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  • Multilingualism In The United States

    The United States Multilingualism Have you ever thought in the United States the most frequent language spoken isn’t English? Well now on days the United States is form from many people around the country which everyone brings something when they migrate to the U.S. As children we are taught English that’s the teacher goal for every student to learn English. But in my situation I was taught Spanish throughout the school until I got 2nd grade that’s when they started teaching me English. As many other students I struggle to learn and speak until this day I sometimes struggle with my English as I’m not familiar with some words that professor or students used. In my origin state Arizona many students speak Spanish as their primary language…

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  • GDP In The United States

    produced within the United States rather than what is produced by Americans-whether in the U.S or elsewhere. GDP is designed better to give information on the state of the business cycle of the United States because it only focuses on the activity within the United States. Switching to GDP makes it easier to compare with other countries because most countries were already using GDP. What GDP measures and does not measure GDP measures the production within the United States so it measures the…

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  • BMI In The United States

    There is no doubt that the United States of America is perceived as one of the most obese counties in the world. America is notoriously known for fast food restaurant chains and value sizing all types of meals. With various types of food being consumed, many resources the world has to offer are being wasted away in the stomachs of the Americans. The time has come for the United States Government to consider whether or not if they should control the diets of their citizens. The government should…

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  • Diversity In The United States

    The United States of America is a melting pot of many different cultures, races, and ethnicities. The US has always retained its diversity in its citizens and simply having diversity is one of the factors that the United States prides itself in. According to information from the Census Bureau of the United States of America, as of 2015, there are approximately 321,418,820 people residing in this country. Of those 3 hundred-million plus people, there are more than five races among them all.…

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  • Neoliberalism In The United States

    Through history, the United States went through a series of events that were fluctuating between good and bad. The United States shifted from the expanding welfare state in 1960s to neoliberalism in the 1970s and 1980s through neoliberal policies. This shift was purely bad because it affected the nation negatively. Neoliberalism is an economic and social theory that free markets and free trade is the best way to structure society. This means reducing society to no regulations and privatization…

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  • Individualism In The United States

    Every country in the world has different beliefs and values. Having your own beliefs and values means having individualism. Individualism is the moral stance, political philosophy, or social outlook that emphasizes the individual. This means you follow your own beliefs and don’t follow what others do. The United States is independent and they follow their own rules. Americans remain more individualistic than those in Western European countries since they have less support from other countries. …

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  • Astrology In The United States

    Being born on December 7, 2001, I am classified as a Sagittarius; an honest extrovert with open-minded, philosophical views.1 Although there is no scientific evidence that shows astrology is valid, people in the past still used it as a key element to make sense of their life. Today, few people take astrology seriously, and instead, we look to our global and personal histories to get a better understanding of who we are. On my birthday, one of the most essential events in shaping the United…

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  • Democracy In The United States

    The Democracy in The U.S. “Demoskratis”, from Greek “people hold power”, also known in modern English as Democracy, is a term used in politics to define the liberty of individuals to exercise their equal power within a society. While many believe that a developed society is a democratic society, it is not always true; in fact, many of so-called “developed countries” do not share equal power and opportunities among the population, which is one of the key aspect of the Democracy. Among these…

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  • United States Roles

    Role the United States play in the World Today Being a Non-American citizen and living here for the past few years of college gives me ability to accurately judge the United States from both internal and external view. When looking from an external and internal view it is clear that the United States of America is the superpower of the world. Being the superpower I believe that there are roles that the U.S. should take. However, the role that I think the U.S. should acquire is not the role they…

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  • United States Oligarchy

    James M. Keating Dr. Paul Landow PSCI 8040 26 September 2014 Midterm Essay: The United States of an Oligarchy Introduction Based on common public discourse, left leaning circles from revolutionaries to communists love to point out the inconsistencies of democracy. The United States is always at the forefront of that conversation because of their overwhelming economic and military might (although the economic gulf that exists today is smaller than the decade following the Cold War). As the…

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