Deep brain stimulation

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  • Deep Brain Stimulation

    Deep Brain Stimulation has been shown to effectively treat various diseases and disorders ranging from Parkinson’s disease, to OCD, anorexia, substance abuse, Tourette’s syndrome and major depressive disorder (MDD). This occurs through an invasive surgery where an electrode is placed near a particular region of interest for the disorder and is set to release a determined electrical current to a specific part of the brain. One reason that DBS has been suggested for the use of various treatment resistant disorders, the development of neuromodulation and other imaging studies not only provide controlled studies, which present an option of therapy that can be adjusted and reversed as needed and greater detail to isolate various pathways these disorders act on. Although MDD is complex and interacts with many different neural networks, the main brain area that is currently targeted for stimulation by neurosurgeons is subgenual cingulate cortex Area 25 (Cg25). Aside from being located in an area of the brain that is dense with other neuropathways such as the limbic system, (which controls appetite sleep and circadian rhythm), Cg25 is liked to self-esteem, decision making, and reward-based thoughts and moral decision making.…

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  • Deep Brain Stimulation Essay

    Ethics of Deep Brain Stimulation in Treating Conditions of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder and Addiction Deep brain stimulation (DBS), a new form of psychiatric therapy, which emerged during the late 1980’s (Kraemer, 2013), opens a thrilling door of potential in the world of psychological medicine. Patients suffering from severe cases of Parkinson’s disease, dystonia, and essential tremor are turning to this effective neurosurgery to diffuse debilitating symptoms associated with these ills.…

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  • Deep Sleep Stimulation

    treat neuropsychiatric disorders for Parkinson 's disease. There are various reasons why deep brain stimulation can be considered the answer to this deadly brain disorder. There has been an observation that most people do reduce medication after undertaking…

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  • Colostomy Case Study

    Colostomy, Adult A colostomy is a surgical procedure in which part of the colon is attached to the front of the abdomen (abdominal wall). The colon is the last part of the digestive tract. It is where water is absorbed from digested food to form stool (feces). A colostomy is done to redirect stool through an opening (stoma) in the abdominal wall. You may need this surgery if you have a medical condition that prevents stool from leaving your body through the usual opening (rectum). A bag will…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Experience As A Proficient Registered Nurse

    that it might not be a late night so I called the charge nurse from home around 5pm and asked if they were going to need me to come in. She said she had three RNs who were scheduled to be there until 7:30 pm and thought that they might not need me. She said they would call me at 7pm and let me know. I ended up getting a call from a RN saying that she had an outpatient patient who had a deep brain stimulator (DBS) placed who needed to stay until 8:30 to be seen by the PA who couldn't get back…

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  • Bioelectronic Medicine Essay

    Fox and Mohammad Ali and lack of a cure thereof. Afflicting the basal ganglia of the brain, its well-known symptoms include tremor and loss of motor control [1]. Since no cure exists, patients with PD rely primarily on symptom relief. Groiss et al. describe in great detail the purpose and effectiveness of DBS in relation to L-DOPA. L-DOPA, the most common drug used to treat PD, can feasibly counteract the primary indicators of the disease, including akinesia, rigidity, tremor, and postural…

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  • False Self-Esteem In Today's Society

    Children are the future of the world, but is the world preparing the children to take over? All through life children go through school and play sports until they are finally ready to take over the leadership positions that are open in the world. This schooling gives children the knowledge that they will need to succeed in the workplace, and sports and team activities give them the skills necessary to work as a part of a group. But more and more the world is adding things to try and make it…

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  • Social Loafing: A Case Study

    It is found that the larger the size of the group, the higher the level of anonymity in individuals. The increase in anonymity raises the difficulty in assessing individual performance (Liden, Wayne, Jaworski & Bennett, 2004). The second factor is the valence, or the meaningfulness of the group to the individual. It is observed that if the individual perceives the team goals to be less meaningful, he or she demonstrates a lower level of valence and the likeliness of them loafing increase (Dick,…

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  • Achieving A Majestic Moment Analysis

    Allowing myself to enjoy both external rewards as well as natural rewards is not exactly a far-fetched idea. I was not sure how this could be achieved through any particular task but after much deep thought, I found remembered a particular event at my current job that allowed me to enjoy both types of rewards. After many long days of pouring over evidence, financial statements, and investigative reports, I was finally able to reconcile balances and information provided by different agencies and…

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  • Employee Recognition Program

    The purpose of this document is to explain the success of employee engagement and recognition programs and the increased motivation, loyalty and productivity they have on an organization. The implementation of a company-wide, reward and recognition program at XYZ, Inc. would improve engagement of staff with the goal to improve the high turnover XYZ, Inc. is experiencing. I propose XYZ, Inc. establish a recognition plan, which would be rolled out across the organization to help solve turnover and…

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