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  • Perimeter Defense Essay

    structure itself. You need to know the range so firearms can be chosen for specific shooting positions and then zero your firearms to that range. Once you know how far it is to the big oak tree at the end of the driveway, you would start to note all obvious avenues of approach and the not so obvious ones. If you have a road that is accessible by vehicle up to the structure, for example, then you have to expect an opposing force may try and force their way to the cabin using vehicles. What weaponry or tactics can you employ to stop or to hinder an approach by vehicle? The objective is to keep people from getting to the structure, so build up with that in mind. Obvious paths or driveways leading to the structure can work in your favor or work against you, and much depends on the opposing force. A trained force that intends to take your shelter is not going to saunter up the driveway, nor would they drive up unless they had the element of surprise and overwhelming force. You would have to assume that a trained unit would have conducted surveillance prior to any attack, and would tailor that attack based on what information they have gathered. They would know the number of personnel you have, type of weaponry, and possibly your skill level. You can of course block the driveways, paths and other avenues that would allow a vehicle through, but at the same time you would be blocking your escape, as well, if it comes to that. Untrained looters and others may very well think they can…

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  • Cars Are Superior To Women Analysis

    The ad displays a beautiful woman dressed in extravagant clothes racing to the edge of her mansion’s drive way to meet a handsome man driving the sleek new Rolls Royce in the middle of a foggy night. The man then proceeds to drive off leaving the beautiful woman behind, this is an attempt to make viewers believe that even though the woman is beautiful, viewers don’t need her to drive a Rolls Royce. They attempt to convey that their new car is all you need, that it is just as sexy as the lady.…

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  • The Black Room-Personal Narrative

    I awoke quickly in the pitch black bedroom from a sound down the hall, my best friend laying beside me still in a deep sleep. As I lay still, (deathly still, deathly quiet, lifeless) I think to my self, “ am I hearing things, have I gone crazy?” (delirious, insane) I hear the noise coming from down the hall, I jump up and cautiously walk toward the bedroom door, the slightest light shining off from my alarm clock is glaring threw the dark (Lightless) bedroom. Grasping the bedroom door handle,…

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  • Grice Court Cases

    worrisome to the future of Fourth Amendment protected areas. The events in Grice transpired on Fourth Amendment protected property. In North Carolina, it is generally agreed that driveways, pathways, porches, lawns, and other areas that must be traversed in order to reach the front door of a private house are classified…

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  • Essay On Brushing Cat Teeth

    of affection, let them play with their favorite toys, give them their favorite food. Your cat is much more likely to comply if they know that their behavior will be rewarded. As you know prevention is always better than a cure, and it 's no different when it comes to your cat 's teeth, so take a few minutes every few days to give your cats teeth a brush and check their mouths in general for any issues as this could save you a fortune in vet’s bills. How and why to do Pothole Repair,…

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  • The Blobby: A Short Story

    until he got to the driveway. He then stopped and looked back at his owner, as if to tell him the scent is lost. The smell seemed to continue that whole time until it got to the driveway, but then it stopped near the edge, hinting that the robber got in a car and left. Therefore, if that was the case, it would be impossible to track by scent… but there were car skid marks from the tires at the end of the driveway that led to the road, and continued right, then faded. Another clue! There had to…

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  • Snowblower Disadvantages

    Leaving snow and ice on your driveway is dangerous, but it can also interfere with the health of your lawn. Especially if you end up having to put down salt because you didn't clear the driveway properly. Once the ice melts, or it rains, that salt will drain into the lawn. The best way to keep the lawn healthy is to remove the snow and ice completely without adding chemicals. That can be done with a snowblower. Along with creating a healthier lawn, you are reducing the chance of injury when the…

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  • Descriptive Essay's The Bike-Personal Narrative

    Finally out of breath, I got to the top. I looked down on the house, the driveway, and the shed; and took a deep breath. Firmly holding the bike with both hands, I swung my feet over, quickly placing them on the driveway to not fall. I felt more ready about this than any other thing in my life. So, I lifted my legs off of the ground, and placed them on the pedals like I had done the other times, and took off. I was zooming down the first few feet, gaining speed every inch I went. But suddenly I…

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  • Case Study Of Injustice In The US

    the 6th of November, 2015, I, CPL. Lessane, along with Deputy Green, Deputy Griffin, and Deputy Jordan, with the Hampton County Sheriff 's Office, responded to 320 Thorn Circle, in the county of Hampton, regarding a disturbance incident. Upon arrival, Deputies made contact with all parties involve and gathered the pertinent information needed to complete this report. INTERVIEW WITH COMPLAINANT: (KRISTINA BARNES) Mrs. Barnes stated she came to the incident location in an attempt to pick up her…

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  • Vehicle Burglary Case Study Examples

    Hampton will provide the police department with a list of stolen items at a later date and time. I spoke with Witness Witness Arcadio Mata-Rios, who told me the following information: Rios was reportedly contacted by Hampton in order to assist with unloading supplies for the residence renovation. Rios arrived at the residence and saw the suspect’s vehicle pull out of the driveway, north on Arroyo Drive and out of sight. Rios described the vehicle as a white extended van, NFD. Rios did not see…

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