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  • Battle Of Palo Alto Analysis

    The Battle of Palo Alto SGT Appel, SGT Hill, SGT Young, Class 005-16 ALC NCOA An analysis of how the flying Artillery of Palo Alto has changed the modern battlefield: The creation of light and mobile field artillery had given the United States Army a potent weapon. By employing the use of light and mobile artillery, it has changed today’s battlefield by how we use Artillery to fully decimate or counter fire an enemy. Horse drawn cannons have paved the way for the modern day M109A6, medium, self propelled howitzers. Maj. Ringgold did not know how effective the tactics he used in the Mexican-American War would become and change the course of artillery on the modern battlefield. Major Ringgold’s idea of horse drawn artillery…

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  • Does Owning A Gun Make You Safer By David Hemenway Analysis

    David Hemenway’s article ‘Does owning a gun Make you safer’ states that the gun ownership in the United States does not make American people safer. He gave a lot of data and mentioned the surveys to counter his statements and make aware of people about the effects of guns in the American society. David Hemenway, a policy scholar, author and professor of Harvard school of Public Health, is a columnist of Los Angeles Times, LA, and (Wikipedia). He has a Ph. D in economics from Harvard University.…

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  • Informative Essay: Gun Control In The United States

    Gun Control Kailey Bergamo Ms. Gigliotti English III Honors Period 3 1 March 2016 According to, “A citizen with a gun stopped a knife-wielding man as he began stabbing people in a Salt Lake City store.” Also, “Two men retrieved firearms from their cars and stopped a mass murder at the Appalachian School of Law.” Citizens should be able to carry guns, concealed or not, for a variety of reason, including protection and sports. The question of gun control is constantly…

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  • Persuasive Essay On Gun Control

    By Federal law gaining legal access to a gun is a process simpler than a refinancing a family home in the United States. Our government states that under federal law a licensed gun dealer cannot sell any handguns and/or ammo to anyone that is under 21 and can’t sell long arms (Shot guns/ rifles) to anyone under the age of 18 but an unlicensed dealer cannot sell handguns to anyone under 18 and can sell long arms to anyone regardless of age. Everyday there are up to nine deaths under the age of 21…

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  • Argumeated Annotated Bibliography: Gun Control

    Annotated Bibliography: Gun Control Everyone has their opinion over Guns, many believe it’s ok to have guns but others disagree. But many have guns for protection, I understand people abuse the power on having guns and commit a crime. Many shootings have occurred this year and last year. I feel that people should be allowed to have guns, but I also believe in order to maintain one, they shall do a background and medical check on the person before allowing purchase. Sanders argues over gun…

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  • Gabriel Montegut Research Paper

    Gabriel Montegut, born in July 30, 1839, was the great-grandson of Dr. Gabriel Montegut, who came to Louisiana from France in 1760. Dr. Montegut held a military commission as a surgeon under Spanish rule, and was the first resident surgeon of the Charity Hospital in New Orleans. Dr. Montegut’s wife, Francoise Delisle Dupart’s family came to Louisiana with Bienville. One of their sons and grandfather of Gabriel, Edgar Montegut was the mayor of New Orleans in 1844 and established St. Sophie…

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  • Should Gun Control Laws Be Enacted?

    Gun control can go both ways. Either you completely support guns, or are utterly against them. There is an in between, but that does not really matter in this case, mostly because the in between people most likely do not care. In the many articles that I have read, it seems there are more people for the ban of guns rather than letting them just go around and be easily bought like they are now. I will bring up the pros and cons of having and not having guns. What America would be like if we did…

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  • Satirical Essay On Gun Violence

    If you read the newspaper or watched the news There’s always a story of someone getting shot or a shooting that took place, if you are like me you’re probably thinking to yourself, what is going on in America right now? The worst part about it is the fact that most of them are young African American teens. This problem keeps growing instead of decreasing. Our streets have become a battle field for thugs and gangsters to settle their disputes. We can’t allow this problem to continue growing, we…

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  • Essay On Campus Shooting

    State legislators are considering revoking gun-free school zones into a place where individuals in a classroom are allowed by permit to carry concealed firearms for safety purposes. This causes a fierce and rigorous debate amongst representatives from each side presenting their opinions to the government. In response to the gun debate, Obama held a speech due to the most recent gun shooting in Oregon on stricter gun control laws; discussing how laws should and will be changed due to all these…

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  • Symposium Of Guns In America By James Lindgren

    Throughout American history, the topic of gun control has been an argument filled with controversy. There have been a number of traumatic events in the country that involved the use of guns; Because of this, many Americans have become weary to the thought of anyone being able to carry a gun. Over the years, there have been many different stances developed pertaining to this topic. Some believe the Second Amendment should be completely abolished, others believe there should be no restrictions on…

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