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  • Merolla's Theory Of Interpersonal Forgiveness

    With these critiques in mind, Merolla’s phenomenon of interpersonal forgiveness and sincerity could be studied under a different metaphor and a different set of metatheoretical assumptions. This would shift the goal of the research and the kinds of questions that get asked, but could reveal the impact of how the conceptualization and theories behind a study shape the entire research process. If the application of metaphor were to shift from coordination to control, Merolla’s study would change due to a different understanding of interpersonal communication. Although the control metaphor is not common in interpersonal communication research, some versions of speech act focus on the individual speaker, instead of what is communicated together. This particular understanding of speech act would change the way Merolla conceptualized his study. The control metaphor views interpersonal communication as a “problem of control” where the self seeks to control the outcomes of the other (Bochner, pg. 21). Interpersonal situations are seen as uncertain situations and it is assumed that this uncertainty can be overcome by choosing “rational messages” (Bochner, pg. 21). In this metaphor, communication is a goal-oriented activity, where the probability of success in any given interaction is determined by the person’s social knowledge to predict and control the other’s response (Bochner, pg. 21). Under the control metaphor, psychological processes are very important and functional to…

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  • Successful Aging

    In the Human Communication Research journal, article What Does Successful Aging Sound Like? Profiling Communication About Aging, explains the study of how adults converse about aging and how this relates to a successful aging process (Gasiorek, Fowler, & Giles, 2015). The article is specialized to professional and scholarly audiences. This article is set for these two types of audiences because it discusses a study about aging at a college reading level. The audience could range from a…

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  • Negative Effects Of Uploading Images On The Internet

    Do you upload images on the internet?A large amount of people upload pictures on the web. As for Facebook, it gets 208,300 photos upload every minute ( Horaczek, 2013 ).Why do people upload so many pictures online? There are millions of people uploading photographs online daily on the World Wide Web. Uploading images online can have plenty of advantages for the user’s family and friends and other users;however, uploading some images online can affect the user’s employment, relationships, and…

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  • WND Networking: Network Employer

    WND Networking is serious about your business. We try to hire to most qualified and professional employees in the market. We believe in the job done right the first time so we take the work serious while providing a fast service so you will not be waiting on us. Our owners are well qualified for any job and with their expertise we can guarantee to get the job done right. William Kemling is a network administrator, network engineer, and system analyst with over 30 years of Information…

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  • The Important Role Of Persuasion In Leadership

    referred to as decision downloading. Decision downloading has four phases that attempt to disseminate the decision and implement smoothly. First is the planning stage which seeks to understand how the employees might respond. Next is the announcement phase. Decision-makers should pick a credible person to communicate the decision, and amplify the message so it is understood. Last is the monitoring and responding phase. This is done by communication with the opinion leaders to ensure that the…

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  • Consumer Decision-Making Process And Analysis: Brief Overview Of Consumer Behavior

    Brief Overview of Consumer Behavior Schiffman et al. (2014, p. 4) define consumer behavior as the behavior displayed by consumers in searching for, buying, using, evaluating and the disposing of the products and services that they expect will placate their needs. The significance of understanding consumer buying behavior and its processes is of fundamental importance to any business. Lamb, Hair & McDaniel (2008, p. 140) assert that consumer product and service preferences are subject to…

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  • P2p Case Study

    The heterogeneous know-how of downloading Each method of acquiring music helps the listener to make sense of the other. My two informants quoted before made reference to downloading or sharing, mainly via torrents. This piracy is one of the major concerns in public policies around the world as in academic research. But this is not entirely free and accessible to everybody. In the last survey about digital access from the National Institute of Information and Statistics (INEGI), it is stated that…

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  • Nursing: The Importance Of Leadership In Nursing

    career that I have wanted to pursue since I was little. I have learned throughout this semester that being a nurse requires a great amount of leadership. Leadership will always be something that I keep in the back of my mind and keep reiterating to myself because without being a strong leader, especially for nursing, I will not succeed by helping my patients or the doctors. Patients need to get the care they need, and without having the nurses speak up and try to be an advocate for the…

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  • Case Study Of Listo System

    Case Studies Case 1 Listo Systems: The Employees ' Impact on the System Brief Overview The key for early success of Listo system is the growth of the employee 's dedication and commitment. Employees in Listo System set clear goals in the management and try to achieve them. Employees involved in the decision about how and when to finish the work in the process. Analysis and Evaluation The success of any organization depends mostly on the motivation of staff. Without a specific scientific…

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  • Strengths And Weakness Of The Consumer Decision Process Model

    The purpose of this report is to Investigate my last purchase over one hundred dollars using the consumer decision process model to explain the process and from there to go on and explain the strengths and weaknesses of this model, the marketing strategies which were used when making the purchase and what could be implemented by the marketers to create habitual customers. The first stage of the research process was to choose a purchase, which will be the purchase of a Car from Turners auction.…

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