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  • Shang Dynasty Pottery History

    differences in style cannot be explained by speculating about local variations or metropolitan sophistication versus provincial backwardness” (Brinker, 39). So one can assume that the close geographic proximity of Shang sites played a role in how techniques and traditions spread and evolved overtime. Some general characteristics of Shang pottery are broad flared mouths, carinated shoulders, impressed geometric designs, and a coarse body. These traits are rudimentary and only encompass the general assemblage that has been unearthed. However, “all of these early examples are significant predecessors of the later high-fire ferrous oxide glaze stoneware (proto-porcelain) which led to the true porcelain tradition associated with China” that most people are familiar with (Shangraw, 386). Below is an example of the classic porcelain that most people associate with Chinese pottery. The second photo shows a typical piece of gray stone ware from the Middle Shang period. When comparing the two, the general characteristics of Shang pottery can be roughly identified within the first image, which shows a piece of pottery that came long after the second. Although both pieces have clear distinctions, their similarities categorize them in the same heritage and family tree. Therefore, the famous Chinese style of pottery, with elaborate blue designs, undoubtedly inherited traits from the generations that came before it. Moving in that direction, one notable category of Shang pottery is called…

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  • Maya Ceramics

    Topic 1: Detailed History of Ceramic Analysis in the Maya Lowlands Many influences from around North American archaeology apparently influenced the methods used by researchers when reviewing the historical trajectory of ceramic analysis in the Maya area. To follow this path, an examination of the earliest explorers in the Maya area is necessary. During the time of the first Mesoamerican explorers, such as Catherwood, Maudslay, and Maler, the Southwestern archaeologists have already created a…

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  • Character Criticism In Porcelain

    suggests that everyone has at least one “core issue” or underlying cause for a continued self destructive behavior. In the short story “Porcelain” by Henrietta Rose-Innes, Marion, the main character, has the Core Issue of an Unstable Sense of Self. Marion watched as a young girl, her mother go mad with her mental illness and eventually, kill herself. Now at an older age, Marion realizes that she is like her mother; she has her illness. This abruptly turned her previous happiness into an…

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  • Porcelain Nora In A Doll's House

    Porcelain Nora The life of Nora is one of turmoil and complication. A mother, a wife, and an obedient lover, she follows her husband dutifully, seemingly only to gain some monetary compensation for all she does for him. Her portrayal, in Ibsen’s original play, “A Doll’s House,” Gilman’s adaptation, “Dollhouse,” and the 2012 Carrie Cracknell short film Nora, Nora manages to be the portrayal of not only the stereotypical submissive wife, but one who gains power as well. Her objectification,…

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  • Analysis Of Porcelain And Pink By F. Scott Fitzgerald

    irony. F. Scott Fitzgerald, Jazz Age American Author, masters the use of dramatic, and verbal irony in “Porcelain and Pink” and dramatic, verbal and situational irony…

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  • Vermeer's Hat Analysis

    displayed of a wider connection between each chapter and how it creates a main argument of Vermeer’s Hat. In one of the chapters, The Dish of Fruit, Brook uses the Vermeer’s painting of the Young Woman Reading a Letter at an Open Window to explain the use of porcelain plate in a Dutch painting which it assists the purpose of the chapter. Young…

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  • The Longest War Part 2 Analysis

    Documentaries are often used in academic settings to expand a student’s knowledge on a certain topic. Although some can be mundane and biased, others can be quite thought-provoking. Three documentaries that we have watched over the course of this summer class, are Treasures of Chinese Porcelain, The Story of Women and Art: Episode 2, and The Longest War: Women and Power – Part 2. I found each of these three documentaries to be equally captivating. Although each film discussed different…

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  • Process Essay: Cosmetic Dentist Central West End

    These are basically thin porcelain shells that are bonded to the front part of the teeth and thus cover them. Dental implants If you have lost your tooth/teeth, then the dental implants is the best option for you. The dental implants also help in maintaining the bone support of the teeth that are adjacent to the missing tooth or teeth. This helps in extending the life span of the remaining teeth. Dental Bridges When many teeth are lost usually due to age factor or accident, then dental bridges…

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  • Vermeer's Hat Summary

    interconnectedness of the economic aspect by having the Dutch East India Company on the Delft harbor, the lady wearing the felt hat and even the Chinese porcelain and Turkish rag. The very same items also show the spread of culture among the said nations. He also shows how two different cultures used the same commodity; cigarettes were smoked in a commonplace among the Europeans yet in China they were preserved for the elite. Timothy Brook uses China to show the success of global integration.…

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  • Islamic Pottery History

    Sasanian origin, those derived from the art of pre-Islamic Mesopotamia and Persia. The other has Eastern prototypes and consists of stamped, incised, or applied decoration. Both types are found in either glazed or unglazed versions (Jenkins 1983). In an attempt to imitate Chinese porcelain, Islamic potters rediscovered a combination used much earlier by the Egyptians which was a tin oxide and clear lead glaze, a mixture that provided a fine opaque surface for decoration (Aramco…

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