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  • The Geography Of The United States

    The geography of the United States changes a lot when you are from California. If it’s south, its Texas. If it’s east, it’s New York. If it 's North, I don’t know, Canada maybe? And of course, California dominates the west coast. Whatever breaking news that was happening elsewhere didn’t matter much unless it happened in the golden state. I grew up in this paradisal isolation. This mentality that you were in the center of the universe, and that everything else was simply revolving. That was until my sophomore year of high school, when I was taken from the spotlight and moved to irrelevance; also known as Missouri. The main reason that Missouri was so irrelevant to me was its location. It was way too south to be considered nothern, but not south enough to be south. It wasn’t near any coast either, in fact, it’s in the heart of the states. This was a point beyond all recognition for me. Upon arriving here, I had no expectations whatsoever. I planned to suffer in quiet misery until I could graduate and return home like the prodigal son. Instead, these past three years have made such an impression on me that I can’t just leave and act like this place doesn’t exist anymore. The lessons I’ve learned here could never be taught to me by the cities and streets, instead I had to learn it through the lakes and plains. California is dynamic. Always growing, changing, and by the time you get used to something, it’s gone. There’s something about this eccentricity that draws people to it,…

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  • Immigration In The United States

    The United States has always been the land of immigrants. Immigration in the United States has an extensive history old immigrants have gone, and new immigrants have appeared. Ever since the establishment of the United States, immigration laws have been put in place, reformed, and dismantled. To immigrate to the land of freedom and opportunities has become a dream for millions of immigrants every year from all walks of life. The staggering numbers of immigrants migrating into the U.S every year…

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  • Impeachment In The United States

    The constitution in America gives to the Congress the important power of impeachment of high-level federal officials, including the President of the United States. “Without a doubt, impeachment of a sitting president is one of the most serious acts the Congress can undertake.” (Dr. Routh Fall-2015.) Many believe a call for the President of the United States George W. Bush to be Impeached, much less prosecuted criminally, along with Vice President Dick Cheney, Director of the Central…

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  • Homeschooling In The United States

    Education in the United States is a constantly changing system. For some, it is too unreliable. This is one reason many Americans choose to educate their children from home. Homeschooling gets a bad reputation for being extremely conservative and damaging children 's ability to function without parents. It also has a bad reputation for being too liberal and not challenging enough. Homeschooling itself is not inherently wrong. Many Americans have benefited from a well-planned, well-implemented…

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  • Multiculturalism In The United States

    Getting to know different cultures can demonstrate positive outcomes. So that said, learning about different cultures can be done in several ways such as for traveling into different countries, research about a different culture etc. However, taking the example of leaving in the United States, it is very effortless to get to know a different culture by the fact that, America is fulfilled with migrators. Many of them came for a better life and so called live the American Dream. However, part of…

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  • Islamophobia In The United States

    One of the premises the United States is founded on is the concept of the unalienable rights: life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Does being subjected to name-calling such as “rag-head” or “firecracker” by American citizens demonstrate the values the United States was founded on? If individuals are coming over from the Middle East searching for better opportunities and are being deprived of their basic, essential needs, what does that say about America as a country? Why American…

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  • What Is My Journey To The United States State

    When I come to The United State, I was thinking everything for me is novel and amazing also this is my first time abroad. First, I lived in Irvine, California. My aunt came to America two years ago, so my parents agree me to study abroad. I went to many places in California with my aunt and cousin before I went to University of California, Riverside extension. Such as I went to Santa Monica beach it’s one of the famous beaches in the world. There are so pretty and comfortable. Then I went to…

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  • The Importance Of Police In The United States

    Although the United States has done a good job in the past putting a stop to issues in other countries, like they did in World War 2, the United States should not continue their act as a police of the world. Since the time that they took this role around the time of WWI, it has had many negative impacts on the country. Since the US came into the position of being the protector of the world, issues such as a higher national debt, the loss of American lives, and other countries dependence on the…

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  • The Importance Of Hegemony In The United States

    United States has been the world hegemony since the end of the Second World War and has used its power to promote western values across the globe in many different ways. Some of the ways in which the US’s exerts its hegemonic power can be reflected on the way the world functions today. Its power is embedded in economic policies, environmental agreements, and its global institutions like the IMF and the World Bank “since the early 1990s, U.S. policymakers have embraced primacy and adopted an…

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  • The United States : A Democratic Nation

    In todays days most of the richest countries are in a democratic Nations. One of those countries is the United States. In a Democratic Nation citizen have the choice of choosing their next representative for the next four years. A Democratic government also promote economic freedom. The following statement, “The United States is rich because it is a democratic nation.” it is not totally true but the democratic nation is a huge factor in the grown of the United states. Thanks to the Democratic…

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