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  • Personal Narrative: My Father For A Better Life

    provide food since he was the first male son. He started to work in construction and at the same time making baskets, but that wasn’t enough to provide. One of the hardest decisions he had to make was leaving his family behind to come to the United States like most of the people from Mexico seeking an upgrade for a job. At age 15, he decided to plan his journey to America. He decided to go with my uncle Amador (my mom’s older brother) and with some friends instead of paying a coyote (smuggler). My dad once said, “There is a 25% chance to even make it alive with a coyote since people get robbed, die, or get transferred to another place.” Why am I going to pay someone to kill me when I can cross the border myself for free? To find a coyote that you can trust is rare and difficult. He still remembers waking up at 4:00am to pack a few things he could take. Walking to the bus stop to get the bus heading north of Mexico. While in the bus he thought of going back home, but he knew he the consequences if he return, it took them about four days to get to Tijuana, Mexico. When they got there it was around noon they headed to get something to eat and find a place to rest since they had to start walking the border by 10pm or 11pm the latest, so the border patrol won’t get them. Hearing that risky journey that my father took while he was young gives me the chills. Half of the things that he did I would never imagine to do. His knowledge has helped me to over come my fears in life and…

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  • Essay On Southern Border

    The southern border separating the United States from Mexico is nothing more than a river to people that live and work in the area; imaginary lines that decide the fate of so many people. After the border came into existence, for many years life was as it had always been a constant ebb and flow of migratory workers. Before the morning of September 11, 2001, Americans understood the borders by the typical political sound bites on immigration. After that fateful day, The United States…

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  • The Devil's Highway Summary

    I chose to read “The Devil’s Highway” by Luis Alberto Urrea. It is a nonfiction account of the journey of the “Yuma 14”, a group of twenty-six men who were led by a Mexican coyotes across the border into the United States through a mountainous and deadly Arizona desert. I chose this specific title because illegal immigration is a hot political topic, especially in my home state of Texas, and I wanted to learn more about it. This is a story about a group of Mexican men desperate and willing to…

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  • Migra Analysis

    case, the border patrol’s objective history. The border enforcements between Mexico and the United States has constantly been changing throughout history, whether it is through their terms of race, class or regional background. In the book, Migra, written by Kelly Lytle Hernandez, an associate professor in the University of California Los Angeles Department of History and director of the department of Public History Initiative, argues how the personal history of Border Patrol workers came to…

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  • Border Patrol Ethics Analysis

    Thesis Border Patrol Agents must perform their assigned duties with the highest morals, integrity, and ethics because the security of the United States of America is influenced by their actions. United States citizens rely on these agents to detect, apprehend, and deter illegal immigrants and harmful contraband from entering the country. When an agent performs corruptly and dishonestly, placing personal gain in front of the mission of the agency, the foundation of lawful ethics in which our…

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  • Racism In Nayeli's Life

    In the town of Tress Camarones the daily life of Nayeli and her friends is a simple life but it lacks adventure and the girl’s spend most of their free time dreaming of how beautiful things are in the United States. They absorb different cultures throw a computer that was given to them by a friend name Matt who was station there because he was a missioner. All the girls and Tacho have their own unique personalities and ideas of what life must be like in the United States. During one day when the…

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  • Why Illegal Immigrants Are Trying To Cross The Border

    Social Environment/ pg. 63: the entire human environment, including interactions with others. In Mexico, I noticed that they environment is totally different compare to America. Why would I believe that? Maybe because the illegal immigrants are trying to cross our borders for many reasons. The reasons could be the following; better jobs and benefits, housing, and freedom. However, Illegal immigrants do not get what they call the American dream. They attempt to cross the border if they get…

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  • The Importance Of Social Borders

    Modern borders are usually not a space that is reinforced by those on either side. More times than not, the stronger faction is the one who is fortifying and continuing to increase their authority over these borders. This is evident both in physical and societal borders that are encountered everyday. In the world of borders, when the stronger side becomes evident, they have essentially free reign to control this space. Control like this are projected in different situations such as national…

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  • Arguments Against Border Security

    Whether it be at airports, railway stations or border crossing by car, the attempt to control the influx of people crossing is a prominent problem among western countries. Through each of these means, there’s an interaction of two concerns. First, border security understood as the many ways of controlling movement across regions. Second, racial profiling defined as the continuous pattern of being stopped by border patrols due to racial differences. On a broader sense, this ends up being a…

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  • Monsanto Law Research Paper

    The Pot Calling the Kettle Corrupt Many of the social ills in Central America are inadvertently caused by corporate and government crimes of the United States. Regardless, Human beings deserve the right to flee poor economic systems, and support from their peers while transitioning. The people of The United States need to hold elected officials accountable for their crimes; we must push for rights of all the innocent peoples often tastelessly referred to as “illegal immigrants.” Envision the…

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