Declarative memory

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  • Declarative Memory

    Consolidation of memory; the process of maintaining information in your LTM is strongly influenced by the role of sleep (Potkin and Bunney, 2012). “Declarative memory or explicit memory, emphasizes the representation and organization of factual knowledge (Reed, 2013).” Declarative memory plays a key role in an adolescent’s school performance and the process of consecutive social functioning. This study explores the effect of normal sleep on auditory declarative memory in adolescents ages 10-14. A hypotheses of this study being; if performance on the control working memory task involves encoding and memoranda manipulation, then control of working memory will not be affected by time, day or relationship to sleep, rather declarative memory is…

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  • Non Declarative Memory Essay

    Recent studies that sleep’s function goes far beyond rest and replenishment. It also involves a state of active offline information processing that is essential to the appropriate functioning of learning and memory. It has been established that there are three important stages in memory; new memories are initially acquired (encoding), become strengthened and reorganized (consolidation), and are finally recalled (retrieval) (Feld and Diekelmann, 2015). Memory is often divided into two…

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  • Declarative Memory Process

    that replicate the human memory process. These companies aim to increase over all life satisfaction by providing their consumers with products that allow for retrieval of their favorite memories through digital memory, rather than declarative memory processes. Two separate processes – semantic and episodic memory– make up our declarative memory and allow us to recall information. Through our semantic memory, we are able to refer to general facts, ideas, and concepts that we have obtained over…

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  • Auditory Declarative Memory Essay

    There have been various studies that measure the improvements of visual declarative memory in children but not for auditory declarative memory. The hypothesis of this research would be to see if the auditory declarative memory does improve after these children have a well rested night of sleep. In the study of proving that sleep does help auditory declarative memory in early age adolescents, the method they chose to use for this test was to twenty males and twenty females all between the ages…

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  • Recognitive Memory Case Study

    Client 1 (Jake): 1. Cognitive impairments and assessments: The first cognitive impairment that might be contributing to Jake’s problem is a deficit in content-dependent (long-term) memory. According to Jake’s report, he has deficits in both declarative and non-declarative memory. Declarative memory includes semantic memory, which is the storage of facts and word meanings. Non-declarative memory includes implicit memory, which entails procedural and priming memory. Jake reported that he has…

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  • Memory And Episodic Memory

    As it is explained above, any kind of modality can affect memory either in a good or bad way, and it has established that when the correct modality is obtained from an accurate source, it has been more positive going waveform than when items determined as new (Rugg and Wilding, 1996). Moreover, different modalities can create the problem to a person and make confusion which sources are experienced. Contrary to the information described above about sensory memory, Kayser, et al. (2007) claim that…

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  • Memento Movie Analysis

    is faced with a number of questions about memory and the influences it has on a person’s satisfaction in life, their personality and brain function. These questions are especially relevant to the protagonist, Leonard Shelby who has Anterograde amnesia after damage to the hippocampus. The director, Christopher Nolan, accurately portrays the influences of hippocampal damage, similarly seen in Henry Molasis (H.M) Biological Biologically speaking, Leonard Shelby has anterograde amnesia which is…

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  • Hollywood Memory Loss Essay

    How Hollywood Forgets the Real Facts About Memory Loss While the most intense amnesia syndromes are normally triggered by neurosurgery, brain infection, or a stroke (Baxendale, 2004), amnesia caused by traumatic brain injuries and psychological stress seem to occur more often in Hollywood cinema. Through the protagonists of The Bourne Series and Anastasia, Hollywood follows the aftermath of traumatic incidences which cause both individuals to develop retrograde amnesia and lose their identity.…

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  • Short Term Memory Analysis

    This film investigates the behaviours of someone with brain damage who suffers memory loss. On her father's birthday, Lucy and her father were involved in a serious car crash. This left her with anterograde amnesia and leads her to believe that it is October the 13th every day. Lucy ends up watching a video of her life every morning to fill her in on the details she cannot remember, allowing her to live life. Memory is commonly described as a group of related and interacting processes that…

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  • Improve Long Term Memory

    Chapter 6-How to improve long term memory What is long term memory and how it is important? Long term memory is known as the continuous process of storing conscious and unconscious information in your brain. The existence of long term memory can’t be proved physically but it can be in a scientific way. We are not aware of it when we are collecting information and adding it in our long term memory. The duration of how long this memory lasts can vary from a few days to decades. The creation of…

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