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  • When Against Me Analysis

    The Strokes - Last Nite Last Nite is a great song to sing while piss-drunk at a karaoke for two reasons: one, it’s pretty easy to sing and two, you can almost smell Julian Casablancas’ alcohol-soaked breath through his delivery in the original. With a bouncy rhythm section borrowed from Tom Petty’s American Girl, the track helped its parent album Is This It to become one of the most celebrated rock débuts of all time. 63. Estelle feat. Kanye West - American…

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  • Friday Night Research Paper

    Fronted by Annamaria Pinna, Vajra's eccentric performance took me on a musical magical carpet ride taking all 5 senses to places unexplored. I loved Friday night's show so much that I traveled out of Baltimore to see the show again. Playing this time at The Chameleon Club in Lancaster, PA. Tonight's show brought on a whole different experience. Having been my first time at The Chameleon Club, walking down the dim lit hallways to a small basement setting, where lighting doesn’t matter and space…

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  • Difference Between Fixed And Growth Mindset

    Growth Mindset No one is born smart; you have to exercise your brain in order to become smart. The difference between fixed and growth mindset is that people with a fixed mindset believe you either are or aren’t good at something based on your inherent nature because it is just who you are. However, people with a growth mindset believe anyone can be good at anything because your abilities are entirely due to your actions. According to Carol Dweck these two different mindsets lead to very…

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  • Smith's Story In The Girl With Bangs By Zadie Smith

    The first sentence that Zadie Smith states in her short story “The Girl with Bangs,” simply says “I fell in love with a girl once. (Smith, 188)”. That sentence should signify that someone fell in love with a girl with bangs, but that is an understatement. Should he have fallen in love with this girl? This story tells you how he fell in love with the girl and her characteristics and her quirks, some time ago. This girl changed his view on girls and people in general. Having the story placed in…

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  • What Is The Theme Of The Poem Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night

    We all have regrets in life, but the way we learn from these regrets can have a different impact on the way we live. As humans we are not perfect, and we make mistakes that can lead to becoming regrets in our lives. We have two choices in life: we can look at our regrets and cry over it, or we can look at our regrets and learn from it. We can really see how different types of people have different regrets in life through Dylan Thomas’ poem “Do Not Go Gentle into That Good Night”. Although the…

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  • Importance Of Giving A Helping Hand

    Growing up I was always taught by my parents, that giving someone a helping hand is a great to do. It should be something everyone should learn to do because when we least expect it, our loved ones might need a helping hand. Since we help does around you when they needed help, someone will give us a helping hand when we need it. So I use that way of thinking at all times and at all places. I always try to help as many people as I can and most times I offer the help without being asked. The…

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  • The Most Hateful Words: The Opposite Of Fate By Amy Tan

    Undeniable Bond In the heat of the moment we can say things that can cut like a knife and leave a scar that will never completely go away. Instead, with time it will fade and so will the pain associated with that scar. Amy Tan explains this with her relationship with her mother in “The Most Hateful Words.” excerpted from her memoir, The Opposite of Fate, published by Penguin Books in New York in 2003. This is a story of a woman and how her relationship with her mother was of one that included…

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  • Critical Analysis In Flannery O Connor's A Good Man Is Hard To Find

    With over seven billion people in the world you would think that finding a good man would not be so difficult. In A Good Man is Hard to Find, Flannery O’Connor tells the story of a family (grandmother, father, mother, and two kids) on their way to Florida from Georgia run into a rather unfortunate event in their trip that was in no way planned as a “road stop”. O’Connor tells this short story through the use of a third person narrative. The main character that the story singles out the most is…

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  • Hell Heaven Jhumpa Lahiri Summary

    The story by Jhumpa Lahiri “Hell-Heaven” is an interesting short story to read about. In this shorty story Usha is the child of immigrants who must adapt to the America way of living. This will not be an easy task for Usha to do but she believes that she can do it with no problems. As a child Usha wanted to do things that she had seen other America children doing, but her mother Boudi did not think the same way she did about that. Her mother wanted her to stay true to roots and only do things…

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  • Narrative Essay About Missing Children

    Tekica Kirimoana was a sophomore enrolled at Kauai High School. Tekica was a daily bus rider, she rode bus to and from school everyday along with her best friend Sean. She and Sean were inseparable since the day they met in preschool. When Tekica got made fun of because of her name. Sean always stood up for her, he always stood by her side, and she always did the same for him. Within the years of friendship, they both built a strong bond towards each other. They also learned from each other.…

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