Computerized Decision Support System In Decision Making Process

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Generally speaking, decision support systems defined as a set of computer-based tools or manuals that aid in the decision-making process. Currently, in the business world, decision support systems are recognized and comprehended as computerized management information systems intended to assist executives, business owners, and managers determine and resolve complex business questions and problems (Steven, n.d). Consequently, excellent decision support systems help business professionals execute and carry out various functions such as product performance, cash flow analysis, resource allocation analysis, multistage forecasting, and concept ranking. Conversely, small business enterprises
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The objective of decision support system is to produce and use better information. Managers will perform better with the right information at the right time. As a consequence, computerized decision support systems assist managers to organize and transfer information (Steven, n.d). Therefore, an efficient decision support system offers managers more freedom to analyze, retrieve data, to obtain the needed results and facts. The availability and presentation of information, influence managers positively, and negatively, and consequently, the aim of the decision support system has been one of the motivation to reduce biases. Therefore, managers use the readily available decision support systems to change the decision-making environments and generate a need for a better decision support. Types of Decision Support Systems
There is so many ways to categorize computer systems, although the most practical one is to group them regarding what the user does with them (Power, n.d). Any person using decision support systems instigates each occurrence of system usage, either indirectly or directly. Usually, information gathered from the decision support systems can be comparative figures, accessing all information assets, projected figures based on assumptions or new data, and consequence of various decision choices or alternatives generated in a particular context in an experience.
The types of decision support systems can be grouped or categorized in five groups; however there are still other kinds. In this assignment we will center on the five types, these

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