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  • LGBT Case Study

    Marcus is a 16 year old African American male who was living in Pine Hill, Alabama with his both parents. Recently, Marcus was kicked out the home because his parents, who are conservative Christians, learned that Marcus is gay. After, Marcus was caught shoplifting in Midtown Mobile at the Walmart off Hwy south of Interstate 65. Mobile is the third populous city in the state of Alabama. According to the U.S. Census reported Mobile population estimates at an approximate 195,111 people living in the land area of 139.11 miles (United States Census Bureau, 20014). Mobile is the second largest of the Port City on the Gulf Coast. In addition, mobile is the home for USS Alabama and the Battleship Memorial Park, Gulf Coast Explorium, Mobile Convention…

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  • Ethnic Space In Pomona

    I believe Pomona, California is an ethnic space. Pomona was once a teeming populace of the ideal middle-class. The city consisted of 86% percent Whites and 15% Hispanics during the 1970s, according to the United States Census Bureau. In the 1990s, Pomona experienced a downfall in socio-economic status, was deprived of its middle-class glory, and the flooding of a new ethnic space. Hispanics now occupy Pomona at a staggering 70%, while Whites occupy 48%, according to the 2010 United States Census…

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  • Cyber Safety Of Children

    Cyber Safety Cyber safety is more important than ever. Especially when your child is using the internet, as a parent you want to make sure that your child is safe. With more and more electronic devices with internet access, how do you make sure that your child is safe when using the internet, social media accounts or apps? According to the Census Bureau, in 1984 only 8.2 percent used a computer, in 2011 it increased already to 75.6 percent per household. In 1997 only 18.0 percent of Americans…

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  • Jamaican Wom Case Study

    Today’s society consist of many diverse populations. Our nation is full of people from all sorts of ethnic backgrounds. The government conducts a survey of the census and provides information regarding the diversity of the nation. However, some individuals are lumped into a category and their culture is misrepresented. How would you feel about being called an African American when you are Jamaican? Would you lose some form of identity? Let us begin by exploring an assessment conducted on…

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  • Workforce Development Case Study: Hernando County

    Hernando County is a county in the United State of America, located in Florida. According to the U.S. Census Bureau taken in 2010, the population of the county was 172,775 and is estimated to be at 178,439 in 2015 (United State Census Bureau). Hernando County is located in the workforce development area number 16, which also includes Pasco County. The population of Pasco County for 2015 is 497,909 (United States Census Bureau). Workforce development area provides information on the counties’…

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  • Community Risk Prevention Essay

    In the city of Cleveland we have multiple Public Safety Agencies, which include law enforcement, fire departments, and Emergency Medical Services (EMS). The area where I want to focus on is the Fire Department for my Community Risk Reduction Action Plan. I will take a look at the Fire Department and community for W.41st St. Cleveland, OH and the obstacles that are faced internally and externally. For But to get the true understanding of the community risk reduction one must understand what the…

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  • Analysis Of A Community Assessment Of Bono Arkansas

    encyclopedia of Arkansas history and culture, 2012) and completed with the elementary (k-4th grades) and middle (5-7th grades) school in the 1990s. All grades are now located on 3 campuses outside of the city limits of Bono. Children that attend the schools are either driven in by parents, personal cars or bused in with travel time approximately forty-five minutes to an hour each day, to and from school. Population Description Based on the 2010 census, Bono has a population of 2,131 people.…

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  • Pros And Consequences Of Zika Virus

    Reported in 2015, Seattle, Washington’s population is 684,451 people (Census Bureau, n/d). Amongst the 684,451 residents who live in Seattle approximately 333,878 are males and 334,464 are females, which accounts for the population to be split to 50/50 of its genders (City-Data, 2016). Percentages of age and sex recorded from 2010-2015: under five years of age 5.3%, under eighteen years old 15.4%, sixty five years and older 10.8% (Census Bureau, n/d). According to the data that was reported to…

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  • Sample Community Assessment Paper

    In the WellFlorida Council Marion County Community Health Assessment, the average of primary care physicians to persons is 1893 to 1, Florida as a whole being 1423 to 1. The dentist to person ratio being 2811 to 1 and Florida as a whole being 1874 to 1. Mental Health Providers to person ratio is 1196 to 1, Florida being 744 to 1 (2015). Lack of availability in Marion County are all above the Florida ratios. The overall health in Marion County is not up to par with the Florida average. As Stated…

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  • Analysis Of The US Great Lakes Megaregion

    We focus on the U.S. Great Lakes megaregion, which includes large metropolitan areas such as Chicago, Detroit, Minnesota, Cleveland, St. Louis, and Pittsburgh. The dataset consists of a balanced panel based on the monthly data obtained from various sources. Variables measured in this study and the data sources are described in this section. We focus on the time period between 2013 July and 2016 May for data consistency. Figure 1. US Great Lakes Megaregion (source:…

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