Mission Leadership: My Reflection Of Mission Command

My Reflection of Mission Command
During my career I have been involved in several situations that I could make decisions using the philosophy and principles of mission command, but I have had lack experience and knowledge about these issues. As a direct leader, I was joint with my Soldiers following orders, many times without think about aspects in connection with the mission command activities. Nowadays, after the mission command lessons in the Sergeant Major Course (SMC), I can understand and visualize how is crucial these aspects when I have to work with subordinates, superiors, and make decisions. Thus, I believe that these topics are in relation with what I could learn during the mission
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As sergeant major, I will work with subordinates and staffs and there will be situations that I will have to remember the principles of mission command, summarized in the memorable quotation from the Army Doctrine Reference Publication (ADRP) 6-0 (2012).
Through leadership, commanders build teams. They develop and maintain mutual trust and a shared understanding throughout the force and with unified action partners. Commanders understand that subordinates and staffs require resources and a clear intent to guide their actions. They allow them the freedom of action to exercise disciplined initiative to adapt to changing situations. (ADRP 6-0, 2012)
On that account, I think that I will have ability to provide clear and efficient attitudes for my subordinates in situations that I can built mutual trust, share understanding, provide a clear intent, initiative, mission orders, and accept prudent risk (ADRP 6-0,
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Applying the mission command philosophy helps commanders exercise authority skillfully and master the systems and procedures that help forces accomplish missions. (Army Doctrine Reference Publication 6-0, 2012, p. 2-17)
Thereby, when I return to my country, I will be more confident and aware to explain my position about the commander’s authority and his decision. Consequently, these knowledge will be very useful for me in future duties assignments in the Brazilian Army.
Thirdly, I believe that mission command lessons have given me condition to make better decisions. From the concept of Warfighting Functions I could understand how is important the Art of Command. The ability to exercise the authority through decision and leadership (ADRP 6-0, 2012). After my graduation in the SMC, in many opportunities I will have to make decisions. Now, I can understanding that for a correct decisionmaking is necessary experience, study, knowledge, and understand of the impact of that decision considering human factors, timely, and effective of the decision (ADRP 6-0, 2012). Furthermore, it is essential plan, prepare and execute, accompanying all steps of the mission command activities to achieve a good decision. Thus, I hope to make correct decisions to show for myself, superiors, staffs, and subordinates how important was the SMC to

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