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  • Perimeter Defense Essay

    Perimeter Defense: Beyond the Basics It is called "all round defense". In other words, a threat can come from any direction. It is important that you know the area around the structure you are defending. Ideally, you have sketched on paper your property's' prominent terrain features, features that could offer cover and/or concealment to an opposing force or offer the same to you the defender. Once down on paper you would then measure the distance from any cover or concealment that the terrain offers back to shooting positions, such as foxholes, spider holes, blinds and from the structure itself. You need to know the range so firearms can be chosen for specific shooting positions and then zero your firearms to that range. Once you know how far…

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  • Piet Hein: The Basics Of The Game Of Hex

    Shown in figures six, seven and eight is a ladder formation similar in nature to the bottleneck, in which red plays directly in between both blue counters (D4), ultimately forcing the defender to create a ladder. However, this is not done until an escape piece is first played beyond the origin of the ladder; in this case, it is placed in the fourth row. As shown in figure seven, a counter is played in D7, which blue is tricked into defending by placing a counter in F8. The ladder is ultimately…

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  • Conflict In Lord Of The Flies

    William Golding, a Nobel Prize winning author, was inspired to write Lord of the Flies after he came back from World War I. He was greatly affected by the things he experienced in the war, and related these acts to a survival situation. He had learned how quickly people can snap and become someone they are not. The novel is an allegory for the hardships and conflicts he had to deal with during the war. This novel is filled with examples of survival in this novel such as surviving on the island…

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  • Essay On Public Defender

    the right to a speedy, public trial by an impartial jury and the right to retain counsel for defense ("Bill of Rights," n.d.). If a person does not have the monetary means to acquire the legal representation of a lawyer, a public defender is assigned to the case to provide legal counsel and representation. The concept of a public defender was initiated in 1914 in Los Angeles County, California in response to a need for legal aid for indigent criminal defendants (Cole, Smith, & DeJong, 2015).…

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  • Lawyers Should Be Paid In Criminal Cases

    For many public defender lawyers or non-profit lawyers, they can work in cramped and crowded environments with a lack of funding. This lack of funding has also lead to much lower salaries for these public lawyers. The lowest salaries can start at $60,000 for lower income areas and not go much higher than that. In non-profit work, depending on the funding of the particular non-profit, lawyers could on average make $80,000. For private practice, conditions are much better. If one works for a large…

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  • Socrates Defender Of Law Analysis

    Nicole Darwich Brian Smith Essentials of Political Thought 20 October 2017 Defender of law Through his words and actions, Socrates demonstrates that the preservation of law and justice in Athens was of the most importance. Socrates is a represented as a staunch defender of the law, where he abides by the basic obligation of citizenship and the law of the Athenian law. Socrates lives by the law according to these two passages divine law and the law of court become his principles. The plot of…

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  • Public Defenders Case Study

    publicly-funded attorneys (Giovanni 6). Defenders across the nation today, though, face much resentment and animosity dating back to the Tough-on-Crime era when they were scapegoats for many societal issues simply because they were helping the accused. Unfortunately, if a defendant was in court, then he was assumed guilty by many—especially if he was black and poor—and this supposition continues to pervade opinions today. These reactions result in high pressure on politicians not to allocate…

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  • Business Case Study: Defender Inc.

    COMPANY DESCRIPTION Defender Inc. was founded in 2014 on the basis of providing products and services to mobile phone users that go above and beyond expectations. Defender Inc. is still a young organization but it has been growing rapidly with its exceptional customer service and through its continually adapting product lines. The world of electronics is constantly changing and requires an organization that can be proactive in its services. After launching initial social media campaigns,…

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  • Free Death Penalty Essays: The Death Defender

    The Death Defender The death penalty, the ultimate consequence for serious crimes, such as murder and rape. A punishment given out for centuries. The gateway to death for the evil. One of the most controversial things in society. And the appropriate punishment for the people of horrible sins. The death penalty started in the Eighteenth Century B.C. It was a part of the Code of King Hammurabi of Babylon and of the Fourteenth Century B.C ‘s Hittite Code. Death penalties in the past were carried…

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  • Defender Of The Faith By Philip Roth And Paul Laurence Dunbar

    2. Fact/Statistic: (Source #1) In the Matter of "Faith" (Source #2) A Test of Faith? : Religious Diversity and Accommodation in the European Workplace. (Source #3) Explanation of: Defender of the Faith by Philip Roth and Paul Laurence Dunbar 3. Testimony: 1. (Source #1) READERS of the July "Atlantic" must have found excellent entertainment in Mr. Root 's little essay on "The Age of Faith." His subject is one that we are always interested in -- the question of the real resemblances between…

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