What Does China Think? By Mark Leonard

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Since China’s rise was a remarkable affair and dragging all the international attentions, its rise has been discussed widely from Europe to United States. And China was self-aware that its rising power has been discussed whether threat or not; Chinese thinkers were afraid of the coalition of the other countries against the rise. Hence, China fostered and proceed out some special strategies that were abnormal. In the book, “What Does China Think? By Mark Leonard,” is discussing about how China should advance and what strategies China have to proceed in order to deal with the other countries that consider China’s rise is a threat.
Before we talk about China’s rise, we should look at what Comprehensive National Power. Comprehensive National Power is how we measure the power of a nation, regarding economy, politic, military, and other
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Especially, Yan Xuetong, a professor at Tsinghua University, was strongly against the peaceful rise. There are several reasons to his argument; Taiwan would attempt to declare independence. Also, there would be many problems with other countries like Japan; Yan argued that the problem was originally resulted from the appeasement and concessions. Hence, China should invest and improve its military in order to defend and threaten the other nations in order to maintain stability and to show China should not be neglected.
While China tried to not fall into a trap that China’s rise is a threat, USA kept conjuring up the rise as a threat. The United States tried to bring China down by presenting the China’s rise as a threat to the world. In order to defend the argument that China is not a threat, China argued that its power is ‘soft power’ rather than ‘hard power’. Ultimately, China do not seek the competition among the other countries; they concentrate on factors that are not related to conflict-productions such as rule-making, regulation, and

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