoticeable to the helicopters in air and hardly to the hovers on the ground. A Hover bursted through the roof behind me I jump off and deployed a parachute, only to have it blown up by the Hovers’ projectile, shaped like a little football but it is propelled through the air by a jet in the back. “Agh!” I yelled a fragment of the bomb hit me in the back. I reached back into my sheath. "Please work," I said as I loaded an arrow into my bow. I pulled it back and waitted. The air was a loud roar in my ear now. I 'm 10 feet above the ground when I let the arrow fly. It rockets down to the surface. When it hits it knocks me back into the air. As I soar upward I pull out another arrow and launch it at the Hover car. It gets blasted away in a orange light. When I 'm high enough, I jerk my hand down tonight was my parachute that didn’t deploy and I was knocked unconscious by a Projectile 's explosion. When I wake up a female figure is standing over me, trying desperately to speak but failing to emit any audible sound at first, I can 't hear her but gradually I gain my hearing. "Are you alright?!" "What?..." I try to say. "Oh yeah, I 'm fine." Then I realize I 'm more than 'fine ' I feel no pain but I 'm not numb. "Actually I feel, great." That 's real deploy the…

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  • The Dragon's Short Story: Pangea

    I breathed harder and faster with every fraught step I take. Run, run faster is the only thought that’s going through my brain. I have broken so many laws, making me the most wanted person in Pangea. It’s 2070 and the rest of the world is covered in water. The government is desperate on making more space on this 1 continent of land that is a barrier between the human race and the never ending sea. Everything was destroyed 10 years ago from the suffocating choke that the ocean’s hands pressed…

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  • Examples Of Figurative Language In The House Of The Scorpion

    In the book, it mentions scorpions a lot as a secret passageway by using your hand print but not just any hand print. The hand prints of Matt and El Patron. An example of this is “He pressed his hand against the wall and felt the same sensation of crawling ants. A second door slid open.” (Page 223). Another one is “Tam Lin says the scorpion recognizes the fingerprints and DNA of El Patron. And you’re a clone.” (Page 222) This creates the setting because it is not a common thing to have secret…

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  • Film Analysis: The Matrix

    realism into stunt work and visual effects” throughout the entirety of the film (Silberman). The production company made the decision for the movie to be filmed in Sydney, Australia in order to make the budget. The Matrix became a co-production film of Warner Brothers and the Australian company, Village Roadshow Pictures. Auditions and casting shortly began for the movie. Warner Brothers sought to cast Will Smith, Brad Pitt, Val Kilmer and Nicholas Cage for the role of the main protagonist,…

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  • Social Commentary In Futurama

    ethics to racial stereotypes, and so on. Matt Groening, the original creator of Futurama, has been quoted as saying the Simpsons are fantasy, Futurama is real. Though Futurama takes place in the future, it has the speed of one thousand years in the future but has the qualities of a twentieth century mail service. Cubert, the professors young clone and Dwight, Hermes son, order a hovercraft through the mail. While waiting for delivery one makes a comment that the delivery should happen in five…

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  • 3D Printing In Star Trek: The Next Generation

    The most recent example of this idea of duplication as opposed to original generation is the modern phenomenon of three-dimensional or 3D printing. There has been a huge amount of interest following 3D printing as it has transcended from a futuristic figment of the imagination to a shelf-stocked product in a number of years and can be purchased today from just €230. The incredibly innovative sensation that is 3D printing is seen to be completely ahead of its time and to have come out of nowhere.…

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  • 1984 Orwell Power Analysis

    material comfort was actually trending upwards. Similarly, the North Korean government support the alleged North Korea’s supremacy to its people thorough media propaganda. The government deceive the citizens into thinking that North Korea’s communist economic system is operating completely fine, bringing times of prosperity and happiness to the North Korean people. The Korean Central News Agency, the greatest and most powerful source of media for most North Korean citizens, serves a major role…

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  • Allusions In The Movie The Matrix

    represented in the story The name Morpheus in Greek mythology, means the God of dreams. (Morpheus Name Meaning) In the movie, he is the leader of the rebel forces who fight to awaken humans from a dreamlike reality called The Matrix. Morpheus signifies Neo's guide. He found Neo and showed him the door to the real world. Then helped mold Neo into "the one," (The Matrix) the savior of all mankind. Even though Morpheus guided Neo throughout his decent to being "the one," (The Matrix) he could only…

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  • The Theme Of Dystopian Society In Ayn Rand's 'Anthem'

    The portrayal of a totalitarian world in the future is a common basis for a book. However, “Anthem,” by Ayn Rand, differs from most of the dystopian genre. Unlike the usual hovercrafts and artificial intelligence, the technology in “Anthem” is set back hundreds of years. The events of the book establish this deterioration as a comment on the conditions necessary for progress. Rand depicts a society operating under collectivism, defined by Merriam­Webster as “emphasis on [group] rather than…

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  • Water Pollution In Mumbai Research Paper

    seaborne commerce with Egypt and Persia (Raghavan). As India’s financial and commercial center, Mumbai accounts for 40% of maritime trade and “is one of the world's top ten centers of commerce by global financial flow” (“Mumbai”). Through maritime trade, Mumbai imports copious amounts of petroleum, fertilizers, chemicals, and paper, which supports the production of automobiles, metals, chemicals, and papermaking. These manufacturing activities have provided a source of income as well as new…

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