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  • Australia's Population

    countries way of dealing with the population issues. In Australia’s case, they have a very low population for land that it obtains, and the government was trying to promote child birth so that…

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  • Aging Population

    increasing aging population on the macroeconomic variables in the labor market, government spending, and fiscal policy of the United States economy. Introduction The United State economy is now facing a new demographic composition of increasing high aging population because of baby boomers (76 million babies born between 1946 through 1964), better life expectancy, and low birth rate (How Will Boomers Affect…

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  • Demographic Population

    Demographics are used by governments, corporations, and other non-government entities to learn more about a population 's characteristics and the trends within that population. Demographic population trends in the U.S. are changing for several reasons. As a whole, the population of the United States is increasing. This is a direct result of a history of increased births, decreased deaths and increased immigration. The age of the U.S. population is getting older because of a dip in fertility…

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  • Population Census In Canada

    because we were studying about Canada’s population and I thought this would be interesting as I can apply what I learnt in class to this real-life event. The article I chose explains five key points from the latest census data. First, Canada has more big cities and each city is getting bigger. In 2016, there are a total of 35 census metropolitan areas, meaning that it must have a minimum total population of 100,000 people with 50,000 or more living in the core. The CMAs have grown since 2011…

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  • Essay On Vulnerable Population

    Vulnerable Population I believe the vulnerable population will continue to grow. The United States population is expected to continue to grow at 0.9% per year. It is estimated there will be 400 million people by 2039 and over 400 million by 2050. The growth is mostly going to be from many of immigrants coming into the United States. By that time the United States would see a growth in Hispanic and Asian population triple. Additionally, the population will also be older than what we see today. It…

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  • Ageing Population In Japan

    quickly ageing population. In that respect, Japan is facing the biggest population crisis as over 20% of its population are already falling into the 65 years and above population group and it is expected for the population to age and decline even further in the future. Whereas Australia is following the Japan footsteps, the young population is overtaken by the elder. As a result, the lost in eligible working age group or the lost in workforce makes it extremely difficult to remain competitive…

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  • Catastropheian Population

    desires with limited resources. The problem of scarcity that arises as a result on Earth is only amplified as the population grows. Historically, there have a number of viewpoints on the sustainability of population growth. Some of them have been more pessimistic than others. One of the most well known pessimistic viewpoints is that of Thomas Malthus. Thomas Robert Malthus was an English scholar and a professor of history and political economy in Cambridge University. His most famous work was…

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  • Aging Population Trend

    Adults in the United States are deciding to have fewer children today and some couples are deciding not to have children at all, slowing down the population growth. With an aging population and fewer births the population growth rate as of April, 2015 is .73%; a downward trend since July of 2000 when it was at 1.12% making it the slowest growth rate since the great depression. (Multpl, 2015). Back in the early times of this country it wouldn’t be unusual for families to have ten or more…

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  • How Does Stable Population Affect The Global Population

    three demographic variables include fertility, mortality, and migration. These variables are used to “project the future of populations”, as stated by Henslin. First, fertility is defined as the number of children that and women bears. The overall fertility rate in the world happens to be 2.5. Demographers observe the government’s records of birth in order to figure out the fertility rate. With that being said, women give birth to more or fewer children depending on the country they live in.…

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  • Aging Population In America

    During the next two decades, the aging population stands to significantly increase as the baby boom population transitions into the senior population. In 2011, the first of the baby boomers began entering the age of 65. The last of the baby boomers will turn 65 in 2030. In 2012, those 65 and older made up 13.7% of the total population. The US population is beginning to see a significant growth in the proportion of Americans who are 65 and older, projections suggest by 2030 those 65 and older…

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