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  • The Challenges Of Soldiers In The First World War

    woman said, “We never really thought about the immediate danger we were in” (Grayzel, 100). After working as a seamstress this woman was moved to what she described as ‘the heavy work.’ Here she was charged with putting together the brass casings of howitzer shells. Because of the gunpowder in the room windows were kept closed to prevent explosions. While accidents were common one in particular stood out in her memory. She explained, “During this time three young girls, who had recently started…

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  • Blacksmithing History

    Have you ever been bewildered about what life was like on a Texas plantation? After reading this you will hopefully have solved some of those absurd mysteries. What was life truly like as a slave? How did the ancients endure? How do you get tools when you can’t go to the store? Well, if you needed any weapons in the past, you would generally go to the blacksmith. Blacksmithing is a fascinating job that keeps the culture of medieval castles and knights alive. Understanding blacksmithing is a…

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  • Rommel's Recommendations For The Refutation Of The Atlantic Wall

    MOBILITY & SURVIVALITY BOS Rommel’s initial recommendations for the refutation of the Atlantic Wall consisted of descriptions of where the Allies would land and why, and how to best use Germany’s limited resources to fight off the intruder. Rommel’s recommendations consisted of massive minefields, foreshore obstacles such as concrete bunkers and underwater devices, and air–landing obstacles. The use of minefields as a means of defense for the Atlantic Wall was influenced by Rommel’s campaign…

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  • General Truong's Battle Against Hue

    General Truong had a sense of unease as the Tet holiday began on 29 January. Although his intelligence staff did not think the enemy had the capability or the intention of launching a major attack against Hue, the general was painfully aware of the city’s vulnerabilities. His division was tough and battle tested but stretched uncomfortably thin throughout I Corps. Two battalions of the 3d Infantry Regiment were west of Hue, one on a routine sweep mission and the other undergoing training at…

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  • Mexican American War Tactics

    The United States in the years prior to 1841 saw little advance in field artillery tactics. However, European commanders had seen much success in the implementation of Artillery and new tactics, sparking an American interest in what had made their artillery tactics so successful. The Mexican American War would be the proving ground for the new American strategy of implementing field artillery on the battlefield, and how it has shaped the modern infantry commander’s use of it. In the years…

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  • The Tet Offensive In Vietnam

    Introduction The Vietnam War was an undeclared war without front lines or clear objectives that lasted almost 20 years from 1955 to 1975. Over two and a half million Americans fought and over 50,000 died during the conflicts. During January 1968, the Vietcong and North Vietnamese conducted several simultaneous attacks against the South Vietnamese, Americans and their allies known as the Tet Offensive. There were several indicators were ignored by the Intelligence Community (IC) and…

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  • 1953 Iranian Coup

    1953 Iranian Coup d’Etat The study of this event goes back to the post-WWII discussions over Iranian oil. For many years, whilst being politically involved in Iran, the US had not pursued comprehensive economic ties. For decades, Iran had hosted oil concessions owned by the USSR and the Anglo-Iranian Oil Company (Britain), and these two powers held significant power in the region. They alone controlled most of Iran's oil reserves, a vital key to Iranian economic stability and strength. Although…

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