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  • The Tiananmen Square: A Student Movement In China

    possibility of it diminishing the progress attempting to be made by reforms when he stated that, “any social turbulence and chaos which will hamper the advancement of reform and construction and gravely impair the fundamental interests of the people. . . runs counter to the aspiration of the masses of people.” It was this type of thinking that would be echoed during the debates that occurred as to whether it would be necessary to use force against the protesters. While there were numerous legitimate concerns that the student demonstrators were protesting against their grievances mostly revolved around a desire to accelerate and ensure the political and economic reforms that they had seen attempting to take place under the leadership of Hu Yaobang. Zhao Ziyang asserts that, “at its core, the spirit of the student demonstrations was a demand for the deepening of reform and opposition to the conservative forces.” It was these conservative forces that desired slow reform, led by Deng Xiaoping would point out that, “of course we want to build socialist democracy, but we can’t possibly do it in a hurry.” While the politicians did realize that reform was needed, they felt it needed to happen at their own pace. When an editorial was published on April 26th that described the movement as being influenced by “an extremely small number of people” and that “their purpose was to sow dissension among the people, plunge the whole country into chaos, and sabotage the political situation of…

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  • The Rise Of The Qing Dynasty

    overpopulation of China. While Deng was now in power and Mao dead, Mao still had strong support from the Chinese citizens. In the Gang of Four Trial, four people were found guilty of staging a cue against the government when Mao still held power. The effects of Mao were still in everyday life even though he had died. Deng used his powers to put his protiges in positions. General secretary Hua Guomeng was replaced by Hu Yaobang. Hu was a protige of Deng. When Hu’s views were viewed as too…

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  • 1989 Tiananmen Square Massacre

    Square. Fang’s lectures on democratic reforms caused significant anxiety within the CCP, with many conservatives still adamantly rejecting political reforms. The situation deteriorated in late 1986, when students from USTC protested in the streets. Their actions quickly spread to other universities, including Tsinghua and Peking University. The demonstrations came in waves, and lasted until New Years of 1987. At the end of it all, Fang was stripped of all his positions and ranks, but he was not…

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  • Tiananmen Square Massacre

    Prior to the events of The Tiananmen Square massacre it was the site of student protests since the 1919 May Fourth Movement. A major cause for the protest at Tiananmen Square was to mourn the death of Hu Yaobang in April which led to the unrest of student protests and ideas of upheaving the current government. Hu Yaobang was sympathetic towards the student’s demonstrations for prodemocracy and his death sparked student leaders will to protest against the communist party. The students were…

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  • Student Protestors

    to the events that unfolded, but the slaughter of hundreds if not thousands was completely uncalled for. But, no compromises were willing to be completely agreed on, multiple times, because there was always a small group of minority extremists that insisted to continue on. Declaring martial law and calling the student protestors counterrevolutionaries is too extreme of a measure to impose upon their own unarmed citizens. Thousands came to their neighborhood intersections to try to block troops…

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  • Political Liberalization And Democracy In China Summary

    cemetery, so his compromise was to put a wall on it for the time being, so it could still act as a lesson for the future. The Chinese government also aims to forget about Tiananmen square as well. As General Secretary of the party during the Tiananmen square protests, Zhao Ziyang advocated against the use of force and even sided with the students. He was quickly and quietly removed from office and confined to house arrest for the rest of his life. He was airbrushed from photos, and mention of…

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  • Xi Jinping's Anti-Corruption Report

    former president, Liu Shaoqi, to vice-chairman of the Central Military Commission, though in December of 2015, it was reported that Liu had stepped down from his position (Li and Chan). Recently, however, Xi has taken down a huge tiger, Zhou Yongkang, who became “...the highest ranking former official to be placed on trial for corruption in decades when he was sentenced to life in prison at a secret trial” (Connor). The investigation into Zhou, one of the nine most powerful men in the country,…

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  • What Does China Think Analysis

    Since China’s rise was a remarkable affair and dragging all the international attentions, its rise has been discussed widely from Europe to United States. And China was self-aware that its rising power has been discussed whether threat or not; Chinese thinkers were afraid of the coalition of the other countries against the rise. Hence, China fostered and proceed out some special strategies that were abnormal. In the book, “What Does China Think? By Mark Leonard,” is discussing about how China…

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  • Tiananmen Square Massacre Research Paper

    treatment of the former protesters by the Communist government following the massacre highlights the dangers of giving the government too much power over our personal freedoms. The massacre in Tiananmen Square resulted from a series of events involving the Communist Party’s control over China. The Communists first took control of China in 1949, after defeating the Nationalists in a civil war (Chai 10). Communist leader Deng Xiaoping, who controlled China at the time, appointed Zhao Ziyang as…

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  • The Importance Of The Tiananmen Square Massacre

    The Tiananmen Square Massacre on June 3-4 was a tragic incident where many pro-democracy demonstrators, mostly young college students, were fired upon by Chinese troops and tanks in order to suppress the protest. China’s Government has relentlessly sought to undermine the significance and memory of the crisis. As a result, even public references to any of the events that took place. All media and protesting is heavily censored. However, covering up these events and trying to lessen their…

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