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  • Pornography To Women: An Argumentative Analysis

    consequences of these materials. It order to discuss the extent to which pornography is harmful, it must first be defined what pornography is. From this point and thereafter the term pornography will be assumed to be “sexually explicit material (verbal or pictorial) that is primarily designed to produce sexual arousal in viewers” (Stanford) . This is the definition provided by Williams and is widely used in discussion of pornography due to its ability to distinguish between merely sexually explicit pictures (such as genitalia in a high school biology book) and sexual explicit material, which would generally be considered porn. This essay will specifically focus on the degree of harm resulting from mainstream, heterosexual inegalitarian pornographic films. By mainstream I mean this will not include fetish genres. This essay will also primarily focus on the post-production harms of consuming porn and not the harms to any of those actually involved in the process of creating the content. Having both provided an acceptable definition for the term pornography and addressing any assumptions, I will now critique Cooke’s argument on pornography. The two main points I will be critiquing are that pornography is fiction and that false beliefs obtained from pornography about the real world are not harmful. Through critiquing the argument, any weaknesses or flaws of the argument will be determined. As a result, this will provide justification that pornography is not simply fiction, and…

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  • The Pornography Industry

    addition to this, celebrities also have easier access to the Hollywood scene, considering that they 're part of it. They can help influence how adult magazines are distributed and used. These magazines play a big role in the human trafficking business as well. A public hearing of Los Angeles, in 1986, said that “photographers tortured women and girls accordingly, and then sold the photographs to the publisher. The photographs were included in magazines [and] sold nationally in pornographic…

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  • Out Of The Darkness: Film Analysis

    about sex had altered their lives. First, the most interesting and eye-opening person that spoke was Shelley Lubben. Her downfall started at an early age when she was disregarded by her parents and sexually molested at the age of 9. This then caused her to look for love in all the wrong places. After being kicked out of her parent’s house, she was approached by a man in whom another man wanted to make love with her with the offer of 35 dollars, in which she accepted based on the circumstances.…

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  • Analysis Of After Porn Ends

    There are always second chances even for a porn star or at least that 's what they tell us about the documentary After Porn Ends. As is the case with sports stars, Singer or another celebrity; the professional life of an actor or actress erotic is limited, but thanks to the mature subgenres as has public for any life situation. The director and screenwriter Bryce Wagoner made the documentary After Porn Ends, which was recorded in 2012 and is based on the lives of several famous actors and…

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  • Importance Of Mass Media In The Philippines

    light, sound, and more. And it is like showing someone how you feel about something the way someone else sees it. Filipinos are generally inclined into this type of mass media representation for it provides their amusement and diversion to the reality of life. Having the heart for patronizing locally produced films is a social phenomenon to the Filipinos. It also serves them a unique emotional pleasure and satisfaction every time they watch movies. In films, there are different kinds of…

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  • The Actor As Object Of Desire Analysis

    I find easiest to apply to real life was The Actor as Object of Desire, by Don Shewey. In passage one, the author details meeting their idol and getting the opportunity to become more connected or intimate with them, but turn the opportunity down instead because “intimacy pulls the plug” on the idealization of another human being. This is a very true statement in my mind. Actors, whether on stage or in film, are as human as they come, despite the masses’ attempts to put them on a pedestal.…

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  • The Bicycle Thief Film Analysis

    In “A Desperate Act” there’s a hoard of strangers that help apprehend Antonio, the make the scene ironic. Referencing the beginning of the film, when Antonio’s bicycle is stolen there is an absence of assistance from surrounding strangers, whereas in Antonio’s act of desperation is stopped almost immediately. Additionally, the performance of the actors is imperative to the film. Drawing off the use of a child actor, Bruno appears to have a greater sense of morality than Antonio, his father. The…

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  • The Insanity Of Mary Girard Analysis

    For this assignment, I watched a play called “The Insanity of Mary Girard” that was performed by a UT Theatre group, Round About Players, and was shown at the SAC black box. The play revolved around a young woman named Mary Girard who is thrown into an insane asylum by her wealthy husband, Stephen Girard. In the insane asylum, she is tormented by figments of her imagination and is told that she is not to leave the insane asylum for as long as she may live. In this particular adaptation, the…

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  • Hamlet's Attitude In Hamlet

    In this play Hamlet by Shakespeare, Hamlet’s attitude reflects a puzzling and unique character that’s portrayed throughout the play making him hard to be understood. He has a hidden side from his character that has every critic observing. Hamlet can be understood in many personal ways, but has challenges for people who try to seek him. In Shakespeare Philosophy by McGinn, his thesis states, “I suggest that this comparison between himself and an actor provides the key to the play and to Hamlet’s…

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  • Charlie Sheen Personality Traits

    Carlos Irwin Estevez, also known as Charlie Sheen is a popular American Actor who was born on September 3, 1965 in New York. He was born to Martin Sheen, who was also an actor, and Janet Templeton, who was an artist. He has two brothers whose names are Emilio and Ramon. He also has a sister whose name is Renee. All of them are actors. He first appeared in a movie at his age of 9. The name of the movie was ‘The Execution of Private Slovik’ which was his father’s movie which was in 1974. When he…

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