Decision support system

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  • Importance Of Decision Support System

    and software development have provided top level management with a wide variety of decision making aids. One such tool, classified as decisions support systems (DSS) is a “specific class of computerized information system that supports business and organizational decision-making activities” (Marin, 2008, p. 513). DSS has become a multifaceted term that belongs to an enormous environment with multidisciplinary foundations, including database research, artificial intelligence, human computer interaction, simulation methods, software engineering and telecommunication (p. 513). In simple words, decision support systems is an interactive software-based systems created to help people compile useful information from raw data, documents,…

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  • Computerized Decision Support System In Decision Making Process

    USING COMPUTER AND INFORMATION SYSTEM IN DECISION SUPPORT Generally speaking, decision support systems defined as a set of computer-based tools or manuals that aid in the decision-making process. Currently, in the business world, decision support systems are recognized and comprehended as computerized management information systems intended to assist executives, business owners, and managers determine and resolve complex business questions and problems (Steven, n.d). Consequently, excellent…

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  • The Role And Role Of The Decision Support System

    DECISION SUPPORT SYSTEM INTRODUCTION The interactive, flexible and adaptable tool used by the managers without any guidance from the computer experts is known as the Decision Support System (DSS). The DSS allows the managers to make intelligent decisions with all the required information. DSS is a well-established research and development section. The birth of DSS is the preceding work in two main research streams undertaken by Simon et al. during the late 1950s and early 60’s. DSS is considered…

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  • The Importance Of Decision Support Systems

    A decision support system uses data from internal and/or external sources (Stair & Reynolds, 2010). Internal sources of data might include sales, inventory, or financial data. Data from external sources could include interest rates, the cost of raw material such as flours, and fuel cost. Some decision support systems also include capabilities that allow you to create a model of the factors affecting a decision (O'Brien & Marakas 2009). With the model, you can ask what-if questions by changing…

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  • Clinical Decision Support System

    Since I first started working in the field of healthcare, I have seen and lived the debate about what could be useful for patients with low cost and what could be useful but too expensive. The cost effectiveness concept has always been a debate when it comes to a hospital purchase. The Clinical Decision Support Systems (CDSS) purchase, is one of these topics went through this debate. While some people consider the purchase of a CDSS, by a hospital, as a money waste that spent only for the…

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  • Defense Acquisition System Analysis

    The fundamental basis of Department of Defense (DoD) acquisition management is the process of effectively translating technological opportunities and the needs of the warfighter into reliable, affordable, and sustainable systems (Brown, 2010). Ultimately, there are many aspects of the acquisition process that enable this to happen, but contract planning and management is the most vital for a successful acquisition. Therefore, in the decades to come, training and developing a quality workforce…

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  • Request Tour Extension Case Study

    employee will have completed seven years of civilian foreign area service in a DOD position in the competitive service without the required interruption on 19 December 2017. Request a twenty-four month overseas tour extension, with a new DEROS of 19 December 2019. The employee does not have return rights. a. Mr. Patrick L. Lum b. TSC Ansbach, Supply Technician, GS-2005-05 c. Regional Training Support Division (RTSD) EAST, TSC Ansbach 2. Business Case. a. Mr. Lum is currently…

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  • Data Technology: Disadvantages And Benefitations Of Database Technology

    Cost/Benefit 3. Complexity integration 4. Data ownership 5. Data flexibility LAG BETWEEN NEED AND IMPLEMENTATION Sometime to implemented a new data warehouse can take a very long time, sometimes years from the time a data warehouse as requested till the time it was ready to be used by company users. COST/BENEFIT Data warehouse projects encompassing the entire organisation, these projects used to be very expensive sometimes can cost millions and organisations could wait years to see the…

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  • How Can I Change My Priorities In College

    College has put much stress on me and taught me how to seek for help, to which has made me value relationships. Having support systems while going through difficult times is a relief. College keeping me busy, has made me avail personal time. Like everyone says college is a time to find yourself and that perfect time to find yourself is when you’re exploring and learning about yourself. College keeping me at a distance from my family who I rely on heavily, has taught me the value of being…

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  • Importance Of Time Management Skills In College Essay

    It is important to be proficient at this skill in college because there will always be circumstances that requires help and support. College students need all the help and support from family, to help them succeed through all the tribulations. Their is different sources of help and support to be familiar with in order to build a strong personal and professional support system. By going to school “Your decision to attend college and your intention to achieve your degree effect all the people in…

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