Tiananmen Square Massacre

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The Tiananmen Square massacre is an important time in history for a giant protest against a communist government. The Tiananmen Square massacre may be barred from the web pages in China, but the event that happened in June 4th 1989 is widely known across the world. The Tiananmen Square massacre was a result of a prodemocracy movement by the Chinese citizens that wanted more freedom than what they currently were given by China’s policies. Many students of the country and civil workers wanted reform and a change in the government’s communist leadership, but demonstrations led to thousands of deaths of the rioters and arrests for the student leaders who were responsible for the organization of the protests. The students who participated in the …show more content…
Prior to the events of The Tiananmen Square massacre it was the site of student protests since the 1919 May Fourth Movement. A major cause for the protest at Tiananmen Square was to mourn the death of Hu Yaobang in April which led to the unrest of student protests and ideas of upheaving the current government. Hu Yaobang was sympathetic towards the student’s demonstrations for prodemocracy and his death sparked student leaders will to protest against the communist party. The students were actively against the government which was responsible for the economic problems that was happening in China. The problems in the government was instigated by Zhao Ziyang who was the former general secretary of the Central committee of the Chinese Communist Party. Other sources that led to turbulence in China is sources such as “newspapers, magazines and broadcasting stations” and outside sources from America which misled the people and tensions rose. A radical reform was what some students rallied for and because of this violent and criminal activities ensued in cities Changsha and Xi’an such as “beating, smashing, looting and burning stores” which consequently upset the people in government. A loud uproar by students in different cities thus caused destruction to areas in China. Their actions were fueled by the anger of civilians who were not given the demands that were wanted including eradicating the socialist system in favor for a capitalist economy for private

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