Hubble Space Telescope

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  • Story Musgrave: A Brief Biography

    As a student, he earned a total of seven degrees. NASA selected him to be one of the first astronaut-scientists and he began serving as a trauma surgeon at Denver General Hospital and did so for thirty years. After training as a parachutist and pilot, he earned his Air Force Wings and several FAA ratings including flight instructor. He has flown well over 160 different types of aircraft and has made more than 800 free falls, 100 of which were experimental falls used to study human aerodynamics. The story that Musgrave is known best for is commanding a mission to repair the Hubble Space Telescope. He led the eleven day mission and completed three out of the five spacewalks himself, successfully fixing the…

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  • Black Holes Research Papers

    for thousands of years the human race have looked into space and wondered what is really out there, thanks to advances in electromagnetic radiation detection it is now possible for humans to study the universe in depth to develop theories such as a heliocentric model of the universe instead of the earlier believed geocentric model. Humans have also been able to observe never before seen phenomena such as the effects of black holes. The national aeronautics and space administration (NASA) are…

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  • Hst Observation

    researcher must then begin to delve into information about the device and its current location and providers. Through research an understanding is gained, and the researcher is able to better comprehend the capabilities of their decided to device. Once this step is achieved, it is next part of the process to review images produce by similar resources via the Hubble Space Telescope. The researcher is to choose one of the images provided by the center. After reading the explanation of the image,…

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  • Exoplanets: What Is Our Place In The Universe?

    Space is a vast and unexplored region, the exploration of which is necessary to satiate mankind’s curiosity and answer the enduring question, “What is our place in the universe?” The need to explore and understand the universe we live in has driven us to establish government agencies, such as the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and the European Space Agency (ESA), whose main goal is to study outer space. NASA’s projects have led to many great advancements, including the…

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  • Narrative Essay About Going To Florida

    of the world now look into space, to the moon and to the planets beyond, and we have vowed that we shall not see it governed by a hostile flag of conquest, but by a banner of freedom and peace.” The fountain was long and beautiful, with palm trees lined up behind. The back wall curved up from left to right and over a dozen miniature water fountains popped up from the dark grey marble. There were many individual museums of space history in the area that we would check out later, but we first…

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  • Slide Motion Lab Report

    Slide Motion Describe the movement of the slide as you move the slide toward/ away from you. Describe the movement of the slide as you move the slide from side to side. Looking at the slide, when the slide moves toward me, the image would seem to move away. Vice versa when the slide moves away, it would come towards me. Similarly, when the slide was moved from right to left, the image would go to the opposite side. So going right the image would seem to go left, and when the slide was moved to…

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  • American Space Exploration Essay

    The American space program alone has developed countless technologies that have improved and saved lives. NASA has had over one thousand successful spin-offs that include: Lasik surgery, Tempurfoam, improved kidney dialysis and water purification systems, sensors to test for hazardous gases, energy-saving building materials, and fire-resistant fabrics. When the Hubble telescope was launched in 1990, a flaw in the design of its optics produced blurry images. Three years later NASA was able to…

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  • The Hubble Telescope Essay

    The Hubble telescope is a telescope named after famous astronomer Edwin Hubble. It orbits in space 380 miles above Earth’s surface, traveling 5 miles per second, finishing an orbit around Earth in 97 minutes. Hubble takes sharp images of space without looking at Earth’s atmosphere, which blurs pictures due to the atmosphere being constantly in motion. The telescope is 2.4 meters in length and has mirrors 94 inches in diameter. Some celestial objects that Hubble takes images of are stars and…

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  • Summary: The Future Of Space Exploration

    explored and discovered most of Earth, aside from the oceans, humans turned to the sky. Since man first gazed up at the stars humans have wondered, what all is out there? Mankind’s knowledge about the universe has immensely expanded following the early space exploration missions. The question now is, how did the universe come to be, as well as how can this information be used to enable humans to become more advanced? Every discovery man has ever made has come from within this solar system, if…

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  • The Future Of Space Exploration

    that created the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) in response to the Soviet Unions launch of it’s first satellite, Sputnik I. From that day year forward, NASA began working on missions and took man where they have never been before. In the recent years, they have also began missions that will be able to get humans to other planets. They will continue to work on these missions and get man to where they have never been before in the future. In 1957 the Soviet Union launched…

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